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Cushioned tennis shoes are designed to have thicker and bouncier cushioning. They have durable outsoles and are best for players who move a lot on the court.

Buying a pair of cushioned tennis shoes from RunRepeat

RunRepeat provides a list of cushioned tennis shoes from different brands like Adidas, K-Swiss, New Balance, and Nike. These brands are known for their reliable stability and speed tennis shoes.

Some cushioned shoes that we have on our list are designed for multiple court surfaces. There are a few that are meant for clay or hard court too. But regardless of the playing surfaces, these cushioned shoes are sure to deliver the bounce and impact protection you need on the court.

Cushioned tennis shoes, despite having thick cushioning are still lightweight and most of them are breathable too.

Affordable cushioned tennis shoes for men and women

At RunRepeat we want to help you find the most suitable tennis shoes for your playing style and needs. But, we also want to give you the best possible price. Check out this list of cheap cushioned tennis shoes for affordable models.

If you need more help in finding the right pair of tennis shoes, read this guide.