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New Balance hiking shoes: Durable and comfortable kicks for casual hikes

Whether you’re racing through the woods or enjoying a relaxing walk in the countryside, New Balance hiking shoes are meant to provide the support and comfort you need. Here at RunRepeat, we bring you the most popular hiking kicks from the most reliable brands so you can hike with confidence!

Men’s and women’s hiking shoes from New Balance

Renowned for their sneakers and trail running shoes, New Balance has earned a solid reputation in the outdoor gear industry and even made it to the top 10 most popular brands for clothing and footwear.

The company has been in the business for over 100 years so it’s not surprising that they make quality kicks that stand the test of time. While sneakers are their comfort zone, New Balance continues to impress outdoor lovers by expanding their footwear collection to include hiking shoes. 

New Balance hiking shoes embody the comfort, stability, and cushioning of their world-famous sneakers but in a more robust and rugged package. Despite being new in the hiking niche, they’ve released leather hiking shoes that are durable and protective. 

Of course, they have these waterproof hikers, some of which are Gore-Tex shoes for unparalleled protection against rain and moisture. Lastly, this brand offers wide hiking shoes (wide and extra-wide) so having “big toes” won’t be an issue.

Ready to buy NB hiking shoes? We’ve got you covered!

Shopping for hiking shoes is never easy. That’s why we’re here. At RunRepeat, you’ll find one of the widest and most comprehensive lists of hiking footwear. Whether you’re searching for day hikers or backpacking shoes, we have them.

We’ve also made a list of cheap hiking shoes in case you’re looking for more budget-friendly options. If after going through our buying guide you decide that you need a hiking boot rather than a shoe, we can help you find the right pair too!