Size and fit

The high-top Tubular X Primeknit from Adidas has the traditional lace-up closure system to provide a secure fit to the wearers.  Also, it has a soft dual-density EVA midsole for better support and comfort. The Tubular X Primeknit is offered in men’s sizes.

Adidas Tubular X Primeknit Style

The color, shape, and ribbed sole of the Adidas Tubular X Primeknit make it appear as a cheap rip-off of the Yeezy 750 Boosts. Adidas has been experimenting a lot with knitted trainers to give rise to an extremely comfortable and lightweight shoe.

The high-cut profile of this shoe was designed to isolate the heat inside the shoe thus making it suitable for cold weather. Many users don this with some jeans, joggers, and tees and sweaters, or whatever they are comfortable in pulling it off. This pair offers superb comfort which makes this a suitable pair for any casual activities.

Notable Features

The ridged rubber midsole of the Adidas Tubular X Primeknit became notable to many sneaker enthusiasts because it has a striking resemblance to the Yeezy Boost kicks. The high-cut profile is similar to the Yeezy 750 Boost. It also has the X-overlay that adds a striking factor to this shoe.

Adidas Tubular X Primeknit History

Back in 1993, the Adidas Originals released the Tubular way ahead of the NMD, UltraBoost, and EQT hype. It was the first inflatable basketball shoe in the world. However, the ultra-modern design of the Tubular was not well adopted by the sneaker fans back and was later on shelved in just 2 years being in the market.

The Vice President of Adidas Global Design saw so much potential in the Tubular and he decided to resurrect it. They introduced the all-new Tubular silhouette in 2014 called the Tubular Runner. It has a car-tire-inspired sole and modern design which was the result of 5-year intensive research of the team.

The total look of the Tubular Runner was a combination of history, sports, and style.

The Tubular was able to cross that distinguishing gap between sports apparel and high fashion accessory. Many well-celebrated celebrities were seen wearing the Tubular that catapulted the fame of the tubular globally and became a phenomenal instant hit all around the world. Such A-listers are Justine Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and A$AP Rocky. The Tubular was very famous around the world and one show in the Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2015 was dedicated entirely to the Tubular Runner.

The family of the Tubular was later on expanded by adding new models such as Doom, Primeknit Nova, low top Viral, and high top Tubular X.  In 2016, many fashion brands partnered with Adidas to keep up with being at the forefront of the sneaker scene.

Adidas Originals first used the Primeknit technology in the Tubular shoes in the form of the Tubular X Primeknit.  This model was inspired by the Forum basketball shoe that was originally released in the 80s. This pair has a breathable upper, high collar structure, X shaped synthetic overlay and a ribbed design. The Tubular X Primeknit was first introduced in 2015 and re-launched in 2017. The 2017 variety has a gumsole on the heel and traditional white sole on the toe and the original synthetic X overlay was replaced with contrasting Primeknit color in an X pattern.

The Tubular X Primeknit looks more like the Yeezy Boost, with the high-cut profile and higher tongue construction in a woven upper and synthetic reinforcement. It has a ribbed midsole design which makes it similar to the Yeezy Boost models. The Tubular was dubbed as the ‘poor man’s Yeezy’ but in reality, the Tubular was designed in 1993 way ahead Yeezys was born.

Additional Info

  • The Adidas Tubular X Primeknit has a flexible Primeknit upper for improved fit. This Primeknit technology contributes to the ventilation and lightness of this pair.
  • The textile lining adds comfort to the wearer.
  • It has a sturdy translucent rubber heel clip.
  • It has unified toecap which enhances the support of the Primeknit upper.
  • The “X” does not mean collaboration between two brands. The X refers to the shoe heel which has an X-like design accompanied by durable mesh. This X overlay provides maximum ankle support to its wearers. In addition, Adidas used the Primeknit technology in combination with Tubular shoe, which is a first in Adidas history.
  • The 2017 version of the Tubular X Primeknit replaced the synthetic neoprene X overlay with the contrasting color of the Primeknit in X shape.


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