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Nike high-top basketball shoes

Nike high-top basketball shoes found a very strong ally and endorser in Michael Jordan, who launched the world-renowned Air Jordan series in the 80s. MJ’s series of Nike high-tops witnessed his rise as an undisputed NBA legend. Some of those Nike basketball shoes even figured prominently in his iconic games. 

The Air Jordans are usually equipped with the brand’s latest shoe technologies. They, at certain points, also sported unique aesthetics that pretty much divided public opinion. Nevertheless, they left a lasting impact on the sneaker landscape.

Nike as a company slowly became the sneaker giant that it is now. They continued to rely on well-researched technology to assert its relevance on and off the court. Year after year they partner with big names in the NBA such as LeBron James and Kevin Durant to produce some of the most illustrious Nike high-tops in the league. Their signature releases have also made a huge impact in the sneaker game.

Nike high-top basketball shoes and their Converse history

Quite frankly, basketball is a sport that is dominated by high-tops. If we ask you to think of a basketball shoe right now, a high-top is most probably what’s going to fill your mind. We cannot blame you; the high-top domination has a long history in the sport.

Most sources reveal that Converse was the company that brought basketball shoes to prominence in the early 1900s. It is the home of the now ubiquitous Chucks, which started as a line of high-top basketball shoes. The company launched and called the line the All-Star in 1917.

With the intensification of the company’s sales and marketing efforts, the Converse brand eventually became synonymous with basketball. The Chuck Taylor All-Star–which had become known simply as the ‘Chucks’–had also creeped well beyond the basketball court. People on the streets started wearing them, and Chucks’ became a household name.

The Chucks enjoyed both off-court and on-court dominance for decades. When Nike entered the market and released the first Nike high-top basketball shoes in the early 1970s, the much celebrated Converse sneakers would finally have to share the limelight.

Fast forward to the present, Converse, just like Jordan Brand, is already an autonomously operated Nike subsidiary.