We spent 9 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what runners think:

9 reasons to buy

  • Several consumers believe that the Nike React Infinity Run offers accommodating steadiness during the run.
  • The underfoot experience is considered speedy and springy without being unwieldy during long runs.
  • Some users have commended the roomy toe box of this Nike running shoe.
  • The upper unit has received positive remarks for welcoming the natural shape and motion of the foot.
  • The general durability of this product is lauded by runners who desire a long-lasting running shoe.
  • According to some testers, the platform is able to stave off knee discomfort and strain on the muscles of the leg.
  • The visual aspect of this product has been deemed agreeable and versatile enough for casual strolls.
  • Most users believe that this model is a lightweight option for all-day use.
  • One trait that people have come to appreciate from the outsole unit of the React Infinity Run Flyknit is the surface grip.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A break-in period is needed to fully appreciate a secure yet accommodating in-shoe wrap, based on a couple of reviews.
  • A few people have reported that the forefoot section is a bit restrictive.
  • Some users believe that the heel part of the upper has difficulty locking the heel in place.

Bottom line

The overall reaction towards the Nike React Infinity Run has been positive. This neutral running shoe is welcomed because it apparently has a steady in-shoe construction that permits balanced movements on the ground. The shoe delivers a stable ride and an exceptional energy return, both of which contribute to optimum performance. The overall construction also contributes to injury prevention for more comfortable wear.

Fans of running shoes that offer steadiness for neutral pronators can enjoy the React Infinity Run.


Expert Reviews

87 / 100 based on 46 expert reviews

  • 96 / 100 |

    Nike React Infinity - Stability, cushion and motion control with plenty of pep!

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    The Nike React Inifinity was born of the impetus to create a shoe that reduces injury among runners yet retains some of the light and responsive feel of some of their more race-ready, speedier shoes. It appears that Nike has done just that.

    Out of the box, the React Infinity is a thing to behold. It’s stylish design and color gives it a bold look.



    On foot, it screams of comfort. While initially, the maximal cushion wasn’t as apparent as some other brands of maximally cushioned shoes, it did show its teeth during the course of my first run.

    I'll expound on this later in the review.


    The one-piece upper Flyknit hugs the foot really well, and I was very impressed with its seamless design. At first, I was concerned that the heel box might not fit me as snugly as I like, but my first run dispelled any notion of that right away.



    The first few miles were free and easy with a sense of comfort that I don’t always get from a new pair of shoes. My training plan said 5 miles that day, but I really wanted to keep going.


          Type       Road
          Genre       Motion control/stability
          Weight       10.1 oz
          Technology       React foam
          Drop       5mm


    The Nike React Inifinity fits pretty snuggly. A men’s 9.5, which is my usual size, fit but it was snug enough length-wise that I might have gone with a 10 if I was planning to run marathon-distance.

    This is definitely something to consider when you’re trying them on in the store. Nike has always felt a little narrow in the toe box for my foot but the React Infinity has a roomier fit.

    So while the length runs on the short end, the width of the toe box is wider than other Nike models that I’ve run in. I liked this aspect of the React Infinity.

    As mentioned earlier, I worried about the heel box fitting a little loosely. At first, I just couldn’t get the tight, secure laced-up feeling I like and worried that I might have some heel slippage.

    After a half mile, I snugged up the laces a little bit and for the remainder of the 5-mile run didn’t even think of it. The Flyknit upper booty cradles the ankle and top of the foot so securely that there was little or no excess movement in the heel area.

    The one-piece Flynit upper is a thin layer of fabric and its airy quality felt cool and light. The thin sidewalls of the uppers, unencumbered by excess stuffing, were very welcomed.

    While it seems like a small thing, the extra-wide laces and eyelets really helped to create comfortable synch on the top of the one-piece upper material. Little details like this make a huge difference.



    The tight weave of the Flyknit upper is amazing. Supple, well ventilated and stretchy it creates a snug cocoon around your foot with its bootie style design.

    The bootie eliminates any possible tongue float that might occur, since, in effect, there is no tongue. The multi-directional threading of the weave creates flexion in all directions and a durable surface that will likely last a long time, withstanding abrasion and tearing.


    The Nike React proprietary foam compound was a welcome surprise. When you saddle up a maximally cushioned shoe, you come into it expecting the feel of a shoe like a Hoka Bondi or an Altra Olympus, but the Nike React Infinity has a uniquely distinct feel.

    You do not get that “pillow-like,” “walking on clouds” feel that some other maximal shoes have. At first, it worried me that the promised cushion would not be there.

    A few minutes into my first run I could feel the forgiveness of the cushion, yet the responsivity of the shoe was not compromised. The Nike React foam compound seems to deliver a healthy balance of cushion and energy return.

    The React foam is soft enough to ease the blow on the joints of tired legs but stiff enough to feel responsive and agile on the road. It’s amazingly the best of both worlds, allowing the runner to “eat their cake and have it too” so to speak.



    The wider midsole and forefoot are clearly what makes this a stability shoe and it excels in motion control.

    If you’re an overpronating road runner, this is your next shoe to look closely at. As a stability shoe, the wide footprint makes for a very secure footfall and comfortable ride.

    The sturdy plastic of the heel box keeps everything in place and protected. There’s a rigid plastic band that joins the heel box and the sole, making a sturdy connection and effectively eliminating any wobble that might occur there.



    The Nike React Infinity is best suited for long training runs, easy recovery runs after hard efforts, or shorter races.

    Runners returning to the sport after long breaks might also like the shoe for its ease on neglected muscles and joints (we’ve all been there) while they’re re-acclimating to the impact of running.

    Most of us when injured still tend to train. However, cautiously, so having a higher cushion shoe in our arsenal is not a bad idea.

    The shoe seems like an obvious choice for someone who is newer to long distances and looking for a forgiving ride, or someone coming off of an injury.

    Additionally, runners who are brand new to the sport and are looking to ease into it will find added comfort in the maximal cushion’s ease on the joints that might be burdened by a few extra pounds of body weight.



    Nike commissioned a study by the British Columbia Sports Medicine Research Foundation (BCSMRF), and they found that the Nike React Infinity resulted in 52% fewer running-related injuries.

    The study was only based on 226 runners, so temper that statistic with that in mind. Either way, it’s a bold move for a company to say that their product is geared at injury prevention and then back it up with an independent third party study.

    With that said, there is no stated claim that you will not get injured in this shoe. Clearly, the multi-variate causes of injury are too far-reaching to pin down shoe choice as the culprit, but being safe can’t hurt.



    The rocker geometry of the Nike React Infinity creates a nice flow from midfoot to toe encouraging a very natural running form with a quick foot return. This style of geometry is showing up in more and more shoes on the market these days.

    My longer runs in this shoe felt very natural and fluid. The combo of the cushion, comfortable design, and rocker flow create a superlative feel and delivers a shoe that can last for hours without a care.  


    • Comfortable and stylish
    • Cushioned yet responsive
    • Rocker geometry


    • I’m still searching for one...


    In summary, the Nike React Infinity is an awesome addition to the Nike family of shoes.

    The shoe miraculously delivers maximal cushion while retaining a sense of responsive rigidity. The comfort achieved by Nike with the React Infinity is incredible.

    If you’re looking for a cushioned shoe with comfort for days, this is definitely one to consider. As a long slow-distance trainer or a recovery-run shoe, the Nike React Infinity checks off all of my boxes.

    At an MSRP of $160.00, the React Inifinity is on the pricier side, but in my opinion, it’s well worth the money.

    Interested to try your own Nike React Infinity Run? Check out Nike's official page here!

  • 89 / 100 |

    Injury reduction with Nike Infinity Run

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    With a name like “React Infinity Run,” it’s easy to think these new shoes are designed to teleport you to your desired location practically.

    Perhaps what Nike was really hinting at is likely how quickly one is able to run, recover, and repeat seemingly in the blink of an eye without encountering any running-related injuries. With that being said, how do the Nike React Infinity Run stack up?



    Nike certainly loves using catchy names for their shoes, which naturally builds curiosity in regards to their shoes.

    Despite the fancy name, Nike appears to be shifting gears by placing emphasis on runner injury reduction and they’re certainly taking a step in the right direction! Enter the React Infinity Run shoes.

    The React Infinity Run Flyknit design is packed with more foam and improved uppers. This provides a more secure and cushioned ride.



    It’s no hoax. If you appreciate scientific data, the British Columbia Sports Medicine Research Foundation (BCSMRF) performed an external study on 226 runners outfitted in the Nike React Infinity Run, as well as the Nike Structure 22.

    Runners in the Nike React Infinity had a 52% lower injury rate! Anecdotally, the runners subjectively reported they felt less pain in both their feet and knees running in the React Infinity.


    WEIGHT    8.09oz
    HEEL DROP    30.5mm
    FOREFOOT HEIGHT    21.5mm
    HEEL-TO-TOE DROP    9mm offset
    SHOE TYPE    road running
    CATEGORY    stability
    STRIKE    midfoot


    Midsole & outsole

    Hello Nike React foam! The React foam is allegedly Nike’s most responsive foam to date.

    The React foam cushioning was designed to increase the “bounce” in your run to enhance your overall running experience. Visually, one can see the sheer amount of underfoot foam.



    As you can imagine, more underfoot foam equates to an increased shoe stack height. There are 25mm of foam cushioning in the forefoot and 34mm in the heel. Fear not!

    The increase of extra foam doesn’t automatically turn the shoe into cinderblocks. In fact, the shoe is pretty light in weight.

    A women’s size 8 is 230 grams (8.09 ounces), whereas a men’s size 10 is 293 grams (10.27 ounces). So, not too shabby in the weight department!



    The React Infinity’s platform is responsive and encompasses a widened midsole to keep you comfortable on your running adventures. Additional updates include increased width in the forefoot and a more supportive and stable platform.

    In addition, there is a greater amount of rubber on the outsole than previous iterations. This improves the traction of the shoe and enhances the overall durability.



    Another improvement to the shoe is the rocker shape of the forefoot which encourages a midfoot strike gait pattern. This helps increase the efficacy of transitions with each step.


    Upper & laces

    Chances are you already are familiarized with Nike Flyknit technology, but there are some pretty awesome updates to the upper of the React Infinity.

    The React Infinity is triple-knit and comprised of a more durable material than previous iterations. Upgrades to the upper didn’t add additional weight to this shoe.



    In fact, the upper is incredibly lightweight, breathable, and flexible, too. The upper is nonrestrictive and has a more relaxed fit, yet still locks the foot down adequately.

    The upper has a bootie design which makes slipping on the React Infinity a piece of cake. It is also outfitted with a pull tab to help get these kicks nearly effortlessly. The lacing system is very simple with external eyelets and flat laces.


    I’d say the Nike React Infinity Run fits true to size.

    Here is my size chart of various shoe brands to be used as a comparison in choosing the right size for yourself:


    Nike    9.5
    Altra    9
    Reebok    9
    ASICS    9
    Salomon    9
    Topo Athletic    9.5
    New Balance    9.5
    Brooks    9.5
    Inov-8    9.5
    Mizuno    9.5
    On Running    9.5
    Saucony    9.5
    The North Face    9.5


    Looking at the React Infinity, the design appears as though it’s intended to help you go faster. It is tempting to think that the React Infinity Run Flyknit as comparable to the Nike Next% or even the Vaporfly 4%, but the React Infinity is in its own category altogether.

    Where the Next% or Vaporfly 4% are the shoes of choice for those reaching for that next PR, the React Infinity is not quite in the same league. In fact, I would say that the React Infinity is perfect for everyday base mileage.



    Most seasoned runners have a shoe rotation with numerous types of shoes designed to accommodate the variations in their training. If you are reaching for a PR on every single run you are asking for an injury.

    With that being said, it’s good to mix up your training with slower recovery runs, moderately fast runs, and even occasional all-out effort. If this is already your plan, you likely know that shoes offer different benefits while using them.

    I’m not saying pushing the pace in the React Infinity isn’t impossible, but for me personally, I felt as though the shoe performed best at moderate effort.

    Remember, the objective behind the React Infinity was injury prevention and injury reduction, so it’s best to use the shoes for their intended purpose to get the most benefit out of them.



    All of my mileage in the React Infinity was primarily outside on the road, as well as on the treadmill. I’ve tested the React Infinity at different pace variations to see what these shoes were really made of too.

    I found that I liked the React Infinity for base mileage the best. In all honesty, I was left less impressed with up-tempo running because I didn’t get the “pop” and energy return I desired for quick turnover.

    Certainly, you can run fast in any shoe, but I felt like I was really working in the React Infinity to maintain a fast pace. On the flip side, for moderate-paced runs or slower-paced recovery runs, I felt as though the React Infinity was great!

    The rocker-shaped bottom encourages a midfoot strike and the React foam keeps your feet comfortable, especially on runs up half marathon distance. The foam felt balanced to me, where it was neither too mushy, nor too firm.



    The updated Flyknit upper is very breathable and appears to be quite durable and sturdy without compromising comfort. The React Infinity has a tongue-less design with a bootie fit.

    I do like the bootie fit of the shoe because it is easy to slip on, but I had one qualm with the midfoot of the shoe in regards to adjustability. The knit upper hugs the foot well, but is not very adjustable.

    You can sync up the laces for increased midfoot lockdown, but it does cause creasing of the upper which leads to irritation while running. I did have a little bit of heel slippage while walking in the shoes, but this was not problematic whilst running in the React Infinity.

    The shoe sizing is correct, but the Flyknit material around the heel counter is rather thin causing some slipping.



    I’d like to add that I’m a neutral runner, but the stability of this shoe was actually kind of nice. Upon inserting your foot into the shoe, the first thing you feel is the shoe hugging your arch.

    The stack height of 9mm is a bit higher than I prefer, but everyone’s personal preference varies in regards to what stack height is most comfortable for them. The wider width of the shoe is designed to increase stability, which I personally believe added to the overall comfort of the shoe.

    The shoe is not as wide as an Altra or Topo shoe model by any means but is certainly wider than other Nike running shoes I’ve ran in previously. Ultimately, the React Infinity is a comfortable shoe of choice but definitely is niche-specific for moderately paced efforts.



    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Durable
    • Wider-fit design
    • Lightweight and breathable


    • Pricey ($160)
    • Not adjustable in the midfoot
    • Somewhat niche specific for base mileage/moderate effort
    • Some heel slippage

    Final thoughts

    Without question, the shoe is aesthetically pleasing. At a steep price tag of $160, the Nike React Infinity may deter everyday runners from enjoying this shoe, but the shoe can double as casual/gym use as well to get more bang for your buck.



    With hundreds of shoes on the market, it can be daunting to choose the right shoes specifically for your individual needs. The efficiency of biomechanics and overall fit and feel is imperative to keeping you healthy for all of your run adventures.

    Injury prevention/reduction keeps you in the game longer without spending time nursing nagging injuries. In essence, I’d venture to say that the Nike React Infinity is suitable for all fitness levels.

    If you’re looking for a great daily trainer that will keep you comfortable with the potential of mitigating running-related injuries, the React Infinity is a stellar option.


    Interested to try your own Nike React Infinity Run? Check out Nike's official page here!

  • 80 / 100 | Believe in the Run | | Level 5 expert

    I did anywhere from 6-mile runs to 10-mile runs in this shoe and my feet felt comfortable.

  • 90 / 100 | Vancouver Running Co. | | Level 2 expert

    I really like this shoe a lot. There's a ton to love about it.

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The Nike React Infinity Run is a product that is meant for daily runs. Yet, it is also configured to accommodate extended running sessions and strenuous activities. The design is similar to many of the modern series that have graced the brand’s roster, including the well-received Epic React Flyknit. Still, it has been tweaked to be extra durable and plush. The upper, midsole, and outsole are elements that are meant to be sturdier than ever.

The Nike React Infinity Run uses the standard sizing scheme. Runners are welcome to get a pair with their usual choices of size in mind. Still, it is highly beneficial to personally test the shoe first or study reviews from various sources that cover the sizing aspect.

Sideways security is an essential aspect that could help with the quality of the runner’s performance. This product is geared towards having an upper that is form-welcoming. The cloth-like Flyknit Loft works with the semi-curved shape of the underfoot platform to deliver a step-in feel that mimics the natural shape of the human foot.

The outsole unit of the Nike React Infinity Run is made of a rubber compound. This material is tasked with protecting the base of the midsole unit from the abrasive nature of the surfaces. Also, it provides surface traction, a trait that is fundamental to the safety and efficacy of the running session.

Shallow flex grooves grace this shoe’s forefoot section. The ribbed nature of these elements is meant to make the platform as flexible as possible, thus allowing the foot to bend naturally as it moves through the gait cycle. The forefoot lift is the part of the gait that benefits the most from these grooves because it involves the bending of the toe joints, tendons, and muscles.

The React is a full-length cushioning unit that has been devised by Nike to deliver optimum cushioning in a lightweight and flexible package. It is also meant to offer long-lasting performance due to its durable construction. The thickness of this piece has been increased to make it more voluminous than previous models that have used the React.

An injected thermoplastic polyurethane (ITPU) heel clip offers additional support at the rear. This technology is fundamentally a sidewall that steadies the foot and keeps it in place, whether during the run or just idly standing. It doesn’t add any bulk to the shoe, though it naturally supports the arch through its medial midfoot curve.

A sockliner is placed right above the primary cushioning system. This add-on is designed to provide a soft surface on which the foot can rest. It has a fabric surface to simulate a luxurious platform. It can be removed or replaced with a new one if the runner wishes to do so.

The upper unit of the Nike React Infinity Run is made of the Flyknit Loft, a version of the Flyknit technology that is touted to be more durable than ever. The resilient fibers of this material don’t make the material stiff. Instead, it retains the flexibility and the form-welcoming nature of the tried and true technology that runners have come to associate with the best Nike footwear.

A seamless construction governs the overall design of the React Infinity Run’s upper unit. The absence of unnecessary layers and stitching offers a feeling of being wrapped by a sock.

A one-piece opening delivers a hug that is similar to a sock. The stretchy wraparound collar hugs the topmost parts of the foot, securing the heel, the ankles, and the roof of the foot.

A pull tab is added to the rear of this shoe. The fabric loop is meant to help the runner in widening the opening, thus helping with the in-and-out process of wearing or removing the shoe.

A wraparound overlay system covers the sides and the heel. This synthetic print, which has the Nike Swoosh logo on both ends, helps the rest of the upper when it comes to securing the foot and keeping it in place. Accidental shoe removals and in-shoe quivering are prevented because of this accouterment.

A traditional lacing system graces the bridge of the silhouette. Flat shoelaces go through discreet eyelets, permitting the runner to customize the tightness or looseness of the wrap and accommodate personal fit preferences.

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Jens Jakob Andersen

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