Who should buy the Adidas Dame Certified

This basketball shoe from Adidas makes the following happy:

  • players who want shoes that they can also wear in non-game contexts
  • wearers whose fashion sense necessitates having a shoe in many different colorways
  • buyers who prefer to get shoes that do not hurt their budgets
  • athletes who are particular about the amount of ankle support that they get from their shoes
  • users who are NOT wide-footers

Who should NOT buy this takedown basketball shoe from Adidas 

The Adidas Dame Certified is not a shoe that delivers its all straight out of the box. It still has to be broken in. Hence, those who want shoes that they can immediately use are better served by the Adidas Marquee Boost Low. If willing to try shoes from other brands like Nike, the KD 15 is a good pick.

The shoes are also not a good match for those who have wide feet. The Adidas Marquee Boost is a better pick for them.

Adidas Dame Certified: It will be worth every cent!

"It is the best bang for your buck," says one very happy wearer of this takedown signature shoe. Two other reviewers agree, saying that this Adidas offer is a "great overall shoe for [a] low price" and a "solid budget shoe."

No problem with the bite

One wearer is so happy with the traction that he describes this shoe as having a "top-class grip." Two other commenters describe the bite as "so amazing" and "very good."

Cushioning or responsiveness? Get them both!

Two separate reviewers say that the Dame Certified "gives plenty of cushioning" and offers a "great court feel." This means that this shoe is able to address the needs of not only the players who want control but also those who need impact protection.

Ankle lockdown is noteworthy

"My ankle feels very safe in these," says one basketball player. The Adidas Dame Certified is able to provide much-needed support for the ankles, which many players appreciate so much, especially when the game heats up and their movements become more intense.

The Dame Certified is pretty stable

An avid reviewer observes that this shoe is able to ensure "very good stability" for him. This gives him much more confidence to move more offensively and score.

Enjoy each comfortable step

"It feels good on my feet," a happy athlete says. Others say that the Adidas Dame Certified is pretty comfortable and that they do not hesitate to wear it for long hours on end.

Break-in is a must

It must be mentioned here that this shoe takes time before it unleashes its potential, especially as far as comfort and cushioning are concerned. Several wearers have this observation.

The price is discounted, material effectiveness isn't

Even if they are cheap, the materials are still not bad according to an expert. One wearer even shares that they are actually of very good quality. Another says that the shoe has a "robust upper" because of this.

Dame Certified: A stylish pick

"The dopest kicks I'm wearing right now," declares one very happy hooper. Another loves the "Those are lit!" comment and other compliments that he gets when he wears these shoes. A couple of players love the colors, which they describe as "awesome" and "vibrant." 

Won't feel like bricks, that's for sure

At only 12.6 ounces or 357 grams, this shoe is significantly lighter than average, which we peg at 13.5 ounces or 383 grams. This figure seems to be congruent with experience, with many wearers taking note of how light this shoe is. One even declares that the Adidas Dame Certified is "super comfortable and lightweight."

Just not for wide-footers

Given all the goodness that this shoe delivers, it's too bad that this is not really for those with wide feet. A few wide-footers have aired their discontent with this Adidas shoe.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 12.6oz
Top: Low
Signature: Damian Lillard
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: Adidas Dame
Features: Outdoor
Colorways: Purple / White / Red

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