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Nike hiking shoes

If you have never hiked like a king before, in a pair of Nike hiking shoes, you will—or, at least, experience something really close to that. Kicks from this celebrated brand are known for their agility-boosting construction and timeless-yet-fun aesthetics.

What is our agency in all this, you might ask? It is rather pretty simple: We at RunRepeat will spoil you with the latest deals and mind-blowing price-cuts on all things hiking shoes, including badass offerings from Nike!

Nike hiking shoes: Go beyond possibilities

It is hard to deny the fact that hiking has come a long way since the modern world started to take it seriously in the mid-2000. With its steady hike (no pun intended) in popularity, it was a no-brainer for Nike—makers of world-class basketball shoes—to make the jump with their trail-centric kicks.

Nike’s trail shoes take big inspiration from their basketball brethren. Translation: Being geared up in a pair will enable you to make daring maneuvers with enhanced cushioning and rebound, saving you energy as a result. So if you wish to take on challenges posed by the great outdoors and transcend what is possible out there, get your Nike hiking shoes on us and save big!

Your budget vs. Nike hiking shoes

Salivating over getting a pair of Nike hikers yet? Well, as long as you have around $110 on hand, you are pretty much good to go securing one. Yes, trail-focused pieces from this brand are quite within reach budget-wise. That said, if you are into other brands and inexpensive gears make your eyes well up in excitement, check out our collection of super-affordable hikers.