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Adidas high-top basketball shoes

The 1960s saw the dawn of high top basketball shoes. Keds and Converse made it big with their high-top releases. It didn’t take long for other brands to follow their lead, and Adidas was surely among them. With the release of the Adidas Top Ten players, trainers, and manufacturers all saw the high-top basketball shoe design as essential for high-level basketball. 

The Three Stripes, being among the top brands in the sport, has been coming up with quality high top Adidas basketball shoes over the years. Their solid selection of high-top is equipped with modern aesthetics as well as innovative features. Among their top sneakers are the sleek-looking Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit and the Adidas D Rose 8, which is one of Derrick Rose’s signature shoes.

Adidas high-tops and their continued relevance

Before he made it big with Nike, Kobe Bryant was with Adidas.  He was honored with a handful of Adidas high-top basketball shoes during his stay. This further promoted the dominance of high-tops on the court.

A lot of things changed when Kobe debuted Nike Kobe IV on the court. Although the much-celebrated Kobe 4s were not really the first Nike low top basketball shoes, they were the ones that first got widely noticed. The shoe proved to be a legitimate companion on the court, showing fans and players that low-cut basketball sneakers can be an option on the court.

However, even with the introduction of low-top basketball shoes, high-tops from Adidas and other brands are not necessarily shoved to the sidelines. Two groups of players emerged; one is composed of fans of low-tops and the other are composed of high-top loyalists. Because of this, Adidas, Nike, Jordan, and other brands produce a low-top and high-top version of their popular models.