12 best Brooks lightweight running shoes

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        Brooks is one of the best sports shoe brands known for making quality stability running shoes. Due to consumers’ desire for an excellent pair of running shoes that can help them stay in stride, conserve energy and go faster, the company now places more emphasis on speed and fast turnaround. This innovation gave birth to the Brooks lightweight running shoes. 

        Benefits from wearing Brooks light running shoes

        Best Brooks lightweight running shoes - May 2020

        • Speed - Running is faster and more efficient when using lightweight and comfortable Brooks running shoes. 
        • Less fatigue and muscle strain -  Using Brooks light running shoes that allow the user to run with a natural gait can help lessen fatigue and muscle strain. It can also boost the runner’s endurance and help him recover faster. 
        • Comfort and support - Lightweight running shoes from Brooks can be just as comfortable, supportive, and breathable as compared to other running shoes that are heavier. 
        • Durability - Contrary to some popular belief that light running shoes are not as durable as the heavy ones, Brooks ensures that all their running shoes incorporate best-quality materials to promote durability and long-term use. 

        Brooks lightweight running shoe editions

        Hyperion Collection 

        Brooks Hyperion shoes are lightweight road racing flats that aim to deliver a fast and efficient ride. These shoes are crafted using lightweight outsole and midsole materials that help reduce impact while enhancing energy return and durability. They also feature a breathable and flexible upper material that improves comfort while giving a secure fit. 

        Brooks Anthem

        The Brooks Anthem shoe line includes lightweight road running shoes that feature a minimalistic design. These neutral running shoes utilize an environmentally friendly midsole material, which provides lightweight cushioning that is adaptive to the foot’s stride. They have highly durable outsoles and breathable tops that offer a well-protected and comfortable ride. 

        Brooks PureConnect

        The Brooks PureConnect running shoes offer a healthy combination of comfort, flexibility, and support. These lightweight running shoes feature a flexible outsole and responsive midsole, working together to deliver a supportive and smooth running experience. They incorporate a breathable top that allows for continuous airflow while providing a secure and snug fit.

        Technologies commonly used in Adidas slip-on running shoes

        Brooks DNA

        DNA is a gel cushioning technology that is featured in most of Brooks’ running shoes. This midsole material utilizes a non-Newtonian compound whose viscosity is dependent on the stress applied to it. It adapts to each foot stride and delivers the right amount of cushioning, providing personalized comfort and responsiveness. 

        Brooks BioMoGo DNA

        Brooks BioMoGo DNA technology is an eco-friendly cushioning material designed to provide long-lasting comfort. It is an adaptive midsole foam that combines Brooks DNA and BioMoGo to produce a more dynamic cushioning, which accounts for the runner’s unique stride, speed, and weight. 

        Brooks Super DNA

        Brooks Super DNA technology is the latest version of DNA cushioning, which offers a personalized amount of cushioning that is based on the force of impact applied to it. This technology is formulated to deliver 25% more cushioning, giving a soft and responsive ride without compromising responsiveness. 

        DNA Flash

        The DNA Flash is a new midsole technology from Brooks that gives a lightweight, soft, and responsive ride. This midsole material infuses nitrogen into the base of Brooks’ proprietary foam using a supercritical fluid foaming process.   

        HPR Plus

        The HPR Plus is an outsole material that utilizes a highly durable rubber compound. It is an abrasion-resistant outsole that offers reliable protection and a firm grip on various surfaces.


        The mesh is a soft upper material that resembles cloth. It delivers a sock-like coverage and allows for continuous ventilation to keep the foot dry and cool for an extended period. The mesh offers optimal breathability without sacrificing support and durability. 

        3D Fit Print 

        The 3D Fit Print overlay is created from a unique screen-printing process. This element provides strategic support and structure while keeping the shoe lightweight. 

        Frequently asked questions

        How to choose the right Brooks lightweight running shoes that actually fit?

        Here are the tips on how to select the right Brooks light running shoes that fit on the runner’s individual needs and style.

        • First, a runner must consider what type of surface he or she will be running on? Paved roads or rocky trails? 
        • Next, the user should identify which type of exercise or running he or she is planning to use the shoes for? There are various Brooks lightweight running shoes that could be used for casual runs, long-distance runs, fast runs, or racing.
        • It is also very important to know what kind of support or how much cushioning the runner needs. Neutral running shoes are ideal for runners with neutral gaits while the stability running shoes are suitable for runners who overpronate or those who have flat feet. 

        How long does Brooks lightweight running shoes last?

        Brooks lightweight running shoes are built to last around 300 to 500 miles. However, each runner varies on weight, running gait, terrain, duration, and other factors that can cause the running shoe to wear out at a different rate. 


        3 best Brooks lightweight running shoes

        1. Brooks Hyperion Tempo
        2. Brooks Hyperion Elite
        3. Brooks Anthem 3
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