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Hi-tec hiking boots: Lightweight hikers for mild terrain

If fast and light is the way you choose your hike to be, Hi-tec hiking boots might just be what you’re looking for! Having introduced the first lightweight boot in the market, this brand certainly knows the secret to reach the peak without slowing you down.

Hi-tec hiking boots for men and women

Founded in 1974, Hi-tec became instantly famous for creating lightweight and comfortable “squash” shoes. Fast forward to the present, the brand makes all sorts of outdoor footwear for men, women, and children. Among the most popular are Hi-tec walking boots.

Hiking boots vary in styles and construction. Some come in full leather uppers while others feature breathable mesh. Hi-tec boots are wonderful options if you’re looking for lightweight hiking kicks that combine these highly preferred materials. Check them out if you prefer mid-cut boots that are rugged yet easy on the feet. 

Hi-tec is also among the brands that offer waterproof hiking boots. But unlike traditional boots that seem to be clunkier and “warmer”, Hi-tec boots seem to hit the right balance between waterproofing and breathability.

For conditions requiring more protection, you certainly want a pair of high-cut boots. Luckily, you don’t have to make a compromise between lightness and protection. Hi-tec boots also make high-top footwear using durable materials that are incredibly light.

Affordable Hi-tec footwear at RunRepeat

Another reason why Hi-tec hiking boots have a huge following is their price. Their hiking footwear ranges $50-$100, which is really a good deal if you are on the hunt for cheap hiking boots.

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