Mizuno Wave Paradox 2- A review by Erinc Atilla

80 / 100 by Erinc Atilla • Level 3 expert

After running become more than just a hobby for myself, I decided to invest for a more suitable shoe for myself. Being an overpronator, Mizuno Wave Paradox 2 was the first shoe suggest to me by a local shop. After trying some other models I decided to buy them.

General views

Mostly, I am running on asphalt roads. Therefore during a rainy day, traction is important for me. Wave Paradox is known to have a superior control for a road shoe. The Double wave plate covers full size of the shoe and creates a good support for the foot. Of course nothing comes free, this support level creates additional weight which carries total weight of the shoe to above 300gr. Since I already mentioned using the shoe in rainy days, it is good to address that, on top of the shoe addition to mesh material, there is a thin layer of plastic to present some level of waterproof. I can’t say that it works for any level of rain but it is better than not having it at all.

User Experience

Shortly after I purchased them, I go out for a short run of 5K. The shoe reacted very well even in its maiden run. I completed at a good pace without any bruises and/or pains. The only part which is difficult to adopt is the heel part. The shoe has a 12mm of heel-to-toe drop. Due to design it looks very bulky on the heel part and it takes some time to adjust your strike. Therefore, I strongly suggest to use it with an additional pair of different brand/model with lower drop so that you can still optimize your stride mechanic. The longest distance I used my Wave Paradox 2 is half marathon distance and even cushioning is not the field the shoe is known for, it makes me feel very comfortable during my run. The weight can be an issue for long runs.  As a person trying to find a positive side in every occasion, I’m taking advantage of this considering that during the race day, wearing a lighter shoe and training with Wave Paradox 2 will create a boost in your pace. I experienced this, and I’m sure you’ll do as well.

The Look

I was attracted by the name of the shoe during my decision process. “Paradox” created some mystery on my mind and I believe the name was selected with care. The shoe doesn’t look like a fast one, it doesn’t look like it can provide good cushioning neither. However it definitely support you to reach at a new level of pace. OK, it is a stability shoe however its cushioning isn’t lacking behind neither. And finally, on its outside, even only direct lines were used, first impression isn’t like this at all. When you include all, the shoe deserves its name. On heel part it looks strange high, and bulky, and this is the only negative part of its look per my opinion.


For a person with overpronation, looking for a shoe which she or he can rely on during mid-tempo runs and long runs, Mizuno Wave Paradox 2 can be a good option. Currently being a discontinued model, it creates additional price/benefit ratio and can be used as a secondary shoe for additional correction for overpronation.  

Erinc Atilla

Erinc Atilla • Level 3 expert

I work as a Finance and IT Manager for a multinational company during office hours and dedicate most of my free time to running. What initially started as a love and hate relationship with the sport grew into something bigger. Two years down the road, I'm now running 40km a week! Currently training for half marathons but who knows what the future will bring!

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