Mizuno Wave Prophecy 6: Looks Beats Performance

60 / 100 by Shriram Nagarajan • Level 3 expert

I was recently given the opportunity to try Mizuno's latest top of the line cushioned Wave Prophecy 6, thanks to RunRepeat. I was really excited to test these out and testing is what I did.

Here's my review of the Mizuno Wave Prophecy 6 after running more than 60 miles on these over a month.



Heel height = 37 mm

Forefoot height = 25 mm

Heel to toe drop = 12mm (Approx)

Flexibility = moderate to hard

Weight = 13 pounds



By the time I picked up these shoes for the first time, the upper materials and the looks just jumped on me. The shoe looks absolutely gorgeous!

The blue upper had plenty of materials layered over each other. The base layer is made from a mesh-like material that gives you decent breathability around your toebox.



There is then a leather overlay that's stitched and not moulded. I personally prefer the seamless construction of many shoes that are available in the market.

On top of the leather, we have a plastic overlay on the sides that help clutch the shoes to your ankle. All these overlays contribute significantly towards the weight of the shoe. These shoes are also quite bright by reflecting light during your runs at nights.

Overall, the shoes are quite pleasing to the eye.



I personally felt the shoes were a little tight for my liking and had to stay wary while tightening the laces too much.

In saying that, the lace provided with the shoes are possibly the best I've seen for a long time! Once tied, they are very hard to untie and maintains a great hold during your runs. The toe box also felt a little narrow for my liking.



After running in the Wave Prophecy 6 after the 6-8kms my feet started hurting badly around my toe box. In the heel section, the heel counter had ample cushioning.

The heel cup is made of solid plastic that is quite solid in that aspect. The tongue also had quite a bit of cushioning.



Coming to the midsole, this is where Mizuno has put all their money in. 

The midsole is essentially 2 plastic "wave plates" held together all along the length of the midsole. The engineering principle behind this is that when the shoe strikes the ground, the waves compress and then expand on the toe off providing the cushioning and energy return.

In theory, it's good but it didn't necessarily translate into performance for me. The wave plates felt too rigid in my opinion during my running cadence.



Between the upper and the top waveplate, Mizuno has filled the gap with the u4ic (pronounced Euphoric) Eva. The EVA foam doesn't help here in my opinion.

Perhaps it might really be helpful for someone who's a bit heavier than me in my 75kgs. Also, the heel to toe drop here is around 12mm which was a little too much for me.

My running cadence felt slightly unnatural in these shoes. The wave plates may sometimes force you to adapt to a springy cadence to extract some responsiveness.



 The outsole was, fortunately, very durable.

I found very slight wear on the outsole, thanks to Mizuno's x10 carbon used along with the rubber.



The rubber is not throughout the bottom of the shoe like some of the New Balance fresh foam lineup. Instead, Mizuno has strategically placed the rubber outsole on areas of high wear.

On the arch region, the wave plate is exposed to provide some stability for people who overpronate. There's also ample rubber on the forefoot which is where I land on striking. They've given some contrasting accents for visual appeal.

Wrapping it up with a summary here are:


The Things I Liked

  • Colors – Very visually appealing & will make heads turn when you're on the road.
  • Very durable upper and outsole. 
  • Very good lacing material.
  • Snug fit on the upper.


Things I Disliked

  • Narrow toe box.
  • Waveplate based cushioning was a miss for me.
  • Unnatural cadence due to high heel-to-toe drop.
  • Too heavy. Certainly not for racing.
Shriram Nagarajan

Shriram Nagarajan • Level 3 expert

Living in the Waikato region of New Zealand, there's no dearth of places to see and experience. It inspires you every moment to go out and enjoy the outdoors. That's how I got into running. Running is now part of my way of life and I put so much thought and research into the shoes that complement me on my runs.

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