75 best Nike lightweight running shoes

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  1. Any color
    Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 - schwarz
    Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 - schwarz
    Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 - Vast Grey / Vast Grey / Blue Lagoon / Sail
    Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 - Red
    Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 - Gold
    $150 $75 Save 50%
  2. Any color
    Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018 - black/white
    Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018 - Blue
    Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018 - Game Royal White Photo Blue
    Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018 - Black White Laser Orange Pink Blast
    Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018 - Multicolore (Black/Flash Crimson/Orange Peel 068)
    $120 $80 Save 33%
  3. Any color
    Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit - Black
    Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit - Grey
    Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit - Beige
    Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit - Multicolore (Black/Orange Peel/Flash Crimson 068)
    Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit - Black Black Volt White
    $160 $75 Save 53%
  4. Any color
    $150 $80 Save 47%
  5. Any color
    $100 $60 Save 40%
  6. Any color
    $150 $70 Save 53%
  7. Any color
    $180 $144 Save 20%
  8. $150 $90 Save 40%
  9. Any color
    $150 $135 Save 10%
  10. Any color
    $120 $51 Save 58%
  11. Any color
    $85 $29 Save 66%
  12. Any color
    $65 $40 Save 38%
  13. Any color
    $120 $95 Save 21%
  14. Any color
    $150 $88 Save 41%
  15. Any color
    $120 $72 Save 40%
  16. $150 $130 Save 13%
  17. $100 $68 Save 32%
  18. Any color
    $130 $59 Save 55%
  19. Any color
    $60 $44 Save 27%
  20. $150 $90 Save 40%
  21. $130 $90 Save 31%
  22. Any color
    $80 $46 Save 43%
  23. $85 $65 Save 24%
  24. Any color
    $120 $85 Save 29%
  25. Any color
    $80 $60 Save 25%

Nike lightweight running shoes

The weight of a product is one of the foundations of a well-rounded running experience. People who don’t feel as if they’re weighed down by their apparel are the ones who are most likely to use them frequently. Clothing brands aim to provide comfort with the products that they churn out. Comfort may translate to a light feeling or a sense that the weight of their article of clothing isn’t noticeable at all. The same thought is applied to footwear, as well. Lightweight Nike running shoes for women and men are examples of such a design philosophy.

Nike is a brand that takes pride in its quality and delivery of accouterments that suit the needs of consumers. The company observes the trends in its industry, then works on it to fulfill an obligation for the demand.  Nike is at the forefront of consumer understanding and product innovation, especially since more and more people desire apparel that doesn’t feel as though they’re being encumbered.

Nike’s lightweight running shoes are answers to the desires of the masses. Gone are the days of bulky shoe-frames and the overabundance of features. People want the same comfort in a package that is functional and stylistic. Therefore, the owner of the Swoosh logo, with its years of excellence and business know-how, became a leader when it comes to running shoes that encourage speed, versatility, and all-day enjoyment.

The elements of Nike lightweight running shoes for women and men

best nike lightweight running shoes
Best Nike lightweight running shoes - February 2019

Minimal outsole configuration

Sometimes, being lightweight means that the shoe has to have some sacrifices when it comes to its components. Most of Nike’s running shoes have a generous layer of rubber covering their midsoles. But some of them only have targeted protection (which means that rubber is only placed in high-wear areas) or that the midsole itself also serves as the traction-ready surface. As much as they mean to put some twist to the overall design of the footwear, these minimalist external pads are meant to shave off extra weight from the product. The Nike Free RN 2018 and the Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018 are examples of shoes that have minimal outsole configurations.

Uncluttered upper design

Many a lightweight running shoe from Nike employ façades that aren’t filled with extra frills and trappings. In fact, most of the options from this brand are already plastered with contemporary outlines that involve fewer layers. Seldom are stitched overlays used in current-day Nike shoes. The trend lies in printed overlays and the use of the Dynamic Flywire System (stretchy cables that serve as eyelets of the fit adjustment scheme). Moreover, the standard mesh is now replaced with the widely popular Flyknit material or the customary engineered mesh (both of which are liked to woven cloth and are highly breathable and flexible). Examples of products that have such technologies are the Nike LunarEpic Flyknit Shield and the Nike Epic React Flyknit.

Proprietary midsoles

Nike has a lot of shoe technologies under its belt. In fact, many of the most respected midsole foams are owned by the company that coined the Swoosh. Since the early 1990s, features like the Phylon and the Cushlon have graced the feet of consumers worldwide. People have grown to love the responsive and comfortable performance of these elements. But innovation has also taken further steps into the future. Midsoles don’t have to be thin to be lightweight. Relatively new compounds such as the Lunarlon (used in the Nike Zoom Fly SP) and the React (Nike Odyssey React) can look substantial, but many a consumer have been shocked by their light and flexible builds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the lightweight nature of a Nike running shoe affect its durability and versatility?

If there were any doubts about companies coughing out products that have lackluster conditions and designs, Nike has successfully evaded them. The manufacturing process of this brand’s various products holds high standards of quality. Even the shoes that are labeled as ‘lightweight’ and ‘flexible’ have incredible lifespans. Casual shoe enthusiasts and athletes alike stand by the durability of Nike shoes. There may be some isolated cases of material breakage of early breakdown, but they’re most likely factory errors or (worst-case scenario) copycats. Nike’s website and other online sellers have always had reliable customer support portals that address any consumer-related concerns.

Are Nike lightweight running shoes only for neutral runners?

While there are stability running shoes that don’t typically exude heavy builds, most of the options that are for overpronated foot motion have weight profiles that are noticeably heavier than the ones that are for neutral pronators. Lightweight running shoes usually weigh at least 100 grams and reach the ceiling of about 250 grams. For many, this range is the sweet spot for shoes that don’t really demand to be noticed by the wearer.

The stability mechanisms that are in corrective running shoes give extra weight because they need to be sturdy and well-made to do their job well. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any stability shoes that feel as though they have been imbued with the gravity of the earth. After all, ‘not heavy’ is primarily a subjective thing. Here are stability running shoes that may be perceived as lightweight: the Brooks Asteria and the Asics Gel DS Trainer 23.

15 best Nike lightweight running shoes

  1. Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018
  2. Nike Zoom Fly SP
  3. Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit
  4. Nike Zoom Fly
  5. Nike Free RN 2018
  6. Nike Epic Phantom React Flyknit
  7. Nike Flyknit Racer
  8. Nike Odyssey React
  9. Nike Epic React Flyknit 2
  10. Nike Epic React Flyknit
  11. Nike Odyssey React Shield
  12. Nike Odyssey React Flyknit 2
  13. Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2
  14. Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%
  15. Nike Flex Experience RN 8
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Jens Jakob is a fan of short distances with a 5K PR at 15:58 minutes. Based on 35 million race results, he's among the fastest 0.2% runners. Jens Jakob previously owned a running store, when he was also a competitive runner. His work is regularly featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, BBC and the likes as well as peer-reviewed journals. Finally, he has been a guest on +30 podcasts on running.

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