We spent 8.2 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what runners think:

9 reasons to buy

  • A runner stated that even though they had the Saucony Triumph ISO 3 for some time, it still felt fresh and comfortable, like wearing it for the first time.
  • A tester commented that the platform felt just as plush as the previous version.
  • The responsiveness of the mid-sole unit was enjoyed by many.
  • Several consumers wrote that the toe box had enough room to accommodate natural toe-splaying.
  • The upper unit’s breathable nature was appreciated by the consumers.
  • A lot of runners agreed that this shoe was true-to-size.
  • A reviewer reported that the underfoot experience didn’t make them feel as if they were sinking into the cushioning system; it was smooth yet reliable.
  • According to a runner, it was versatile enough to handle tempo runs and those long, slow sessions on the road.
  • Based on the feedback of purchasers, wearing this shoe was a generally comfortable affair.

2 reasons not to buy

  • According to a tester, the tongue of this running shoe was too thin, causing lacing pressure to transfer directly to the skin.
  • Some runners felt that this shoe’s price was a bit expensive.

Bottom line

The Saucony Triumph ISO 3 was a success, according to the feedback of many of those who have used it. It delivered a smooth and comfortable ride, which agreed with neutral runners. The responsiveness of its components gained some praise, as well. Conversely, it didn’t fit well for a few testers.



A top rated Road running shoe
A popular pick
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Expert Reviews

84 / 100 based on 27 expert reviews

  • 85 / 100 |

    Saucony Triumph ISO 3: Is it worth a shot?

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    In 2017, Triumph ISO 3, Saucony's best-cushioned shoe.



    As far as appearance goes, I usually go for darker colors so I got the dark grey-black. In total, you have around 10 color variations.



    As you can see, the upper part is really nice, with premium fabric and sleek details. From the side, you can see a thick midsole which sustains the cushion of this shoe.

    My only concern here which also stays true for other brands is that I wished they worked out different midsole colors besides white. As a comparISOn, Asics does a good job to balance that out on their premium models.

    And the back side of the shoebox is something different, simulating a race calendar for the user to keep up with its pace and records. Even though it’s not very practical, it was a cool idea I’ve never seen before.

    Upper & Comfortability

    When you wear Triumph ISO 3, you can feel right away how much they have invested in it.

    The upper is well built with a double layered fabric thick enough to provide comfort and protect the foot at the same time. You can't feel manufacturing marks or seam that could bother usage.



    In terms of toe protection, it's very solid with double layered fabric on the tip of the shoe. It's a plus since that translates to shoe durability and despite its closed fabric, it's still breathable.

    Running (Cushion, Stability, Sole) 

    Triumph ISO 3 is known to be Saucony's most cushioned shoe, and after a couple of months using it, I have to be transparent and say I was disappointed.

    I am a heavyweight guy which usually runs 10k/1hour. My running experience included after running tiredness and muscle sore.

    With Triumph 3, even though I had an average cushion experience while running, my after exercise was not good, with significant sore throughout the legs.



    Stability wise, at first I felt it was not going to pass my requirements since is it’s kind of a thick wide shoe in comparison to the Asics and Nike I am used to.

    To my surprise, the well-constructed upper surrounding the ankle made me secure during exercise, and the thick layer of fabric and heel support were also great stabilizers.

    In addition to that, the “wider” approach was also good for my high arch, which surprised me since I saw reviews saying otherwise.

    For the back part, there's a reflective light mark for night runners.



    • Well built, modern & sleek looking shoe
    • Embedded retroreflective mark for night runners
    • Good level of comfort while running
    • A durable well-built shoe with good upper support and high quality materials
    • Good price tag for its category


    • Mid-average cushion despite thick midsole


    The Saucony Triumph ISO 3 is a mid-cushioned shoe with premium materials and manufacturing quality. Even though the running experience is good, the after exercise is the minus, with significant sore along the legs.

    If you are not a heavyweight runner like me, I would definitely recommend the shoe due to its quality, comfort, durability, and great cost benefit now that the ISO 4 is out.

  • 82 / 100 | Runner's World | Level 5 expert

    The Triumph is still all about cushioning, although, this shoe got a little bit softer.

  • 88 / 100 | Canadian Running Magazine | | Level 3 expert

    For something that is so supportive, it is super light and rides very, very soft.

  • 94 / 100 | Road Trail Run | | Level 5 expert

    The Triumph ISO 3 is one comfortable, capable shoe for long miles and recovery runs at slow to moderate pace. The larger Everun heel insert and upper changes are a distinct improvement over ISO 2 but the transition to toe off could use some snap.

  • 92 / 100 | The Active Guy | | Level 5 expert

    Saucony has once again delivered with the third model of the Triumph ISO shoes. This provides incredible support and comfort in a lightweight neutral running shoe.

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  • Saucony brings in a host of changes from top to bottom in the Triumph ISO 3 to create a more relaxed feel, a springier and more flexible ride. At a glance, the upper offers major modifications. The ISOfit tech now uses 2 bands or straps to provide runners with more volume in their foot more room. With the removal of the 3rd band, runners with average volume still get adequate, if a more forgiving fit.
  • The alteration continues with the use of a new engineered mesh that is more flexible than the regular mesh of the past version. It gives a more adaptive fit and has more ventilation due to the bigger holes. Saucony also removed most of the thick overlays and replaced them with thinner versions. The support remains to be sufficient without more weight.
  • A welcome addition, where fit goes, is the thinner tongue. From the overly thick version of the prior model, runners should get the same plush feel, but with a design that molds better to the runner’s foot.
  • Running in low-light areas gets a boost as the heel section now features a huge reflective band.
  • The biggest change in the 3rd version of the Triumph ISO is somehow not visible. Saucony gives the ride more spring and cushioning as the Everun heel insert is double the size of the earlier model. It also extends to the midfoot in this model. This is a huge development for heavy heel strikers, heavy-framed runners, and those who love optimal heel cushioning.
  • The outsole is not spared from the changes as well. Saucony deepens the grooves for better flexibility. There is also a bigger cut from the midfoot to the heel to enhance the softer ride of the shoe.

The sizing of the Saucony Triumph ISO 3 is quite standard. It continues to offer a roomy toe box like its predecessor. The changes in the upper give the shoe more volume and a more forgiving it. Heel and midfoot security are more than enough to inspire confidence and security with every run.

The Triumph ISO 3 brings the popular Tri-Flex layout to runners. This design is characterized by huge flex grooves, which are also deeper in this version than the previous version for even more flexibility. The rubber between the grooves are slightly wider for enhanced ground contact. A combination of IBR+ and XT-900 rubber deliver a nice mix of traction and durability. The former is located in the forefoot to the midfoot while the latter is placed in the heel and the tips of the forefoot.

A full-length EVERUN top sole, which is just beneath the sock liner and the midsole offers excellent spring and consistent cushioning. The EVERUN is also used in some Saucony running shoes like the Triumph ISO 5 and Omni 16.

The midsole’s main foam is the SSL EVA for adequate responsiveness and durability. Giving the Triumph ISO 3 a distinctly bouncier ride and more cushioning is an Everun heel insert that actually extends to the midfoot.

Saucony welcomes the 3rd instalment of the Triumph ISO with a new engineered mesh with enhanced adaptability and ventilation. The ISOfit tech or the plush and supportive inner sleeve hugs the foot in wraparound comfort. Saucony tweaks the exterior panel by using just 2 bands instead of 3 for a more forgiving fit. The upper uses FlexFilm overlays for melded, lightweight support. Luxurious comfort continues with the plush tongue and ankle collar. The flat laces cinches the fit of this shoe.

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