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6 reasons to buy

  • Heaps of reviewers find the support system of the Asics Gel Resolution 8 incredibly stable.
  • Plenty of users confirm it has more cushioning on the heel than the previous version.
  • Many players who struggled with the break-in on the earlier model find this one instantly comfy.
  • A large number of reviewers state that this iteration is durable, especially in high-wear areas.
  • Based on a majority of Gel Resolution 8 reviews, hardly are there issues about toe jamming.
  • Quite a lot of users say that its Dynawrap lacing makes movements secure.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some users feel a little pressure on the instep when strapping up due to the shoes’ thin laces.
  • A couple of wearers who had to cinch up to the last lace hole find the strings a tad short.

Bottom line

Asics Gel Resolution 8 is by far an almost perfect update to the Gel Resolution line. This all-court-oriented generation is worth the investment as it comes with strings of stable features. The combined benefits of the adjusted lacing system, extended lateral wall, and midfoot shank gives you the confidence to improve your agility. 

For added oomph, the forefoot offers more flexibility than the past generation. The Gel shock support underfoot punctuates every landing with a plush feel. Though stocked with modifications, this stability trainer doesn’t weigh a ton.

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Good to know

As if Asics had explored all boundaries to provide the best when it dropped the Gel Resolution 7, it has more explosive revelations with the 8th generation. Though built with subtle updates, this trainer is packed with the top attributes linked to the Gel Resolution label, namely durability, stability, and comfort. And, it’s bound to deliver more. 

One of the modifications is the Dynawall, which visibly beefs up and internally stabilizes the lateral side. It is met by the Trusstic midfoot system that works as torsional support. For improved locked-in feel, the Dynawrap lacing system is added into this version. The Gel Resolution 8 is not entirely lightweight as the Gel Solution Speed 3 and the Flytefoam-made Solution Speed FF 2, but it doesn’t overburden or drag the foot down.

Value-added compound. Underneath, the traditional, one-piece rubber compound is upgraded utilizing the Asics AHAR+ material. This high-abrasion element is designed with an intensified durability compared to the standard structure on the previous versions. Like in the past editions, this iteration is supported by a six-month durability guarantee. 

Enhanced traction. It has a redesigned tread structure that optimizes contact areas that are prone to sliding and braking. A groove line is drawn between the heel and the rest of the shoe to boost flexibility. Right under the ball of the foot are better-quality pivot points that help the user in transitioning to the next shot. Overall, these modifications are purposed to cater good grip when sprinting and the right amount of give when sliding out.

Midfoot cushioning. The advanced FlyteFoam cushioning material is utilized to enhance responsiveness. Its lightweight and dynamic qualities allow the wearer quick changeovers minus the load-bearing feel. The silicone-based Gel pads lodged under the ball of the foot and heel are added to soften the landings and deliver the energy return when hitting for the next offensive or defensive move. 

Underfoot support. The resin-built Trusstic system is integrated into the midfoot. Such technology inhibits unwanted torsional movements, especially when bolting in multiple directions. 

Added stabilizer. The Dynawall technology gets its debut on this shoe. It is seen on the lateral side, which is formulated to cradle and hold the foot in place during aggressive footwork. At the same time, this stabilizer controls torsion when recovering back towards the net. 

Flexibility. Compared with the Gel Resolution 7, the forefoot of this new iteration is more forgiving. The restyled Flexion Fit opens up the vamp area while still providing support where it’s needed. Such a modified design improves flexibility up a notch than the Gel Resolution 7. 

Security. Another first found in this shoe is the use of Dynawrap technology. Such a feature made of added lace straps is integrated into the lacing system. These extra lace straps help in cinching the shoe for a snug and secure fit. 

The PGuard Toe protector strengthens security for toe draggers.  On the extreme opposite, it comes with an updated heel counter. It hugs the rear end towards the medial side of the shoe to prevent unnecessary heel slippage. A 2-layered PHF (Personal Heel Fit) collar lining made of memory foam molds to the contour of the heel for a customized fit. 

Comfort and breathability. Players can benefit from the moisture-wicking, comfortable, and durable Ortholite insole. This removable sockliner serves as underfoot support and an extra level of impact absorption. 

  • AHAR stands for Asics High Abrasion Rubber. 
  • Gel Resolution 8 weighs a fraction heavier than the past Gel Resolutions. However, the added grams aren’t noticeable when playing. 
  • Aside from Gael Monfils, other pros who were spotted in Asics GR 8 are Johanna Konta, Fabio Fognini, and Novak Djokovic (before he switched to Asics Court FF2).

Asics Gel Resolution 8 LE “Retro Tokyo”

This limited iteration shoe was released just before the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. It is one of the profiles launched under the Retro Toyo collection (the other range is Modern Tokyo) that features the palette of red, blue, and white. The design is inspired by Japanese heritage, culture, and craftsmanship. 

This colorway comes with the slogan: “Redefining Technology Since 1949.” The year is the brand’s inception in Japan by founder Kihachiro Onitsuka. 

Performance value. Asics Gel Resolutions and the Court FFs are among the top-of-the-line collections in the Asics tennis family. Though considered as giants in terms of performance value, the Gel Resolutions and the Court FF shoes surprisingly don’t put much toll on the foot. Two of the most advanced from these labels are the 8th incarnation and the Court FF 2. Of the two, the Gel Resolution 8 is lighter.  

Stability fixes. Asics Gel Resolution 8 is an all-court trainer with oodles of stability features, while the Asics Court FF 2 is a clay-specific shoe with speed-oriented components. Although designed for different court setups, both shoes offer a foot-hugging fit. The Dynawrap closure design on the Gel Resolution 8 and the mono-sock structure on the Court FF2 make both models snug-fitting, which makes them less clunky too. 

Cushioning and support. These shoes feature the Gel cushioning technology on the forefoot and rearfoot. The Gel pads are meant to absorb shock before delivering a surefooted return. Both high-tech trainers are made with support systems just right under the midfoot arch. The 8th Gel Resolution generation contains the Trusstic technology, a resin material that resists inward twisting of the foot, and the Dynawall to augment stability. The Court FF2 has the Twistruss, a midfoot stabilizer built with slits that enhances the bending and twisting of the foot. 


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