buy vasque hiking shoes for men and women

If you’re after a pair that can meet your outdoor requirements, you should take a look at Vasque hiking shoes. The brand’s low-cut hikers are infused with over 50 years of experience in creating competent gear for outdoor enthusiasts. These shoes are designed with an emphasis on comfort and fit, two important footwear requirements that are valuable on the trail. They are also engineered to keep your feet safe from the elements while granting ample grip on wet and dry surfaces. Taking your hike to the next level isn’t impossible when you consider a pair of Vasque hiking shoes to complement your gear.

Advantages of the best men's and women's Vasque hiking shoes

best vasque hiking shoes
Best Vasque hiking shoes - December 2019

Fit and comfort

Vasque designed every model in its trail shoe line to fit comfortably. Donning the shoes is easy, thanks to a pull tab located in the rear part of the cuff. The footwear’s lacing system  locks your foot in place. The shoe’s ankle and cuff and tongue are padded  for sufficient comfort. Likewise, the removable footbed helps provide cushioning while you’re on the move. There are nylon linings  inside the finest Vasque hiking shoes to wick moisture away from your foot.

The company’s hikers are engineered to be lightweight. Base-model options start at 822 grams per pair  while the finest hikers have a maximum weight of 1,054 grams . Furthermore, select Vasque hiking shoes contain ventilation ports  in the heel and toe sections for improved airflow along the footbed. These features provide a good fit for your foot without compromising its comfort while you’re outdoors.

How can I get a precise fit when shopping for new Vasque hiking shoes?

  • Vasque offers hiking shoes for men and women.
  • Men’s sizes are around 7 to 15 while women’s hiking shoes range from 5 to  11 ½.
  • Before finalizing your online purchase, you need to get the exact measurement of your foot. Get a tape measure and find out the length of your foot in centimeters. Match the information with the brand’s sizing guide so you’ll end up with an exact fit from your target Vasque hiking shoes.
  • Some factors can affect how your footgear fits. For one, the socks you’re wearing add a little bulk inside the shoes. Over the course of the day, your foot swells a little as well. These two circumstances should be considered when you’re getting new Vasque hiking shoes.
  • Keep in mind to break your hiking shoes before using them outdoors. Although Vasque’s hikers are comfortable straight out of the box, it’s better to be on the safe side of things.


Your footing needs to be secure while you’re out and about. Vasque hiking shoes are equipped with grippy outsoles  to provide the traction you need. Flip over one of the brand’s hikers, and you’ll see an aggressive lug pattern dominating the outsole’s surface.  These multi-angular lugs help you move in any direction and disperse debris at the same time. Thanks to these features, you can overcome challenging terrain without the fear of slipping.


Although hiking boots offer better support, a pair of Vasque hiking shoes isn’t far behind. The brand’s entry-level footgear models come with an ethylene-vinyl acetate  (EVA) midsole while premium offerings use one made of polyurethane . EVA midsoles are lighter while PU is more resilient to wear and tear. On the inside, there’s a dual-density EVA footbed  which promotes cushioning to your every step. A thermoplastic urethane (TPU) stabilizer  is located inside some of the brand’s shoe models to make it more rigid and supportive.


Vasque hiking shoes are built to endure harsh conditions you’re going to encounter on the trail. The brand’s hikers feature either nubuck  or suede  leather upper. Some of Vasque’s footgear models combine leather with an abrasion-resistant mesh fabric. Select shoes are packed with a PU midsole for its resiliency. Vasque’s entire line of low-cut hiking footwear comes with Vibram outsoles for their innate robustness. All of these components work in unison to make the brand’s outdoor shoes tougher.

Blueprint of the best Vasque hiking shoes


Vasque started out in 1964  when its founder, William D. Sweasy, discovered that there aren’t enough footwear options for hiking in America. Sweasy decided to create a company that produces outdoor footgear to entice more Americans to take up hiking. For over 50 years, the brand has created a wide range of outdoor footwear , including backpacking boots, trail runners, and insulated boots.

Vasque hiking shoes are a common sight if you’re shopping for new footwear online or in outdoor gear stores. The brand’s line of low-cut hikers provides outdoor enthusiasts with a balanced mix of weight, performance, protection, and price.


The brand’s line of low-cut hiking footwear is among the most affordable on the market. Entry-level Vasque hiking shoes are priced around $110  while their premium offerings top out at $150  due to the different technologies they possess. All of these footgear models are priced competitively, making them an enticing option for any outdoor junkie.

Shoe Features and Technologies

  • Perpetuum. Select Vasque hiking shoes use a Perpetuum Last. It features a wider toe box configuration and a design that suits users with flat feet. The last provides performance improvements in stability and comfort.
  • Vibram. Most Vasque hiking shoes come with outsoles produced by Vibram. These outsoles are characterized by an aggressive pattern and multi-directional lugs for competent traction. They are also made from a high-performance rubber compound that can withstand constant contact with varied ground conditions. Vasque uses different outsole variants for their hiking shoe models. Here are some of them.
  • Ibex. Some Vasque hiking shoes use a Vibram Ibex outsole for improved traction. The outsole fuses two grippy rubber compounds, Idrogrip and Megagrip. The former is ideal for wet surfaces while the latter is very sticky and durable. There’s also a compression molded EVA midsole and a TPU stabilizer to deliver adequate cushioning and support to the shoe’s wearer.
  • Nuasi. This Vibram outsole is filled with aggressive lugs that extend to different directions for remarkable traction. There’s rubber sidewall in the toe section which promotes stability and protection on rocky grounds. Also, the outsole uses an XSTrek rubber compound to make it sturdier.
  • Contact Grip. Vibram’s Contact Grip is an outsole design exclusive to Vasque footwear. This outsole renders exceptional grip on rocky terrain without compromising durability and nimbleness.
  • Gore-Tex. The best Vasque hiking shoes are equipped with a Gore-Tex liner to keep water out. This specialized membrane contains over a billion pores on its surface. The microporous design is small enough to prevent beads of water from passing through while allowing moisture molecules to escape. These benefits make your Vasque hiker both waterproof and breathable at the same time.
  • Off The Grid. Vasque’s proprietary Off The Grid sole combines broad and small lugs on its surface to promote traction on varied surfaces. There’s also a depression in the heel area to make your stride more comfortable.
  • UltraDry. This is the brand’s patented waterproof technology. Some Vasque hiking shoes are fitted with this liner to prevent water from entering. An UltraDry fabric also allows moisture to escape your footwear’s insides, making it breathable.

Frequently asked questions about the best Vasque hiking shoes for men and women

What’s the edge of using Vasque hiking shoes over other types of outdoor footwear?

A pair of low-cut hikers (like the Vasque Juxt) is perfect if you’re going on a day hike. The nature of this activity entails a lighter backpack for all of your belongings. Since the weight you’re going to carry is manageable, you won’t have a hard time moving around. Vasque hiking shoes are also lightweight to help get from point A to point B comfortably. This type of footgear excels better than backpacking boots in this situation. They also offer better protection and traction than hiking sandals. If your trip isn’t going to exceed a single day, these shoes will be more than enough for your needs.

What should I know about Vasque’s warranty policy?

There are times when the footgear you ordered contains one or several defects. In the event your Vasque hiking shoes are defective , you can have them exchanged. If these defects occur because of normal use within 12 months, you can bring your hikers to the Vasque dealer you purchased them from. Don’t forget to bring along the receipt as proof of your purchase. Once your claim has been approved, the brand will provide you with a new pair. Vasque will not honor any request if your shoes failed because of excessive use.