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6 reasons to buy

  • Many wearers found the Adidas CrazyPower Trainer to be comfortable due to its cushioning and fit.
  • A lot of cross-training enthusiasts complimented the shoe’s versatility.
  • Weightlifters liked that the dense heel platform improved their performance during lifting and squatting.
  • Some athletes appreciated the equal balance of flexibility and sturdy support that this shoe delivered during workouts.
  • A few people felt that the materials used on the shoe were of high quality, making it long-lasting.
  • Several buyers favored the stylish design of the trainer.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A small number of users found the shoe too stiff and uncomfortable to use for long periods of time.
  • A handful of purchasers mentioned that it was not good for higher impact workouts.

Bottom line

Many casual gym goers and fitness fanatics were pleased that the Adidas CrazyPower Trainer could be used for a diverse range of workouts. According to them, it was flexible and lightweight enough for short cardio-focused activities while still being sturdy for weightlifting. They also said that the shoe looked and felt well-made, which made them confident that it would endure their grueling training sessions. However, there were a few wearers who had gripes about the shoe’s stiffness and inefficiency for cardio and high-impact workouts. But the majority deemed it as a comfortable and versatile trainer.

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Good to know

  • The Adidas CrazyPower Trainer is a cross-training shoe that is designed to provide the necessary support for both plyometrics and weightlifting.
  • The upper is made from textile and synthetic materials. It also sports an RPU protective cage over the fabric for enhanced protection in the high-wear areas.
  • The forefoot area has a more spacious build to allow for natural toe splaying during weightlifting. A raised toe cap is added on the front part for protection.
  • The PRO MODERATOR technology is utilized in the midsole to give sturdy heel support.
  • The outsole employs the Adidas’ TRAXION technology for optimal multi-directional traction.
  • Rubber rope grips are strategically placed in the middle of the shoe for added grip and protection against damage from rope climbing exercises.

This workout trainer from Adidas has versions for both men and women. It has a regular width of D – Medium for men and B – Medium for women. The toe box is made wider to give enough space for the toes to splay naturally during strength training.

The Adidas CrazyPower Trainer’s outsole is powered by the TRAXION technology for improved traction on multiple directions and surfaces.

The sole’s pattern is different between the two versions: the forefoot treads are protruding in the men’s version while they are concave for the women’s.

On the other hand, the heel area has a pattern that features inverted Vs and two-columned ridges for the men’s version while the women’s version has simpler lengthwise ridges.

The sole’s instep has rope grips installed to improve performance during rope climbing activities while protecting the shoe against abrasions.

The Adidas CrazyPower Trainer’s lightweight midsole uses the PRO MODERATOR technology, a 1.55-mm-thick material made of TPU that considerably lessens the overall shoe weight. It provides support that steadies the heel.

The shoe’s heel drop of 3 mm provides a low-to-the-ground feel and an equal weight distribution, two factors that improve weightlifting stance.

The upper of the Adidas CrazyPower Trainer has a stiffer construction compared to other cross-training shoes. It is made of textile and synthetic materials to deliver steady support. To further improve the sturdiness during weightlifting, the forefoot has been widened to enable natural toe splay.

An RPU protective cage overlay surrounds the façade of the shoe for improved durability in high-stress areas.

The front area is equipped with a raised toe cap to secure and protect the foot.

Hidden behind the main fabric is a cozy textile lining that staves off skin irritation.

A thin foam is placed in the collar to cushion the top part of the foot and to prevent accidental shoe removals.


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