• Use


    Shoes with optimum cushioning, lateral support, and flexibility for daily workouts and studio sessions. See workout shoes


    Versatile, low-profile shoes for constantly varied exercises including plyometrics, sprinting, weightlifting, and rope climbing. See CrossFit shoes


    Heavy-duty shoes with a wedge and an elevated heel that create a sturdy platform and promote ankle mobility. See weightlifting shoes


    Shoes for daily wear that ensure a smooth walking gait cycle. Check out walking shoes

  • Arch support


    For people with normal pronation. Also provide support for high-arched feet with underpronation (excessive outward rolling of the foot). See neutral training shoes


    For people with low-arched or flat feet and moderate overpronation (excessive inward rolling of the foot). See stability training shoes

    Motion control

    Shoes feature stabilizing technologies for people with severe overpronation. See motion control training shoes

    Good to know

    Stability and motion control add-ons are uncommon for workout shoes and are never present in CrossFit or weightlifting footwear. They are mostly found in walking shoes where the gait is easier to correct.

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    Men: Normal
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We spent 9.9 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what training geeks think:

6 reasons to buy

  • Numerous fitness aficionados commented that the Adidas Icon Trainer felt connected to their feet and provided a feeling of full-ground contact and stability.
  • The mid-cut style delivered great lateral and ankle support which was found suitable for various workout sessions by many gym-goers.
  • Plenty of users claimed that they liked the cushiony midsole.
  • The style and the color options delighted multiple owners.
  • A handful of reviewers commended its quality build.
  • Some individuals praised the grippy outsole.

4 reasons not to buy

  • A vast majority of testers complained about the tight collar of the Adidas Icon trainer; others had to return it because it was too difficult to put on and remove, or caused chafing in the ankle.
  • The footgear was a full-size smaller, according to several buyers.
  • The midsole lacked cushioning, as stated by a few people.
  • A couple of purchasers were not impressed by the aesthetics of the footwear.

Bottom line

The Adidas Icon Trainer managed to meet the expectations of fitness enthusiasts when it came to its support, comfort, and performance as a versatile training shoe. There were those who pointed out the stylish design and quality build of the merchandise. However, there was an overwhelming amount of negative feedback due to the tight construction of its collar. In the end, though it offered adequate lateral support for training and the sole unit felt steady, many did not recommend purchasing this model just because of its tight collar.


Updates to Adidas Icon Trainer

  • The Adidas Icon Trainer was created as a versatile workout shoe. Its upper is made of heather mesh which not only promotes movement but also keeps the inside aerated.
  • The midsole is crafted to be soft and attenuate shock during plyometrics, sprints, and running. It is also made to be low-to-the-ground and dense to offer steadiness and support while lifting weights or doing squats.
  • The underside is lined with translucent rubber. This compound is engineered to be durable and provide traction to the shoe.

Adidas Icon Trainer size and fit

The Adidas Icon Trainer is made to meet the unique needs, dynamics, and shape of men’s feet. It is available in US sizes 8 to 14. As for the width, it only comes in a D - Medium profile. The footgear is designed with a bootie construction and a snug fit. To know what size to get, click on the Size Chart link on the product page on the Adidas official website. A pop-up window will appear and show how to properly measure one’s feet and get an accurate shoe size.


The outsole of the Adidas Icon Trainer uses a translucent rubber compound. This material adds style to the shoes and provides a durable barrier between the ground and the midsole. It has a tread pattern that promotes traction in different directions for a sure-footed feel. The rubber also extends to the front of the shoes, protecting the toes during push-ups, sled pushes, and burpees.


The foam midsole of the Adidas Icon Trainer delivers soft cushioning that absorbs shock upon foot strike. It also quickly returns to its normal form to be ready for the next step. The low-profile style of the midsole allows it to feel steady during weight training and plyometrics.


The Adidas Icon Trainer employs a heather mesh. Though this type of fabric is tightly woven, it is still made soft to provide pliability. It also keeps the foot chamber well-ventilated. Because this material can easily get damaged, the high-wear areas are reinforced with durable overlays. The haptic print overlay provides seamless and flexible support without adding weight to the trainer.

The model features an internal bootie construction. It gives the inside a smooth and seamless feel to prevent irritation. The collar is designed to fit like a sock while also providing extra ankle support.

The lace-up system integrates with the panels created by the synthetic overlays. When the laces are tightened, the structure is drawn closer to the foot, thereby increasing the support needed during side-to-side movements.