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Scarpa hiking boots

Are you looking to upgrade from trail hikers to something more supportive? If so, you can never go wrong with Scarpa hiking boots. In these over-the-ankle kicks, you will experience the trail comfortably and securely without losing style points.

That said, purchasing them can be an uphill climb, as many of Scarpa’s boot-type hikers have rather demanding price tags. Do not be dismayed, though, because they can be yours for way less with RunRepeat’s help. Yes, we got smashing deals on them, so fret not!

A meaty selection of Scarpa hiking boots for men and women

Our collection of quality hiking boots, which regularly receives unbelievable price cuts, is comprised of exemplary pieces from Scarpa. Ankle-supportive kicks from this Italian brand are numerous on our site, giving you quite a lot of options to sink your teeth into.

When it comes to beefy backpacking boots, Scarpa is among the authorities. Offerings of this type give you enough mileage for multi-day trips while carrying a heavy pack. The Scarpa Terra GTX and the Zodiac Plus GTX are two such kicks considered highly popular from this brand. Both are also waterproof hikers and part of our lineup of Gore-Tex-imbued hiking boots.

If lightweight hiking boots are more your thing, you will not be disappointed with what Scarpa puts out either. Just stick to their mid-cut offerings as opposed to high-top ones as they are built with lighter materials.

Where Scarpa hiking boots stand price-wise

There is no denying that hiking boots in general cost more than regular day hikers, and Scarpa shoes are no exceptions. Case in point: Be prepared to spend anywhere between $150 and $350 if you wish to own these kicks.

Some Scarpa boots, however, sell for less than $150, but they are too few and far between. If shoes at budget rates are what attract you the most, browse our amazing list of super-affordable hiking boots!