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        Adidas hiking boots

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        1. Any color
          Adidas Terrex Free Hiker - Grey (D97203)
          Adidas Terrex Free Hiker - Grey (EF0774)
          Adidas Terrex Free Hiker - Black (D98046)
          £200 £100 Save 50%
        2. Any color
          Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX - Black (CM7500)
          Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX - Black (AC7771)
          £170 £90 Save 47%
        3. Any color
          Adidas Terrex Skychaser XT Mid GTX - Core Black (EE5334)
          Adidas Terrex Skychaser XT Mid GTX - Grey (EE5335)
          £230 £91 Save 60%
        buy adidas hiking boots for men and women

        A pair of Adidas hiking boots represent the company’s vision of producing quality footwear for those with an active lifestyle. These products are characterized by their lightweight construction and comfortable in-shoe feel, making them suitable for your next trip. Protection, traction, and support are also highlighted in this gear so your hike won’t be compromised in any way. Add Adidas’ proprietary technologies and you’ve got a pair that can go the extra mile with you. All of these footwear qualities are unified by the company’s experience in creating reliable products over the decades. If you require footgear that can keep up with your outdoor needs, one of the options you should consider is these Adidas hiking boots.

        The perks of using the best men's and women's Adidas hiking boots

        best adidas hiking boots
        Best Adidas hiking boots - December 2019

        Going on a hike will test the limits of your body and the gear you’re using. Adidas’ hikers are engineered to protect your feet and help them perform better. Here are some benefits you’re going to gain from the brand’s hiking footwear:

        The brand’s hikers fit you well

        The way a hiker fits will determine the success or failure of your trip. Adidas hiking boots are optimized to fit your foot well. The brand’s lacing system features a single stroke mechanism to lock your foot in place quickly. The same feature is also easy to loosen if you need to get your boots off. There are bungees found in select boot models to help stow the laces and prevent them from tangling. Lastly, there’s a pull tab located at the heel for an effortless donning and doffing experience.

        What are the essential details to remember when fitting a pair of Adidas hiking boots?

        It’s easy to find out if a boot fits you well when you try it in an actual store. The same can’t be said when you’re shopping online. If you want to get the best possible fit from your target pair of Adidas hiking boots, you need to keep these tips in mind.

        • You need to get the exact measurements of your foot first. Use a measuring tape to find out the length and width of your foot in centimeters.
        • Once you’ve got the measurements, you can match them to your corresponding size in the brand’s guide. The sizes indicated are in European, US, JP, and UK classifications.
        • Men’s sizes are around 6 to 15. Adidas hiking boots for women range from 5 to 12.
        • Adidas offers half-sizes in their hiking boot line so you can obtain the precise fit.
        • Always compensate for additional factors. The hiking socks you wear add some bulk to your feet. Likewise, a foot swells more during the afternoon than any other time of the day. Remember to include these details when choosing a pair of Adidas hiking boots online or trying them in a store.

        They’re comfy on the trail

        One of the first things you'll notice about Adidas hiking boots is the use of textile and synthetic uppers. The textile materials in the upper help reduce the footgear's weight to make each stride lighter. As a result, your feet will be less stressed as you travel from point A to point B. These materials are also breathable to help ventilate your foot during a hot summer hike. The tongue and cuff are padded for extra comfort as you move along. On the inside, there’s a removable footbed that grants underfoot cushioning.

        Your feet are supported well

        The additional weight of a backpack can be detrimental if your feet aren’t supported properly. Hiking boots manufactured by Adidas contain key features that provide ample support. The footgear’s collar wraps securely around your ankle and prevents it from rolling. Some of the brand's finest hikers use an upper with thermoplastic urethane (TPU) overlays to provide extra structure and rigidity. The midsole offers sufficient shock absorption and rebound upon making contact with the ground. It also lessens fatigue on your foot. There’s a heel clip on the back of the boot that grants additional stability. When these parts come together in a pair of Adidas hiking boots, you can be more confident in carrying a backpack while tackling the trail ahead.

        What’s the main advantage of using Adidas hiking boots over other lightweight hiking footwear?

        Your ankles are left exposed when you wear a pair of hiking shoes or even quality hiking sandals. These two footwear variants are disadvantageous if you’re going to carry a backpack over a considerable distance. Adidas hiking boots enjoy an edge over these shoes and sandals by providing the support your ankles need. A mid-cut or high-cut design covers your ankles and prevents them from twisting the wrong way. This scary scenario can happen if you have a heavy pack on your back while traversing all sorts of obstacles. Moreover, your ankles are protected from critters and other dangers on the trail when you wear hiking boots.

        Traction is never lacking

        Tackling a trail isn’t like your usual walk in the park. You’ll encounter varied ground conditions that will challenge your footing. The best Adidas hiking boots are fitted with a high-performance outsole to deliver ample traction on the trail. This outsole contains an aggressive pattern of multi-directional lugs to keep your feet planted on the ground. These same lugs provide reliable grip when you’re tackling wet rocks, loose gravel, or soft soil, among others. The outsole’s rear portion helps you slow down during a descent. All in all, Adidas hiking boots render the traction you need to make your hike the best one yet.

        Can I attach crampons to my Adidas hiking boots to provide more grip?

        A pair of crampons is a must when you’re going to traverse through the snow. These add-ons are characterized by the spikes that protrude at the bottom to help secure your footing on slippery surfaces. There are some Adidas hiking boots, particularly the Terrex Scope High GTX, that are compatible with crampons. The caveat here is only a basic strap-on crampon can be used with these hikers. If you’re planning to tackle a challenging terrain in cold temperatures, a pair of winter hikers or alpine boots is more proper. They offer better crampon compatibility, improved traction, and enhanced protection in this environment.

        The boots are built to last

        Going on a hike will expose your gear to a lot of wear and tear. Adidas hiking boots are designed with durability as one of their main aspects. The footwear company’s premium hikers are endowed with uppers made from tough fabrics. These uppers are reinforced with synthetic overlays to make them more resistant to abrasions. The heavy-duty outsoles used in Adidas hiking boots are manufactured to endure constant contact with varied ground conditions. Overall, these components and features all work as one to make the company’s footwear last long.

        How can I best take care of my Adidas hiking boots?

        Keeping your hikers in good condition is a must for every outdoor lover. Otherwise, the different parts of your footgear will slowly deteriorate. Shown below are some handy tips  on how to properly maintain your Adidas hiking boots so you can get the best out of them:

        • Run your footwear under a faucet while you’re removing the dirt on it. Use an old toothbrush or a piece of cloth in this endeavor.
        • Don’t use a washing machine or bleach to clean your Adidas hiking boots. Doing so would severely damage your hikers.
        • In the event you encounter stains that are tough to clean, you can mix a little amount of eco-friendly detergent with warm water. Apply this mixture on your boots to clean those stains. Don’t put too much on your footgear as it may cause discoloration.
        • Cleaning your Adidas hiking boots as one unit isn’t enough. You should take the insoles and laces out. Clean these components separately to eliminate every trace of dirt and grime thoroughly.
        • After washing your boots, place them somewhere safe at room temperature. Don’t leave them exposed to direct sunlight or anything the produces heat to preserve their quality.
        • Never use a scrub or a hard-bristled brush to wash your Adidas hiking boots. These items can ruin the footgear’s mesh fabric upper or its laces.

        They offer competent protection

        Your time spent hiking is filled with all kinds of dangers. Some are visible to the naked eye while others are unseen. Adidas hiking boots are engineered to protect your feet so you can focus on conquering the trail. The inclusion of a gusseted tongue improves protection by preventing dirt and debris from entering the boot. The brand’s finest hikers are equipped with a toe cap to prevent stubbing.

        The best Adidas hiking boots come with a Gore-Tex liner. This specialized fabric gives you confident protection against rainy weather and wet trail conditions. Apart from keeping water out, a Gore-Tex membrane also allows moisture to pass through it, preventing your feet from smelling bad in the process. Of course, the inclusion of this waterproof technology isn’t a guarantee your foot will be dry for the entire hike. Here are some instances wherein water can enter your Adidas hiking boots:

        • Even a boot with a waterproof liner is no match when you submerge your it into a stream. Water will come through the footgear’s opening and soak your foot.
        • Crossing a field of dew-soaked grass might seem harmless at first. If the grass is taller than your boot’s height, there a chance for the water to enter it. Even a little amount of water can be detrimental if it gets trapped inside your footgear.
        • Hiking under a heavy downpour increases the chances of water to seep into your Adidas hiking boots. Raindrops will trickle down your legs into the boot’s interiors.

        Can I use my Adidas hiking boots in a snowy environment?

        If you’re planning to hike in a terrain filled with snow, having an insulated pair is a must. Without insulated footwear, you’re going to suffer a nasty case of frostbite or hypothermia. Adidas hiking boots don’t possess any form of insulating material to keep your feet warm in cold temperatures. It’s best to look for proper winter hiking boots so you won’t have any worries in this particular environment.

        The template behind the best Adidas hiking boots for men and women


        You can’t go into a footwear store or shop online without seeing an Adidas pair. Whether you’re looking for new hikers or something to use for your next basketball game, you’re bound to run into one of the brand’s offerings. Before it became the footgear giant it is today, Adidas humbly started out in a laundry room. Adolf and Rudolf Dassler began making spiked running shoes in July of 1924. Its simple beginnings would soon grow when American sprinter used the Dassler’s shoes for the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. The brothers would then sell around 200,000 pairs each year before the Second World War started.

        After the war, Rudolf Dassler started his own footwear company to compete with his brother. Adolf continued by registering Adidas’ famous three-striped logo in 1949. Since then, the brand would expand its operations by manufacturing footwear for all sorts of athletic competitions, such as basketball shoes, running shoes, tennis shoes, golf shoes, baseball cleats, and soccer cleats. Adidas would also sell sneakers and skateboarding shoes, increasing the brand’s profile worldwide. As of the present, the footwear company’s total sales revenue reached over $26 billion. This is a clear testament to Adidas' reputation as a manufacturer of quality shoes and sports-centric products. Moreover, you can easily find their products, like a pair of Adidas hiking boots, in stores all over the world.

        What’s Five Ten and why is it significant for Adidas?

        Five Ten is an American company that started in 1985 by manufacturing athletic and outdoor footwear. During its heyday, Five Ten was considered as one of the top names when it comes to climbing shoes. The brand was able to sign up professional rock climbers, such as Dean Potter, Sasha DiGiulian, and Ammon McNeely, as Five Ten endorsers.

        Throughout its long history, Adidas has produced products for casual and athletic purposes. That changed in November of 2011 when the footwear giant purchased Five Ten for $25 million. The acquisition of this company enabled Adidas to position itself in the growing outdoor market. Adidas Outdoor was born out of this deal. Among the many products being sold under this line are Adidas hiking boots.

        Noteworthy Adidas hiking boot lines

        The German footwear company offers a wide variety of hiking boots for consumers. Shown below are some of Adidas’ prominent hiking boot lines.

        • Terrex Swift R Mid. One of the brand’s best offerings is the Adidas Terrex Swift R Mid. This day hiker features a synthetic upper with ripstop fabrics, Gore-Tex waterproof liner, Adiprene midsole, and a Traxion outsole. All of these boot parts come together in a lightweight and sleek package.
        • Terrex AX2R Mid. The Adidas Terrex AX2R Mid features a rugged style and a set of features that will come in handy on the trail. These boots are fitted with a Gore-Tex liner to keep your foot dry, an Adiprene outsole to absorb shock and a Traxion outsole that grips on varied surfaces.
        • Terrex Tivid Mid. This lightweight boot is Adidas’ most affordable offering. Even if its price is far from the brand’s premium hikers, the Terrex Tivid Mid still offers the necessary features, like a waterproof liner, EVA midsole, and a grippy outsole.


        Adidas hiking boots are priced according to the technologies they possess. The brand’s entry-level boots start at $120  while premium hikers range from $170  to $225 . These price points are a very tempting option for any outdoor junkie, given the company’s reputation as one of the biggest names in the footwear industry.

        Shoe technologies

        Adidas hiking boots feature a wide range of technologies to improve your outdoor experience. Some of these features also protect you from injuries and the elements. Here are the features you’re going to find in the brand’s hiking footwear.

        • Adiprene. The best Adidas hiking boots come with an Adiprene midsole. This technology grants exceptional shock absorption to cushion your feet. The midsole’s heel section is developed to lessen impact upon ground strike and make your every step more responsive.
        • Gore-Tex. The finest Adidas hiking boots are equipped with a Gore-Tex liner to keep your feet dry. The surface of this fabric is filled with over nine billion microscopic pores that prevent water from passing through it while allowing moisture to escape. Thanks to a Gore-Tex membrane, you can be more confident in traversing under the unpredictable weather and wet trail conditions.
        • Traxion. This is Adidas’ proprietary outsole technology found in their line of hiking footwear. These outsoles are characterized by their aggressive lug pattern, which delivers remarkable traction on wet and dry surfaces.
        • Ripstop. The brand’s finest boots use ripstop fabrics as the main upper material. These fabrics are woven tightly for improved resistance to abrasions. The reinforced ripstop material also reduces the overall weight of the boot.
        • Continental. Continental is one of the leading names when it comes to motor vehicle and bike tires. Their technology can also be found in some Adidas hiking boots. The tire company’s expertise in creating durable rubber compounds makes it an ideal material for these hikers.
        • Climaproof. This is the company’s waterproof technology. The Climaproof membrane acts by blocking water out of the footgear while allowing perspiration to pass through it. Adidas hiking boots imbued with Climaproof technology are both breathable and waterproof.
        • Speed Lacing System. Select Adidas hiking boots are equipped with a Speed Lacing System for a more customized fit. As the name implies, this technology allows you to secure your foot in a single stroke. The result is an easier and faster experience in wearing the brand’s hiking footgear.

        Frequently asked questions about the best Adidas hiking boots

        My Adidas hiking boots were submerged in salt water. Should I be worried about it?

        When Gore-Tex first entered the market in 1979, its fabrics were susceptible to salt water. The salt particles clog up the fabric’s microscopic pores and ruin their ability to block water. These particles also hindered excess moisture to pass through the material. Thanks to the recent innovations, these problems were solved. You no longer need to worry about saltwater reducing the performance of your waterproof Adidas hiking boots. Just make sure to wash your hikers afterward under a faucet or with the use of a hose. Running water will help get rid of any salt particles stuck inside the Gore-Tex membrane so you can get the best out of your hiking footwear.

        Lately, my Adidas hiking boots are ineffective in blocking water out. What can I do to restore its waterproofness?

        Wearing a worn-out pair of boots can bring your hike to an abrupt end. It’s wise to check your Adidas hiking boots for any sign of holes of loose seams before heading out the door. Another requirement you need to check on before leaving is its ability to block water. If they aren’t that great in blocking water out, there’s a big chance the waterproof liner is damaged. Don’t worry because there’s a simple solution to this problem. If your Adidas hiking boots use a Gore-Tex membrane, you can get a specialized repair kit . There’s a waterproof patch you can apply on the affected area. Do remember that this is just a temporary solution. This patch may fall off after some time, especially if you’re constantly using your hikers. The long-term fix here is to get a brand new pair of Adidas hiking boots so you won’t have anything to worry about while you’re outdoors.

        I found something wrong with my new Adidas hiking boots? What are the steps I should take to resolve this problem?

        You should act fast when the hikers you ordered online contains one or several defects. Adidas hiking boots are covered by the brand’s two-year warranty period to protect you from shoddy workmanship. Before you can have your defective hikers returned, you need to make sure they are unused. The footwear company will reserve its right to determine if the boots you bought is going to fall under their product quality claim.

        Once your claim has been approved, you can now return your defective Adidas hiking boots. Here are some tips to help you out in this process:

        • Find the return label and attach it to your footgear’s box. This label should cover the previous delivery address or the corresponding barcode.
        • If you ordered a pair online, the receipt you received from Adidas Outdoor’s website should be included.
        • Once you have packed and labeled the box, you can now send it to Adidas with the help of your chosen courier.
        • It takes 7 to 10 business days after the company has received your package for the return credit to be processed.
        • You will receive an email stating a credit has been applied to your preferred payment method. This credit is equivalent to the amount you used on the defective pair of Adidas hiking boots you bought online. You can use this credit to purchase new hikers from the brand’s online store. This credit does not cover the money you spent on shipping the footwear back to Adidas.
        • The brand won’t honor any purchase made from a physical store. They would only consider replacing your faulty Adidas hiking boots if you bought them from the company’s online shop.