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7 reasons to buy

  • A few users were impressed by the shoe’s midfoot and forefoot cushioning, emphasizing that the responsiveness was clearly felt.
  • Several purchasers admired the informative statistics and real-time coaching delivered by the Altra IQ technology.
  • Some of the satisfied users mentioned the notable 360° Reflective Upper which is very useful for night running.
  • The Altra Torin IQ is a lightweight road shoe, said some runners.
  • The shoe has a good-looking design, said a user.
  • The width profiles of both the men and women’s versions were considered to be adherent to expectations.
  • According to several users, the toe box was roomy enough for toe relaxation.

5 reasons not to buy

  • The Altra Torin IQ is an expensive shoe.
  • Some disappointed wearers mentioned that they had difficulty connecting to the Altra App.
  • A few consumers felt that the outsole lacks durability; it has no high-abrasion rubber to protect the cushioning.
  • The forefoot section of this running shoe apparently creased quickly when subjected to the ordinary bending of the toes during toe-off, some people noted.
  • Some purchasers claimed that the sole unit emitted a squeaking sound that caused some awkwardness during either a run or a leisurely stroll.

Bottom line

Altra has modified the Torin and incorporated its IQ technology to provide runners real-time feedback of their running, making the Altra Torin IQ a “smart-shoe.” The Altra IQ technology along with the shoe’s cushioning and reflective upper gained positive feedback from the users. While others are satisfied with the overall performance of the shoe, there are still a few who are disappointed, especially those who have issues with the fit. Overall, the Altra Torin IQ is a must-try shoe for road running.

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Good to know

  • One of the notable technologies incorporated into the Torin IQ is the Altra IQ. It is inserted into each shoe to provide every runner more elaborate running data and real-time coaching.
  • Aside from the IQ Technology, the shoe is also packed with other Altra technologies, including the FootShape™ Toe Box, FootPod, and InnerFlex technology. These elements are meant to give every runner an improved running experience.
  • Lastly, the newest Torin shoe has a modified upper. It now has an updated reflected upper which increases low-light visibility and asymmetrical lacing for a more comfortable and secure run.

The Altra Torin IQ has a standard running shoe length. It has a medium fit in the heel and forefoot area, and the toe-box is a bit wide, making it ideal for runners with medium and slightly wide foot shapes. The shoe is available in standard medium widths for both men’s and women’s versions.

The FootPod technology is placed on the outer sole of the Altra Torin IQ. The purpose of the FootPod is to allow the foot to move naturally. Since it maps the tendons and bones of the foot, the foot can bend naturally without feeling any pain or fatigue.

The rubber material in the outsole aims to deliver durability and traction on a wide variety of running surfaces.

In the midsole of this Altra running footwear is the ultralight EVA foam with A-Bound compound. These midsole technologies worked together for a more durable underfoot cushioning. The high amount of cushioning delivers enough responsiveness for both long and short-distance runs.

To collect the running data, a FlexSensor is placed in the foam bed. This thin sensor is built to track the performance of the runner and record the date based on his running technique.

The gathered data will be interpreted by the Quad Accelerometers, which is also placed in the midsole. The statistics will then be sent to the Altra App installed on the runner’s smartphone.

Another feature in the midsole is the Natural Ride System (NRS) which aids the foot to move more naturally. It lessens fatigue and further enhances the overall gait cycle.

The Altra Torin IQ uses an engineered mesh in its upper. Aside from the breathable coverage, the reflective surface gives added visibility, especially on low-light running conditions. The breathable mesh also offers the foot a comfortable wrap all throughout the run.

Integrated into the shoe is the FootShape™ Toe Box which gives the big toe better stability. It aids the foot to relax and splay naturally while running. By keeping the big toe in a straight position, a more powerful take-off can be expected.

Lastly, the asymmetrical lacing system allows runners to run more comfortably by reducing the pressure points.


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