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    Cheap hiking shoes

    144 products - deals from 29 retailers

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    1. Any color
      Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator - Brown (J06013)
      Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator - Beluga (J06015)
      Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator - Brown (J59823)
      Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator - WALNUT (J06011)
      Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator - Black Night (J06017)
      £100 £50 Save 50%
    2. Any color
      Adidas Terrex AX3 - Black (BC0524)
      Adidas Terrex AX3 - Grey (BC0525)
      Adidas Terrex AX3 - Blue (BC0527)
      Adidas Terrex AX3 - Grey (EF0533)
      £80 £58 Save 28%
    3. Any color
      Columbia Peakfreak X2 Outdry - Black Black Ti Grey (1864991010)
      Columbia Peakfreak X2 Outdry - graphite (1864991053)
      £110 £45 Save 59%
    4. £90 £41 Save 54%
    5. £120 £53 Save 56%
    6. £120 £64 Save 47%
    7. £130 £64 Save 51%
    8. £80 £66 Save 18%
    9. £110 £58 Save 47%
    10. £120 £67 Save 44%
    11. £100 £72 Save 28%
    12. £130 £88 Save 32%
    13. £110 £99 Save 10%
    14. £80 £45 Save 44%
    15. £100 £52 Save 48%
    16. £90 £78 Save 13%
    buy cheap hiking shoes for men and women

    Using a pair of cheap hiking shoes for your trip might be something you haven’t considered. There’s the risk that these inexpensive footwear options might not cut it when it comes to performance, as compared to mid-range and premium low-top hikers. Although these shoes are relatively priced lower, they can still offer a set of qualities that will come in handy for your hike. Also, they also grant more value for your investment since this type of gear cost a fraction of high-end offerings in the market. If you’re raring to go outdoors and budget is a concern, these cheap hiking shoes should be an option.

    How hiking shoes for men and women become cheap

    Best cheap hiking shoes

    Best cheap hiking shoes - May 2019

    Take a look at some premium footwear offerings for hikers, and you’ll see a number of technologies in them. Also, the best hiking shoes mostly use expensive materials, such as full-grain leather. In contrast, inexpensive low-cut footwear offerings are devoid of these features to cut back on cost.

    Most models under this category are equipped with uppers made of synthetic fabric, mesh panels, or less durable leather variants. Select cheap hiking shoes also lack useful components, like a waterproof liner or a supportive footbed. Although these features are absent in most cheap hiking shoes, this doesn’t mean they’re worthless. The performance of this gear largely depends on how you use it during your hike. If you choose your trip accordingly and familiarize yourself with the terrain, there’s no reason these good cheap hiking shoes will fail you.

    Are cheap hiking shoes worth it?

    An inexpensive pair of hiking shoes can’t be judged according to its price tag. Various brands differ in how they construct their footwear products. Instead of looking at its price, your primary concern is to find cheap shoes that can ably perform during a hike.

    A good place to start in determining an affordable pair’s worth is by checking reviews online. You can check out RunRepeat’s hiking shoe pages which have summaries of people’s reviews or even ask those who have worn the product you’re eyeing. You can obtain a first-hand account if the cheap hiking shoes you’re planning to purchase are worth it or not. 

    Perks of the best men's and women's cheap hiking shoes

    They won’t break the bank. Some of the best footwear models for hikers cost an arm and a leg. In contrast, cheap hiking shoes cost only a fraction of those premium products. Spending money on these inexpensive hikers won’t affect your budget that much and give you a good reason to go outdoors.

    They’re great as a second pair. Wearing one kind of gear for all of your adventures may quickly wear it down. Getting cheap hiking shoes to back your primary pair will go a long way in preserving them. You can use these affordable low-cut hikers alternately with your main footgear or when you’re embarking on an easier trail.

    When should I not wear cheap hiking shoes?

    A pair of cheap hiking shoes is going to be useful, especially if you want to go outdoors on a strict budget. On the other hand, this kind of gear isn’t made for every outdoor activity. For instance, you’re going to need a backpack if your trip will last for several days in a challenging environment. Your foot is going to need extra support with the additional weight you’re carrying. If this is the case, you’ll be better off with backpacking boots rather than wearing cheap hiking shoes. This footwear type provides sufficient support and can withstand harsh conditions during a backpacking trip.

    Although day hiking isn’t as demanding as backpacking, you will still need a pair that can keep up. Your choice of footwear must still provide adequate ankle support to overcome uneven ground conditions. The low-cut upper design of cheap hiking shoes won’t be enough to support your ankles, especially if you choose to carry a pack. Day hiking boots are more suitable for this type of activity as they offer better support and protection.

    Some outdoor brands that sell inexpensive hiking shoes for men and women

    Columbia. Columbia’s Redmond Leather Omni-Tech handles those light trail conditions ably with its Omni-Grip outsole. Its Techlite midsole creates a cushioned ride while the shoe’s Omni-Tech membrane keeps water out.

    Merrell. The Moab Edge 2 is one of Merrell’s affordable options for outdoor enthusiasts. The footwear’s mesh and thermopolyurethane (TPU) upper provides a lightweight construction. Its M Select Grip outsole renders surface traction while the shoe’s Kinetic Fit Base insole provides flexible arch support.

    Harley-Davidson. With its $94 price tag, the Harley Davidson Chase is considered as an inexpensive pair for hikers. This shoe’s lightweight design is owed mainly to its leather and mesh upper. This construction also boosts the gear’s breathability, making it ideal during warm hikes.

    Oboz. The Livingston Low is among the cheap hiking shoes Oboz crafted for men. This gear uses a tumbled nubuck leather upper to protect your foot from abrasion. Its grippy Sawtooth outsole is flexible while providing ample traction on uneven ground conditions. The footwear’s Sawtooth dual-density midsole is paired with a nylon shank to give you cushioning, stability, and support.

    Salomon. This low-cost hiking shoe from Salomon is designed to keep your foot cool with its breathable upper. It also uses the company’s Sensifit technology to cradle your foot and grant it with a customized fit.

    Berghaus. Among the cheap hiking shoes Berghaus offers is the Expeditor Active AQ Tech. Its Pittards suede upper is lined with the brand’s patented AQ waterproof liner for protection against the elements. The shoe’s Opti-Stud outsole grants grip on those light trails while an Ortholite footbed enhances cushioning and underfoot comfort.