2.174 users: 4.5 / 5
15 experts: 91 / 100
Terrain: Road / Treadmill
Weight: Men 11.1oz / Women 8.8oz
Heel to toe drop: Men 10mm / Women 13mm
Arch support: Stability

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7 reasons to buy

  • Numerous reviewers hail the glove-like fit of the Asics Gel Kayano 27. 
  • According to various runners, the shoe provides ample stability. 
  • There is enough room for natural toe splay, commended several users. 
  • The road running shoe is very comfortable, stated a few purchasers. 
  • Some wearers have observed that the platform is very bouncy. 
  • For some commenters, the shoe is highly durable. 
  • It allows for smooth transitions, lauded multiple customers.

3 reasons not to buy

  • The running shoe has a tight midfoot wrap, expressed a few racers. 
  • A number of buyers have observed that the shoe is rather bulky. 
  • There is too much exterior reinforcement, shared a couple of critics.

Bottom line

Promising to supply sufficient support to the running contender, the Gel Kayano 27 from Asics features an advanced cushioning system. The stability shoe, with its integrated technologies and componentry, yields optimal comfort and performance, making it an ideal running platform for runners participating in both competitive and non-competitive activities. With the flexibility it offers, the natural roll of the foot is encouraged.

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Our reviews

/100 by Paul Ronto, posted on .

It's hard to believe this famous road runner is in its 27th iteration already! A legendary shoe that has been in the production since 1993.

This would not be possible if Asics did not believe in something called "Kaizen" which is a Japanese term for continual improvement. Now, let's see how much they've improved!



Initial impression

These are good looking shoes and it fits right out of the box. I'm normally a 2E but I could not find that so I had to go with an E. Good thing this engineered mesh upper fits pretty well with a roomy toe box.

However, it's a little tight in the midfoot. I also had issues with heel slippage. I've had the same problem with a lot of different shoes I've tested recently. I would prefer a deeper heel cup where I can feel my foot seated down at the back of the shoe.


Asics Gel Kayano 27 is a stability shoe designed ideally for people who overpronate or those with medium to flat arches. The first update I noticed is the deeper flex groove on the outsole for flexibility.

They also redesigned the mesh upper. If you look closely, there are diagonal ventilation holes for improved breathability.




One of the other things they updated is the heel clutch on the back. There's this external hard plastic and this makes the heel very stiff.  

The heel cup is supposed to be lighter and more rigid. It's supposed to lock your heel nice and tight, however, I have issues with heel slippage. 




Lastly, they added a new feature which is the Gender Specific SPACE TRUSSTIC™ technology mainly to help the pronation.

It's cool that it's gender-specific since men and women have much different gait. For example, the drop height is 10mm for men; 13mm for women. The stack height is 23mm for men; 24mm for women.

Ultimately, all the updates are meant to make the newest version of the Kayano more comfortable, stable, and flexible making it an ideal stability shoe not just for daily runs but for marathons as well.  


I love the upper! It's nice, it flexes, it breathes. This engineered mesh upper has noticeable holes that are fairly big for proper ventilation. My feet feel good during runs even if it's summer here in Colorado.

The tongue is pretty standard and well-padded. If you are someone that is used to running in a Pegasus or has a thinner tongue, this is much more padded than that. It's not gusseted so it tends to move around a little bit. 

As for the lacing system, these are traditional, flat laces. They're not stretchy and I see nothing special about it. I think they could have done better here.




Some shoe companies have rounded lace that stays tighter. There are more flexible laces so the shoe flexes a little better on top of your foot. And some have wavy laces so they don't come untied. 

Lastly, these laces run short for me. I have to lace it up to lock my heel down that I need to use the last little hole on the lacing system. 


Asics is known for its gel padding back in the heel. One thing they added was a little more gel padding under your big toe joint.




This is supposed to allow your foot to freely flex while providing enough cushioning and shock absorption to prevent any discomfort after a long run. 

They also use this segmented gel (the triangle looking design) as an addition to shock absorption. 


As for the outsole, the deeper flex grooves are pretty much visible. This gives flexibility to the upper and toe box area of the shoe. 

The rubber on the shoe feels nice and firm. I don't think durability will be an issue with Kayano 27. No doubt it can hold up to its promise as a long-distance training shoe.




At 11.1 oz (men) and 8.8 oz for women, it's a little heavy for a daily running shoe. I think one of the factors adding weight is the MetaClutch exoskeleton at the heel. 

There's also the new Space Trusstic (for stability control) at the bottom which is a hard piece of plastic that's adding more weight to the shoe. 


Overall, the Asics Gel  Kayano 27 is a great performance oriented daily runner. 
For runners looking for a stability shoe, for the overpronators, for the ones who need extra support on longer runs, this shoe is for you!

Paul Ronto | Level 3 expert Verified
Paul loves adventure. Over the past 20 years, he has climbed, hiked, and ran all over the world. He’s summited peaks throughout the Americas, trekked through Africa, and tested his endurance in 24-hour trail races. He has worked in the outdoor industry as a whitewater and hunting guide, gear tester, copywriter, and outfitting specialist at places like The National Outdoor Leadership School, No Barriers USA, and Sierra Trading Post. He has been quoted in NYMag, NBCNews, and Business Insider to name a few.

  • Being the twenty-seventh iteration to the Gel Kayano series from Asics, the Gel Kayano 27 pledges better comfort and support. To achieve this, the running shoe has been equipped with the brand's Space Trusstic technology. It enhances the stability of the running platform without putting on added bulk. 
  • A re-engineered mesh upper is also integrated into the stability shoe's design. Aside from sporting a more aggressive and stylish look, the upper also enhances the ventilation within the foot chamber. This promotes the conservation of a healthy foot environment. 
  • To completely offer a whole new running experience to the athletes, the road running shoe is geared for increased flexibility. This has been done through the addition of deeper flex grooves, permitting natural foot motions. In turn, this supplies better sensation to the foot, allowing runners to focus on the competition. 
  • Although the running shoe features some refinements, it wouldn't be a part of the series without its signature qualities. Just like its predecessor, the Asics running shoe still maintains its signature gender-specific stability, and generous cushioning.

The Asics Gel Kayano 27 has been constructed following the standard sizing schemes for both men and women. This means that buyers can get a pair of this running shoe with their usual size choice. To secure a precise fit and size, it is highly advised that purchasers should try on the fit of the shoe first. If this is not practicable, customers can always opt to go through user reviews first before placing an order. 

There are a few aspects of the stability shoe that affect its fit. One of these is the incorporation of its revamped mesh upper. With enhanced features, the mesh upper now provides added security and high-tensile properties. This keeps the foot locked securely in place, regardless of the movements executed. Moreover, the EVA sockliner of the running shoe betters the support, providing a lockdown fit to the wearer's foot. Lastly, the classic lace-up closure of the running platform promotes a dialed-in, adjustable wrap.

The outsole of the Asics Gel Kayano 27 presents the brand's renowned AHAR technology. The same outsole element is observed in other popular Asics running shoes like the Asics Gel Quantum 180 4 and Asics GT 2000 7. Unlike the standard rubber compounds present among other running platforms, the AHAR delivers high abrasion resistance. With its attributes, the outsole element slows down the process of wear and tear. The outsole technology also enhances the grip of the Gel Kayano 27, allowing for better ground control and stability.

The many benefits of the AHAR technology do not stop there. Aside from supplying traction and sturdiness, it also equips the shoe with comfort as it exhibits a soft, spongy cushioning. This also heightens the protection of the foot from shock during impact, preventing strain or injury from occurring.

To adhere to its promise of improved cushioning and sensation, the Gel Kayano 27 from Asics has been configured with some of the company's top-quality technologies and components. This is especially true in the midsole compartment of the running shoe. 

Found in the forefoot and rearfoot of the shoe is the Gel technology. It utilizes a silicone-based gel compound, pronouncing cushioning. This midsole innovation allows for shock attenuation during toe-off phases and impact. Moreover, it encourages a variety of foot movements on different terrains as the foot goes through the gait cycle. 

Giving the running platform its bouncy and responsive characteristics is the FlyteFoam technology. The same innovation is present in the Asics Gel Nimbus 21. The FlyteFoam utilizes organic super fibers to impede the packing out of the platform. 

To add another layer of spring, the FlyteFoam Propel is incorporated into the road running shoe's composition. It is comprised of a unique elastomer compound, amplifying the efficiency in each stride of the contender. 

Since the Asics Gel Kayano 27 is a stability running shoe, it should prevent overpronation from occurring. To do so, it features the Dynamic DuoMax Support System. This midsole construction pronounces the support and stability supplied to the runner. It controls the motions of the foot, generating a smoother heel-to-toe transition. This is without compromising the weight of the running platform, thus increasing the forward motion and speed of the runner. 

The Space Trusstic system of the shoe, meanwhile, augments the structural integrity of the Gel Kayano 27. It also brings down the weight of the entire sole while highlighting support. 

A staple to the series, the gender-specific Trusstic system of the Asics running shoe coheres to men and women's biomechanical needs. This, in turn, provides an efficient, smooth, and well-protected ride. 

The Impact Guidance System (IGS) design, on the other hand, keeps a balanced heel-to-toe transition. 

To top it all off, a plush EVA sockliner is embedded in the midsole unit of the running shoe. It keeps the foot comfortable and it heightens lockdown, disabling premature shoe dislodgement.

One of the updated features of the Asics Gel Kayano 27 is its upper. The mesh textile of the road running shoe has been reconfigured to boost the airflow within the platform. This effectively eliminates sweat and moisture, keeping an odor-free foot environment. It also has flexible qualities that adapt to the natural shape and contours of the foot. 

To reinforce the running shoe, an external heel clutch has also been implemented. It keeps the foot locked in place as it executes various motions throughout the running phase. 

Adding visibility, especially during low-light hours, the Gel Kayano 27 is embellished with reflective upper materials. 

Lastly, a traditional lacing closure system is introduced to the running shoe. It allows the runner to customize the fit without sacrificing security and lockdown.

The Asics Gel Kayano 27 is offered in various colorways for both men and women. For men, the stability running shoe is available in the following colorways: black/black, sheet rock/magnetic blue, white/peacoat, lime zest/black, black/pure silver, peacoat/piedmont grey, and classic red/black. 

For women, the following colorways are offered: black/black, black/pure silver, sheet rock/pure silver, mako blue/hot pink, techno cyan/sunrise red, and white/pure silver.

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