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75 / 100 by Lovebel Talisic • Level 1 expert

I own a running shoe from Adidas and a year ago, I decided to try another running shoe from another brand – the Mizuno Wave Rider 18. I usually prefer a shoe with a narrower forefoot, but I still want to give the Rider 18 a try. I personally choose this shoe because it is lightweight and I read a lot of reviews mentioning how durable and comfortable the shoe is. 


Breathability and Comfort

The Mizuno Wave Rider 18 has a mesh upper coverage and I expected the shoe to be breathable. However, when I first tried the shoe, after running a few minutes, my feet started to feel a burning sensation and sweat a little. Maybe it was because of the warm weather in my country. I tried running in the Rider 18 one evening and the feeling is much better – no more burning sensation and it feels more breathable.

The shoe has a padded tongue and collar which gives added comfort and support. The laces are good. They stay exactly where I wanted them to stay and they secure the foot comfortably. My only complaint is the length of the laces. It’s too long for my preferences.

Another thing that I don’t like is the inner seams under the logo. I experienced irritation, especially with thin socks. It’s a good thing that I’m not a fan of sockless running, otherwise I’ll experience the worse. Every time I go for a run with my Mizuno Rider 18, I’d make sure to wear a thicker pair of socks.


Though the Rider 18 looks bulky on my feet, I still like the overall fit of the shoe. My feet felt so relaxed while running. The forefoot is wide and there is enough room in the toe box, allowing my toes to move comfortably.


I dislike the shoe’s firm U4ic midsole foam. The shoe also lacks the flexibility despite the presence of the flex grooves in the sole.


The Mizuno Wave Rider 18 utilizes a non-marking carbon rubber in the outsole. There is the X10 carbon rubber in the heel and a softer blown rubber in the forefoot area. I was impressed by the overall durability of the shoe’s outsole unit.

I have been running with this shoe for several times already and the sole still looks good. The dual mesh upper material of the shoe is also durable.

Mizuno Wave Rider 18 vs. Adidas Duramo 6

Compared to my Duramo 6, the Rider 18 is more durable and feels lighter. I really like how lightweight the Rider 18 is. But considering the soft and flexible ride of the Duramo 6 and its breathability, I would say that I like the Duramo 6 better.

The Adidas Duramo 6 have a narrow forefoot and a spacious toe box. It looks good on my feet (not bulky) and I did not experience irritation in this shoe. The upper coverage is also more breathable compared to the Rider 18.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Spacious toe box


  • Looks bulky on my feet
  • Upper mesh is not breathable enough especially on warm weather
  • Inner seams under the logo irritate the skin
  • Cushioning is too firm


The Mizuno Wave Rider 18 is a lightweight and durable road running shoe. These are basically the reasons why I gave this shoe a try. Since I am disappointed with the shoe’s breathability and firm ride, I’m not sure yet if I will consider buying the newest version of the Rider series.

Lovebel Talisic

Lovebel Talisic • Level 1 expert

Hi I'm Lovebel and I'm an avid runner who runs at least 50km a week. I run mostly for leisure at our local parks and events. I like to meet other running enthusiast so feel free to approach me when you see me on the jog trail. I won't bite! I'm also just as passionate with my home baked goodies and my book collections!

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