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    Salomon X Ultra 4 Mid GTX - Kelp Black Safari (L412941)
    Salomon X Ultra 4 Mid GTX - Black (L413834)
    Salomon X Ultra 4 Mid GTX - Black (L412934)
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Salomon hiking boots: Quality footwear for challenging hikes

When the trail gets rocky, wet, or covered in roots - you’ll find comfort wearing a pair of sturdy Salomon hiking boots. This highly coveted brand takes pride in making some of the best footwear for hiking and backpacking in rugged terrain.

Choose the right hiking boot for your style and hiking needs. Browse through our list of budget-friendly hiking boots and get your favorite Salomon boot for the best price!

Salomon hiking boots for men and women 

Salomon is a world leader in outdoor sports equipment. In the 1990s, they diversified their footwear collection even more to include hiking shoes and boots. While mountain trails call for bulkier, more robust footwear, Salomon continued to innovate products. Now, they have a wide range of lightweight hiking boots, waterproof hikers, and insulated boots.

Behind Salomon’s vast popularity is the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. With a long history in outdoor gear manufacturing that started in the 1940s, they have established a solid reputation in their niche.

Moreover, most of the hiking boots from Salomon are products of intensive research and collaboration with shoe experts, experienced hikers, and testers. To cater to an even wider market, Salomon also developed light hiking boots that are more flexible and easy on the feet. 

Salomon boot prices

While they aren’t the most expensive, Salomon boots come with premium price tags. They typically cost $150-$300, depending on their use, technology, and features.

Luckily, RunRepeat helps you find the lowest possible price for your preferred Salomon product. Our site scans prices from over 200 retail stores to show you where you can buy the same shoe at the cheapest price. 

Not yet sure what type of boot you need? This in-depth guide for hiking boots will make your search much, much easy.