Pegasus 34: A Worthy Successor

95 / 100 by Matthew Liu • Level 3 expert

The Nike Pegasus 34 looks very similar to its predecessor, the Pegasus 33. In fact, there are only a few changes added to the shoe.

One change is that this time the flywire on the shoe is hidden and the laces are now flat. It’s still got its stylish look and comes in a plethora of colorways to fit everyone’s style. 




I found the Pegasus 34 to be very comfortable to run in, I don’t have any issues with areas being too tight or too loose.

I don’t know if it’s just in my head but this model felt a little snugger than the previous model which I didn’t mind. The flywire system kept the feel snug and secure during my runs.

Also to add, it didn’t matter if I was using it on my long run, intervals, or short run, the shoe maintained its comfortable feeling. One thing, however, is that when the shoe is brand new it’s a little stiff out of the box but it breaks in relatively quick.



I’ve been using the shoe about 5 months and put around ~144 miles so far.

In addition, I’ve used this shoe strictly only during practice or something running related. So far the shoe is still in good condition so far.

The only visual damage to the shoe is the plastic bit on top of the laces looking like it got crushed because I dropped something on it.




Just like the previous model, the Nike Pegasus 34 is a beast for running. I’ve used the shoe for long runs, intervals and tempo runs.

During my long runs, the shoe remained comfortable and didn’t give me any discomforts on my feet. The same was for my intervals on the track and tempo runs on the road.

The shoe also had a little spring from the zoom air units that kept me running fast. The shoe protected me from the impact of my feet hitting the track and road.

After 114 miles the shoe has lost its spring but still holds up well for the same workload that I gave it earlier in its life.



Difference from Last Year

There’s not a lot of differences from last year’s model.

The changes are a hiding the flywire, making the laces flat (to address untying issue) and making it a little lighter (not noticeable though).



  • Lots of colorways
  • Spring feeling from zoom air units
  • Snug fit
  • Comfortable
  • Laces don’t untie anymore like the previous model



  • Pebbles get stuck on the bottom of the shoe
  • Laces are little short if you use the runner's knot but it’s still enough to do a tiny double knot


Final Thoughts

The Nike Pegasus 34 is a great shoe and there isn’t really a lot of change or improvements. The shoe is comfortable and great for running long distances and fast runs.

It’s stylish and there are so many colorways that it’s nearly impossible not to find a style that you won’t like. My only gripe is that when you use the runner’s knot there’s barely enough lace to do a double knot, but that’s a minor issue.

If you loved the Pegasus 33, the Pegasus 34 is a basically it's twin brother that’s an inch taller.

Matthew Liu

Matthew Liu • Level 3 expert

I’m Matthew Liu and running is my passion! Being on the the varsity track and cross country team, I put in a lot of miles on my shoes and have run a lot of races in some of them. This puts me in a good place to share my experience and knowledge on what I love-running shoes!

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