20 best Altra trail running shoes

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When it comes to trail performance, Altra has top-notch shoe models that serious adventurers clamor for. Mentioned in more or less 100, 00 shoe reviews published online and offline, Altra trail running shoes have captured the desire of the runners to explore the unexplored, regardless of terrain type. Packed with technical features perfect for racing, hiking and even for casual cross-country activities, you will find some worthy investments from the brand’s trail lineup.

How will your Altra trail running shoes take you from one rugged adventure to the next?

  • Trail shoes are much more technical than road shoes, since the rugged surface is usually a mixture of wet and dry, with some sharp debris in between. In order for it to survive the beating and keep the runner in top shape, it needs a plethora of features that secure grip, traction, water resistance, debris protection and comfort.
  • Due to the variety of terrain one can encounter on the trail, it would be wiser to have a pair of Altra trail running shoes with aggressive lugs. Lug patterns can tackle specific surfaces, such as soft ground (mud, sand), rocky paths (mountain passes, nature trails) and even loose scree. There are also best trail running shoes that have a tamed undersurface, perfect for road-to-trail running.
  • Trail shoes are normally expected to be bulkier, heavier and more limited in terms of design in favor of tough protection. However, there are streamlined trail models like the Altra trail running shoes that look stylish and eye-catching even when they are made to get dirty. However, some traditional styles are still available in the market, including camouflage designs and earth-toned shades.

What should you consider when choosing best Altra trail running shoes for your next off-road trip?

  • Water resistance. When running on the untamed side of town, it is not surprising to see muddy surfaces and shallow rivers that block your trail route. A pair of Altra trail running shoes with waterproof features will serve you best, especially if you want to keep your foot dry and cool upon reaching your destination. Altra has its fair share of water-resistant features, including the Polartec Neoshell and Quick Dry Trail Mesh among others.
  • Outsole build. Best rail shoes have aggressive outsole builds to ensure durability, traction and protection against debris and impact forces. There are lug patterns focused on soft grounds or hard trails, but never both, so consider what you like best before purchasing a pair. Altra trail running shoes are incorporated with either the Trail-specific Sticky Rubber or the Trail Claw outsole.
  • Weight. Depending on your purpose, the weight of trail shoes matter. Altra trail running shoes are already heavy for a start; however, you can choose something more minimal or less technical for racing. A lightweight platform can help with speed, so something lighter than 250 grams will help. However, if you just need to use the shoes for daily training and cross-country running, any weight would do.

15 best Altra trail running shoes

  1. Altra Escalante Racer
  2. Altra Lone Peak 4.0
  3. Altra Olympus 3.0
  4. Altra Lone Peak 3.0
  5. Altra King MT
  6. Altra Lone Peak 3.5
  7. Altra Lone Peak 3.5 Mid Mesh
  8. Altra Lone Peak 3.0 NeoShell Low
  9. Altra Timp
  10. Altra King MT 1.5
  11. Altra Lone Peak 3.0 NeoShell Mid
  12. Altra Superior 3.5
  13. Altra Olympus 2.0
  14. Altra Olympus 2.5
  15. Altra Superior 3.0
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