Who should buy the Hoka Trail Code GTX

The Trail Code GTX from Hoka makes demanding hikes seem elementary. Purchase it if:

  • Chunky boots that feel snug right away are what you're after.
  • You're looking for a pair that stays cushy on long hikes.
  • Extra stickiness during toe pivots is very important to you.
  • Crossing shallow streams is part of your daily adventures.
  • Supportive hiking boots that don't hinder mobility are what you need.

Who should NOT buy it

If you're not a big fan of Hoka's Swallowtail heel, generally known as a heel flare (only this time, oversized), the Trail Code GTX might not be for you. In its place, check out the Kaha GTX. Also, the Asolo Fugitive GTX has no issues when it comes to tackling downhill slopes, so consider it instead of the featured boot.

Trail Code GTX: A vastly comfy pair

Numerous adventurers find the Hoka Trail Code GTX immensely comfortable. "I've never found hiking boots that don't give me blisters or are super comfy until these," says one of them. "Still comfortable at quitting time," says someone who uses the shoe as a work boot for 12 hours a day. "It makes my feet so cozy," says yet another reviewer.

A superstar in the grip department

The Hoka Trail Code GTX, according to many trail-goers, really hit the mark in terms of surface adherence. It "superseded my expectations," said a reviewer about the boot's grip level. "The Vibram sole provides great traction," said another. This snippet is also part of another person's review: "The tread is great for all kinds of surfaces."

Exceptional fit straight from the box

"Happy I found these," says a non-professional tester about the fit of their Hoka Trail Code GTXs. The same hiking enthusiast  says that "they fit way better and more comfortably than Hoka's other mid-GTX hiking shoes."

This glove-like experience is also something that wearers achieve on day one, as the featured boot, based on reports, needs no breaking-in. A commenter says, "so easy to break in. I had no issues after hiking for 2 hours on rough terrain."

The stupendous support of the Hoka Trail Code GTX

This day hiking boot from Hoka is astonishingly supportive, and quite a number of hikers agree. "I wished I'd known how good these were years ago," says one of them concerning the shoe's gait-preserving arch zone. "The support is just what I needed," says another.

Not the most inspiring heel

There are those who are quite livid about the Trail Code GTX's protruding heel zone. "I do NOT like the big chunk at the back of the heel," says a hiker-slash-trucker among them. He says he almost tripped and fell because of it at one time. "Please make a mid GTX hiker without the big extended chunk of foam/rubber sticking out the back!" says another.

There's also an individual who warns adventurers to be careful with it while going down trail steps. He says, "the extended heel is treacherous when descending stairs."

Trail Code GTX equals watertight

Its ability to fence out wetness is pretty impressive, and reviewers are all for it. "They have kept my feet totally dry," said someone who hiked through lots of puddles and even tested the kick by dunking it in deep water. Another one said that it's "definitely waterproof." It "kept my feet dry and warm in snow and water," yet one more hiker said.

Lasts long

It's been reported that the Hoka Trail Code GTX is the one to beat when it comes to durability. An experienced adventurer says that its upper lasts as long as the boot's rubber outsole. According to him, it's been months since he purchased the shoe, yet not a sign of wear and tear can be seen on it anywhere.

Something that dampens shock greatly

One of the convincing things about the Hoka Trail Code GTX is its ability to give bouncy rides. A commenter says that every "landing is very soft" on its cushy, springy sole.

Keeps those gazes coming

Female hikers are floored by the overall design of the Trail Code GTX. Remarks such as "I really like the way they look" and "they look great too!" back their observation.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 15.3oz / Women 12.7oz
Use: Day Hiking
Cut: Mid cut
Features: Lightweight / Chunky, Eco-friendly /
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Width: Normal

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