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8 reasons to buy

  • Many runners commented that the Saucony Omni 15 felt comfortable right out of the box.
  • This running shoe looked visually endearing, according to those who have tried it.
  • Several testers wrote that the collar and heel sections didn’t rub irritatingly against the skin and that they kept the foot in place.
  • The upper fabrics received praise because they allowed air to ventilate the interior foot-chamber.
  • Some commented that the toe box was roomy enough to accommodate natural toe splaying.
  • The cushioning system was responsive and long-lasting, according to a number of reviewers.
  • A lot of runners stated that stability mechanisms that are present in this model actually helped in balancing the gait.
  • The traction capability of the outsole gained some recognition from those who felt that it was efficient.

6 reasons not to buy

  • A few runners felt that the Saucony Omni 15 was a bit heavy for their feet.
  • According to a tester, the outsole unit’s rubber material has started to come off after only 4 weeks of use.
  • It felt a bit wide for a purchaser.
  • The top section of the upper unit—the general area of the tongue and lacing system—tended to rub uncomfortably against the skin of a tester, preventing sockless running.
  • A consumer noted that the collar and rear section of the Omni 15 wasn’t able to keep his foot in the shoe because it kept slipping off.
  • A reviewer stated that it wasn’t able to support his collapsed arch as well as the other stability shoes in the Saucony stable.

Bottom line

Many of those with overpronated foot motion actually praised the Saucony Omni 15 and its components. They felt that it was truly able to support their feet and provide them with stability whenever they go for a run or do their daily tasks. Generally, they felt that this road shoe was efficient, reliable and uncompromising. On the other hand, it wasn’t able to deliver on the expectations of some consumers. But these complaints were overshadowed by positive feedback.

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Good to know

  • The Saucony Omni 15 is a road running shoe that’s suited for those with overpronated foot motion. It features a robust underfoot experience that’s sure to support the arch and prevent it from deviating when going through the gait cycle. The cushioning is substantial in this model, but there is also flexibility to be had. High quality foam technologies make the ride springy and responsive.
  • Breathable mesh makes up the main upper fabric of the Saucony Omni 15. It is capable of encouraging environmental air into the foot-chamber. A mix of stitched and melded overlays cover the mesh material. They help in providing a snug, secure yet customizable fit.
  • The outsole unit of this running shoe features the XT-900, which is a high-quality rubber material that is highly resistant to abrasion. It protects the mid-sole from potentially getting damaged by surface exposure, friction, or continued use. The Tri-Flex design makes use of flex grooves in order to make the platform more flexible, but it doesn’t sacrifice the presence of the traction-capable rubber.

Standard measurements were used in the making of the Saucony Omni 15. The sizing schemes follow the regular preferences of runners. The available widths for men are medium and wide, while the widths for the women’s version are narrow, medium and wide. It has a semi-curved shape, which means that it accommodates the natural curve of the human foot.

XT-900 is a high-quality material made from durable carbon rubber. It protects the mid-sole foam from the abrasive nature of the asphalt. It also delivers traction, which is essentially in achieving surface control. The XT-900 is also used in the new Omni 16 running shoe.

The Tri-Flex design basically makes the underfoot platform more flexible. Flex grooves are present in the forefoot section. Aside from making the sole unit more bendable, they also provide optimum ground contact, which maximizes the traction capability of the XT-900 rubber.

The EVERUN is a responsive foam unit that runs the entire length of the Saucony Omni 15. It cushions the foot well, attenuating impact shock during the landing phase and lifting the foot up responsibly during the toe-off.

A medial post serves as a foundation that would correct over-pronation of the foot. It essentially balances the gait, keeping the stride neutral and consistently well-supported.

A foam insole adds a bit more cushioning to the underfoot. It can be replaced or removed entirely, depending on the preferences of the wearer.

Breathable mesh makes up the main cover system of the Saucony Omni 15. It is breathable, so it is able to accommodate airflow within the foot-chamber, thus making the coverage more agreeable.

The FlexiFilm is a lightweight but durable material that’s melded to the front section of the upper. It provides structure to the mesh, while also ensuring smooth, flexible and secure coverage for the foot.

The SAUC-FIT system utilizes stretchable components, which are stitched onto the upper unit. Connected to the lacing system, it adapts to the tightening or loosening of the shoelaces, essentially locking the foot in place and stabilizing it in the process. The mid-foot and the rear sections are the focus of this system.


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