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8 reasons to buy

  • The testers of the Mizuno Wave Creation 18 celebrated that it was able to give an adequate fit.
  • A lot of runners felt that this shoe was very comfortable for their feet.
  • The breathability of the upper unit gained positive remarks from those who have tried it.
  • Reviewers generally thought that this running shoe was visually appealing.
  • A runner commented that the durability of this running shoe was dependable.
  • Some runners were able to wear this shoe for their everyday activities and they wrote that they didn’t feel any discrepancy throughout.
  • A tester stated that the Wave Creation 18 was versatile enough to function well on a variety of active pursuits, such as running, training and exercising.
  • Several purchasers commended the supportive mid-foot section of the platform, which cradled their arch well.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Some runners noted that this running shoe was heavy.
  • The underfoot cushioning felt stiff for a couple of reviewers, and they wrote that they experienced some discomfort because of it.
  • A number of testers wrote that it had an expensive price.
  • This shoe felt a bit wide for a purchaser.

Bottom line

The Mizuno Wave Creation 18 was able to produce sure performance and deliver quality service to neutral runners who needed a reliable running companion for their active lifestyles. Some of them even commended its versatility because they were able to use it for many kinds of activities on the roads. On the other hand, there were those who weren’t satisfied with it, particularly frowning upon its apparently unresponsive underfoot cushioning system.

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Good to know

  • The 18th version of the Mizuno Wave Creation gives off a durable look that stems from its robust construction. Stitched-on sections look secure and long-lasting; its fabrics don’t tear apart easily; and its ergonomic design keeps it from causing any discomfort to the wearer. High quality materials are used here, so it’s sure to last a long time.
  • The upper unit of this running shoe makes use of a double-layer mesh material that’s meant to heighten its durable nature. An open construction makes sure to allow environmental air to enter the foot-chamber in order to keep the runner well-ventilated. Stitched-on overlays provide structure and an aesthetic flair to the façade. A stretchable material in the forefoot and collar makes the cover system more adherent to the natural movements of the foot.
  • The Mizuno Wave Creation 18’s mid-sole unit uses proprietary technologies and systems that work together in order to absorb impact shock, cushion the foot, and keep the performance as natural & easy as possible. The platform is even made to assume a rocking-chair-like form during the heel-to-toe motions to help achieve a more natural stride.
  • Covering the heel and forefoot sections of the external sole unit is a high quality rubber compound that’s sure to protect the rest of the mid-sole from the abrasive nature of the asphalt. It is also able to deliver sure surface traction. Flex grooves in the forefoot area permit natural biomechanics when tackling the toe-off phase.

The Mizuno Wave Creation 18 uses standard measurements in its sizing scheme. Men and women are able to get the correct fit when they try out this model. The available width is medium for both genders. Its semi-curved shape follows the natural shape of the human foot.

The X10 is a durable carbon rubber material that’s placed in the heel and forefoot sections of the outsole. It is able to resist abrasion and wear. It also delivers surface traction, which is important when running on the asphalt. This outsole material has been used in other Mizuno shoes and in the latest Mizuno Creation 20

Flex grooves in the forefoot section of the Creation 18 ensure that the toe-off is given a boost in performance. The platform becomes flexible. They’re helpful because the joints of the toes bend during that phase of the gait cycle.

An elastic material shaped like a figure-eight adds additional cushioning during the heel striking phase. Called the Infinity Wave, it returns energy to the foot of the wearer when they land their feet on the ground as a means to prepare them for an energized toe-off.

The U4ic is a lightweight mid-sole material that is able to absorb shock, deliver a smooth ride, and maintain the robust structure of the platform.

The Smooth Ride design of the Creation 18 uses a network of grooves that assist the foot in achieving a smoother transition through the gait cycle. A rocking chair shape and motion is mimicked by the platform as the runner lands the heel on the ground, transitions to the mid-foot, and gears toward the toe-off.

Torsional rigidity between the rear of the foot and the front is given by the Extended Wave Plate.

The Mizuno Wave Creation 18’s Intercool Ventilation System permits air into the platform in order to prevent that stifling feeling when wearing the shoe for a long time. It keeps the underfoot cool and dry at all times.

Antimicrobial and anti-moisture support are afforded by the Ortholite Sock Liner, which also adds a bit more cushioning immediately to the underfoot.

The Double Layer Open Mesh makes up most of the cover system of the Mizuno Wave Creation 18. It is breathable, so it allows air to circulate in and through the foot-chamber.

The medial and lateral sides of the upper benefit from synthetic overlays. They provide structure to the shoe, while also giving it an appealing look. They even help in providing a snug and secure fit.

The Dynamotion Fit features a stretchy material in the collar and forefoot. The material causes the upper to follow the movements of the foot without sacrificing durability. Essentially, it doesn’t make the coverage feel stiff or restrictive.


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