Our verdict


If there is one thing apparent from the views of the players regarding the Mizuno Wave Enforce Tour, it’s that the shoes and the feet are one when in them. Meaning, the pair supported the feet through all-court plays without allowing ankle slips and rolls. Also, players’ feet remained connected to the court while being pampered with a good amount of cushioning. The best part is, they are able to play rackets all they want without any soreness peeking through.


  • Feels light and speedy
  • Cushioned yet responsive
  • Comfortable even after long sessions
  • Great stability
  • Super grippy
  • Supports nimble and aggressive movements
  • Amazing lockdown


  • Requires break-in
  • Weak outsole

Who should buy the Mizuno Wave Enforce Tour

Purchase this if:

  • You want an all court tennis shoe that makes you accelerate while playing
  • You prioritize stability and a secure hold on your feet
  • You dream of playing in a Mizuno tennis shoe that doesn’t make you feel beaten up after every game

Who should not buy it

Don’t settle in Enforce Tour if you prefer something that’s good to go from the get-go. Buy the ASICS Gel Resolution 9, instead. If durability is in your shoe criteria, pick up the Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4 AC.

No slowdowns with Mizuno Wave Enforce Tour

Based on the players’ collective reviews, Enforce Tour is like stepping on the gas when on the court. They didn’t feel slowed down by the shoe, instead, they felt propelled. Due to the lightness of the shoe, one proclaimed that wearers are going to feel “super fast and not weighed down.”

Feel for the court isn’t lost with fantastic cushioning

Players couldn’t get enough of the shoe’s outstanding cushioning system. They hailed Enforce Tour for having an “incredible amount of cloud-like cushioning” without sacrificing energy return. One even exclaimed that “the underfoot comfort while still being responsive is crazy!” 

Sublime comfort awaits after the break-in period

“I can play for hours without fatigue” and “doesn’t leave my feet feeling sore even after 2-3 hours of play” are just some of the remarks that evinced Enforce Tour’s sensational in-shoe feel. However, some reviewers noted that the pair does need a break-in time. 

Perfect for assertive movements

Dynamic movements on the court are also something players enjoy while wearing the Enforce Tour. They felt balanced and supported while doing fast and aggressive lateral motions. One even affirmed: “You will feel as confident as possible making quick cuts” because of the fantastic stability. “A great blend of support and playability,” as another reviewer put it. An expert also described their movements with Enforce Tour as “really fluid” and “almost like gliding on the court.”

Next-level traction

The sprightly side-to-side movements and quick stops are also supported by the superb tread of the Enforce Tour. It has great traction that granted players with “efficient footwork.”

The outsole could be tougher

However, many testified that the outsole is not as heavy-duty as they would like. One reviewer shared that the outsole lasted for only three months. The upside is that Enforce Tour has a six-month outsole warranty, which many appreciate.

Mizuno Wave Enforce Tour: Ultimate ankle hugger

Another feature that the reviewers absolutely loved is the ankle collar system which one dubbed as “brilliant.” The players' impressions about the lockdown boiled down to the comment that the way Enforce Tour contains the foot so firmly “makes it literally feel like an extension of your foot.”