Updates to Adidas Athletics 24/7 Trainer

  • The Adidas Athletics 24/7 Trainer is a workout shoe that aims to accommodate not just the casual wearers, but also those who dabble in cross-training and even weightlifting. It is advertised as an everyday training shoe that works well during warm up and cool down.
  • It features a cleatie-like construction with a stretchable mesh fabric on the upper. A split tongue is used to provide a comfortable on-and-off wear.
  • The shoe employs traditional EVA foam in its midsole unit. It also comes with an extra molded sock liner which serves to help the foot recover after training.
  • The rubber outsole is used to provide a protective and durable platform. Its traction capability serves to prevent slippage.

Size and fit

The Athletics 24/7 Trainer is available in both men’s and women’s sizes and accommodates a medium-sized foot shape. The shoe comes in a D - Medium width for men and in a B - Medium profile for women. It can accommodate a wider forefoot because of the stretchy mesh material and the adjustable laces.


The Adidas Athletics 24/7 utilizes a rubber outsole. It is designed to be soft enough to cushion the ground impact but hard enough to protect the foot from sharp objects. The material is also naturally resistant to oil, preventing sliding or slipping on smooth or polished floors.

The outsole has a multidirectional tread pattern. It is meant to give the shoe better traction during dynamic workouts.


The ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam makes up the midsole of this Adidas workout trainer. EVA is one of the most commonly used types of foam in athletic shoes because of its rubber-like characteristics such as flexibility and softness. It effectively absorbs shock and distributes it evenly throughout the foot. Its resilience allows it to bounce back to its original form, returning the energy back to the foot, ready for the next move.

To help users’ feet recover more quickly after a strenuous workout, the shoe comes with an extra removable molded sock liner. The shape of the liner helps relax the foot as well as cushion it after a workout.


The upper of the Adidas Athletics 24/7 is made from a flexible mesh material that allows it to accommodate wider foot profiles. This type of material also allows the shoe to be breathable, keeping the foot well ventilated during a workout.

What makes the shoe’s design uncommon is the split structure of its padded tongue. This design makes it easier for consumers to put it on since it has a cleatie-like construction. Also, the split construction widens the opening of the foot-chamber.

The low-cut profile aids in ankle movement as there is no material that obstructs this part of the foot. The Achilles is supported by the part of the upper that tapers to a tab-like shape. This heel tab construction also serves as a pull tab that can make it easier for the consumer to put it on.

The upper features round laces that close the off-center caged lacing system. The rubber material on either side of the midfoot locks down the foot when the laces are tightened. The lacing system does not encompass the full length of the split tongue, leaving the top part exposed and gives the top of the foot more wiggle room.

To keep the heel from sliding, a rubber heel counter is added at the back of the upper. This feature adds steadiness for the foot.


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