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buy vintage hiking boots for men and women

You may be baffled why outdoor brands are confident in creating vintage hiking boots—products that wear a semblance of the past. This latest fad is often attributed to nostalgia marketing which captures the people’s attention by bringing in familiar styles and looks. For some, they invoke happy memories and sentimental moments. Thus, they are being swayed to consider a particular brand. This characteristic plus modern technologies makes vintage hiking boots more enticing.

Please keep in mind that the vintage hiking boots listed above are vintage-inspired or retro-style footwear. They are not the 20-year-old (or older) boots.

Perks of wearing vintage hiking boots

Best vintage hiking boots

Best vintage hiking boots - May 2019

Feels like home

Retro-style hiking boots create nostalgia. Feeling confident in your pair of boots can give more sense of fulfillment every time you overcome a difficult trail. Shoe manufacturers adapted this current trend to widen their audience. They create vintage-looking boots that carry present-day technologies, yielding an enhanced and improved performance outdoors.  


It is undeniable that the vintage look of some boots for hiking appeal to the majority. A lot of hikers prefer wearing old-school boots as they make them feel more secure without losing their fashionable side. Their appearance invokes many memories which target the emotion of outdoorsy people, causing them to fall in love with the boot. Classic hikers with red laces are one of the commonly sought-after styles.


The emotional hook of vintage style hiking boots to men and women makes the offerings more authentic. Brand manufacturers know that this style will stir memories from the past. That said, they do not hesitate to mix innovation with retro style to capture the hearts of their patrons.

A few notable brands that offer some of the best vintage men's and women's hiking boots


If you are someone who prefers traditional-looking boots, Danner might sound familiar to you. This boot maker has been around since 1932 creating outdoor products that cater to male and female hikers. Some of the brand’s vintage hiking boots are accentuated with red laces highlighting their neutral-colored design. The product designers incorporated technologies, which are either unique to Danner or sourced from a company that specializes in what they require. They also have retro hiking boots in a black colorway designed to withstand extreme outdoor conditions.


Merrell products come in a range of styles using various materials and technologies. These Merrell offerings include vintage hiking boots that have a leather upper. They are commonly in a brown colorway with vibrant color accents to make them more appealing. The brand also offers boots with a waterproof liner (like the M Select Dry or Gore-Tex) and ventilated over-the-ankle gears (non-waterproof), to name a few. The people behind each product also ensure that their old-school boots will not fall short in performance outdoors.


Vasque men’s and women’s vintage hiking boots are quite known in the market. They also have boots for backpacking that are more traditional looking than modern. The one-piece construction of some of their hikers provides optimal protection on the trail. Vasque is also known for their lasts which cater to a wide range of foot shapes and sizes. This attribute, when combined with technologies and quality materials, is what makes the brand offerings sought-after.


When it comes to vintage hiking boots, Timberland is one of the brands that you can consider. They even have a Retro Hiker collection which includes ones that have old-school designs packed with contemporary features. Their boots are known for their not-so-bulky looking appearance which makes them versatile.

Timberland source mostly of their leathers in tanneries that are recognized by the Leather Working Group or LWG. A number of their boots for hiking come with a gusseted tongue to shield against loose trail debris. Other are equipped with brand-owned technologies for enhanced performance.


Asolo is one of the many outdoor brands known for the one-piece construction of their boots. Their rugged looks come with necessary protective details that boost user’s performance. Asolo product specialists usually work with companies like Gore-Tex for all-weather protection and Vibram for optimal surface traction. These partnerships help maximize the potential of their hiking footwear.

The North Face

With over 50 years of outdoor expertise, TNF is able to mix old-school silhouettes with modern technologies successfully. Some of their boots are insulated, which are suitable for winter hiking adventures. There are also select styles that are watertight to protect against heavy downpours. Their laid-back models use rustproof hardware which adds to their rustic looks. The throwback feels of their outdoor gears match the new technologies enabling you to perform at your best.