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For an Italian company like Scarpa, preserving history and culture is always at the core of the business. It goes to say that Scarpa hiking shoes are not just comfortable or reliable, but they’re products of decades-old footwear-making tradition and skillful craftsmanship.

Asolo, the City of a Hundred Horizons, is an Italian region with mountains around that have inspired several of its citizens to wear their boots and start climbing. Of course, the increased demand fueled the entrepreneurial spirit of some townspeople. It is for this reason that Luigi Parisotto built his dreams of transforming mountain and work boots to cult favorites.

Luigi started out as an apprentice of different reputable brands in the 1940s. In the early 50s, he and his brothers Francesco and Antonio started their own shoe company – San Giorgio. In May 1956, the opportunity to acquire the company where Luigi served as an apprentice presented itself, the whole family committed, betting their money on the acquisition. While it was initially risky, it didn’t take long before they turned Scarpa into a brand loved and revered by many.

Because of the quality of Scarpa hiking shoes, hiking boots, and mountaineering boots, it didn’t take long before the brand conquered several markets around the world. Through continuous innovations and the new Parisotto blood coming in, Scarpa remained a top brand in the outdoor industry.

Scarpa products of today are made with the same culture the early models are made with – a mix of culture and history. Proof to this, even with a huge chunk of its products exported to different parts of the world, Scarpa hiking shoes, alpine boots, approach, ski, and lifestyle footwear are kept controlled in the Asolo headquarters. This goes to show that attention to quality standards is regulated and remain high.

Why people love Scarpa

best scarpa hiking shoes
Best Scarpa hiking shoes - December 2019

The art of outdoor footwear manufacturing is not a joke. For more than eight decades, Scarpa has produced countless trail shoes, mountaineering boots, ski boots, and other collections. The reason why so many outdoor lovers developed a good relationship with the brand is because of its dependable and high-quality outdoor line.

Trail products, where Scarpa hiking shoes fall under, have been revised so the collection will offer up-to-date and fashionable models. The company uses various shapes that can match most types of fit. They fuse new materials with innovation to improve its comfort. These qualities are found in lines like Kailash and ZG.

With a deluge of brands offering outdoor footgear for a much lower price, getting Scarpa hiking shoes, with a price tag that can buy two pairs of cheap hiking shoes, may be the farthest thing in casual hikers’ minds. However, those who want their money spent only on products with excellent quality, paying a bit more shouldn’t be an issue.

Benefits of wearing men's and women's Scarpa hiking shoes

The quality of the finished product is something that the maker is vouching on. Being manufactured in a country known for producing the best outdoor footwear, Scarpa hiking shoes have earned a reputation for withstanding several challenges on the trail. If you are wondering, here are a few things that Scarpa owners have experienced while wearing their shoes:

Comfort and fit

Shoes for outdoor activities are built to endure difficulties. Scarpa hiking shoes are built on men’s and women’s lasts to ensure that they address the specific anatomical needs of the genders. For instance, the Moraine GTX is made of the GT last for men and GTW last for the women’s version. These lasts help in getting the appropriate size of the toe box and the correct instep volume to address the unique needs of the genders. 

To ensure that wearers will find their Scarpa hiking shoes comfortable, the brand’s designers carefully pick the materials for the upper. Leather is of course popularly used. It is reinforced with synthetic matters like recycled polyester mesh.

Scarpa hiking shoes are designed to deliver a secure lockdown. A lace-up closure system is commonly used with an integrated TPU cage to give wearers a personalized fit.


Scarpa hiking shoes are made with the same keen eye and expert craftsmanship as other products. To make them last for a long time, the manufacturer ensures the right features are incorporated. A great example would be a partial rand which helps boost the abrasion resistance of the shoe.


Outdoor footwear like Scarpa hiking shoes must provide the needed support to wearers when they are tackling difficult trails. To tick off this arduous task, the footwear manufacturer uses ethylene-vinyl acetate. This foam can rival rubber’s toughness and stress resistance. Additional components like the P-Flex Lite footbed and removable Arch Suspension both help add cushioning to make every challenging step bearable.

Some models of Scarpa hiking shoes also feature a Sock-Fit DV tongue. This feature gives wearers a pressure-free in-shoe feel.

The Moraine GTX Women’s is another model that is full of support features like a tall ankle shaft and padded tongue. It comes with a molded midsole inset that offers arch support and heel grip. The said unit also lessens arch collapsing on downhills and limits twisting.


What sets Scarpa hiking shoes apart from casual footwear is their exceptional outsoles. Vibram is a commonly-used outsole technology for most models. This maker of rubber lug soles has earned respect and has tied up with many footwear companies all over the world to deliver high-quality footwear that offers unparalleled traction on a variety of surfaces.


A dependable pair of Scarpa hiking shoes should be able to provide ample protection from things and animals that could injure the wearer. The good news is that every model comes with various protective elements like a robust upper, structured toe box, rubber rand, and toe cap. All of these features serve as a shield from frontal impacts.

The back part is also never forgotten as models like the Moraine GTX Women’s also feature a rubber heel guard. This also protects the feet from impact from the back.

And of course, the most common and essential protection that Scarpa hiking shoes have is its waterproof lining. For dependable waterproofing, Scarpa employed the technology of Gore-Tex. This membrane promises a footgear that’s both waterproof and breathable.

The defining qualities of Scarpa hiking shoes for men and women

People best know Scarpa hiking shoes for their excellent craftsmanship, but not everyone realizes that behind each model are different factors that contribute to its greatness. Here’s why every pair deserves a five-star rating from users and a space on your shoe rack:

Materials used

The quality of materials used by the manufacturer will make an impact on the lastingness of the product. If the maker chooses substandard supplies, then it can be expected that their hiking shoes will not last long. Scarpa hiking shoes though are not made of such lame components. In fact, these are few of the things you will probably read on a shoe’s label from this brand:

  • Leather. Nubuck and suede are two of the common upper components that you will find on the labels of Scarpa hiking shoes. Leather is derived from the hides of animals, usually cattle. As a favorite footwear upper material, it is known for its strength, resistance to tearing, flexing, and puncture. It is also well known for its thermostatic properties – a trait that keeps the feet warm when hiking on cold temperatures.
  • Recycled polyester mesh. One of Scarpa’s efforts is to use environment-friendly products on their best casual shoes, hiking boots, mountaineering boots, and other outdoor footwear offerings. Polyester is a dependable outdoor footwear material, but since it is made from petroleum, it can pose several harmful effects to the environment. Thankfully, with efforts from different groups, polyester has since been recycled, and footwear companies use them just like how virgin polyester is used. The good news is, it has the same functional versatility in footwear but with less environmental impact.
  • EVA. Ethylene-vinyl acetate is an elastic material which is similar to rubber but with a distinct toughness to it. This is a favorite substance used by shoe manufacturers because of its toughness and stress resistance. For wearers of Scarpa hiking shoes, this cushy yet tough platform keeps their feet snugly.
  • Toe rand. A toe rand or cap is usually made of rubber or other abrasion-resistant material. This is added to give protection to the shoes and feet against sharp objects or scrapes.
  • Also worth noting is Scarpa’s use of dependable and eco-friendly materials. The Moraine GTX Women’s model, for example, uses EcoPure EVA which is designed to degrade in landfill conditions.


Scarpa hiking shoes are products of constant innovation. Ensuring it is up to the outdoor footwear game, the shoe manufacturer has employed new and some of its trusted technologies to produce secure, more comfortable, and dependable gear. Here are a few techs Scarpa is gladly using:

  • ACTIV Impact Technology. When your foot touches the ground, the impact could cause some pains. If you continue to wear hiking boots or shoes that do not offer ample shock-absorption features, you will end up with injuries in the long run. Scarpa hiking shoes are incorporated with ACTIV Impact technology, a sole construction process using materials that help absorb negative ground impact. Through this, stress on the lower limb is reduced.
  • ActivFit Technology. The ActivFit technology, used in Scarpa hiking shoes and other footwear options, comes in both men and women’s versions. This is used specifically to improve shoes for backpacking, trekking, and long-distance hiking. It basically helps in the development of separate and specific shapes, soles, and models that address the anatomical differences between the genders.
  • Scarpa Sock-Fit. Fit is king and Scarpa hiking shoes are no exception. In order to give wearers a precise fit, the footwear maker developed a construction system which envelopes the foot similar to how socks feel. By providing a uniform way of embracing the feet, wearers can feel instant comfort. The material is also reduced, so the shoe becomes narrower. This technology also improves the in-shoe feel and agility when on the move.
  • Gore-Tex. A way to protect footwear from water damage is by using a waterproof lining by Gore-Tex. This layer made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene is very thin and has 9 billion pores in every square inch. These pores are smaller than droplets of water. They are, however, seven hundred times bigger than water vapor molecules.
  • Vibram. Grip and traction are two things that outdoor footwear like Scarpa hiking shoes need to have since they are worn on challenging outdoor trails. The secret to a dependable hiking pair is its outsole. And for Scarpa, Vibram, known for its rubber lug soles, is the trusted component to use.


The excellent quality of Scarpa hiking shoes is met with praises by fans all over the world. The good news for followers, pairs from this brand are reasonably-priced as well. For $150 to $180, you can already own a brand-new pair of Scarpas.


Buying your own pair of Scarpa hiking shoes shouldn’t be a problem because these are available in different territories around the world. The brand also has exclusive distributors in these countries:

  • New Zealand
  • Czech Republic
  • India
  • Dubai
  • Taiwan
  • Ukraine
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Slovakia
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • Israel
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • Iran
  • Norway/Sweden
  • Australia
  • France
  • Romania
  • China
  • United States
  • Germany/Benelux
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia/Slovenia
  • Russia
  • Bulgaria

However, if you are too busy to squeeze in some fitting time in any store offering Scarpa hiking shoes, you can also choose to shop online. Both official website and distributors have online shopping options. However, make sure to check shipping options with the distributor in your area because Scarpa only ships to North and Central America. Picking-up your order at the Boulder, CO office is also possible.

Some popular Scarpa hiking shoes

For adventurers who believe that a good pair of shoes can contribute to their hiking performance, investing in a pair of Scarpas is a sensible move. The good news is that there are models made to suit the needs of different people. Some of the popular offerings available are Hydrogen GTX, Moraine GTX, and Epic Lite. There are also women’s versions for these Scarpa hiking shoes.

FAQs on Scarpa hiking shoes

How do I make sure that I ordered the right size of Scarpa hiking shoes?

Choosing the right pair of Scarpa hiking shoes is crucial because an ill-fitting pair could lead to blisters, hot spots, and other injuries. If you are looking at buying them from the manufacturer, understand that it does not use the US size scale with one whole size equaling to 8.46 mm. Instead, Scarpa uses the Euro (Continental) size scale with a whole size equaling 6.6 mm. Since this is smaller by almost 2 mm, expect that the size increment of the hiking shoes is smaller than the US counterpart. You may check the brand’s size chart for conversion and size recommendations.

Are low-cut Scarpa hiking shoes better than mid and high-cut hiking boots?

There are many questions as to whether a higher cut would mean more protection and support or if a low cut would be enough to give wearer what they needed. Choosing between the two depends largely on how rigorous the hike will be. If you will go on a trip with a heavier pack and for a longer stretch, it is better to wear high-top hiking boots. However, if you are interested in going for weekend trips with a light pack, a pair of reliable low-cut Scarpa hiking shoes would be more than enough to give you the support and protection you need.

Are Scarpa hiking shoes warrantied?

Scarpa hiking shoes and other products are warrantied to the original buyer for a year from the time of purchase. For any issues that you may have with a pair that you bought, you may follow the steps laid out by the company for claims.