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  • Designed after the shape of female runners’ feet, this shoe features the ‘floating arch’ which allows the movement of the foot and the subsequent expansion of the upper in all directions.
  • For cushioning, Adidas Pureboost Xpose employs the innovative boost™ technology in its midsole to ensure optimal energy return for its users. The new technology is believed to be thrice as temperature resistant as the standard EVA foam; this makes this styrofoam-esque material effectively impervious to the heat changes, hereby adding to the lifespan of the shoe. The new boost™ technology is also much more efficient in terms of responsiveness.
  • Its STRETCHWEB rubber outsole enables the shoe to adapt to the foot’s movements and provides the needed flexibility during long runs. Also, this feature adds to the shoe’s durability, making this shoe ideal for use on a daily basis.

The shoe has a standard length. Since it has a women’s-specific design and fit, it is available in the standard B width for women. The shoe is ideal for medium sized feet.

The STRETCHWEB rubber outsole in Adidas Pureboost Xpose which can also be found in the popular Adidas Ultra Boost makes the shoe adaptable to stretches and resistant to slip on a variety of surfaces. This flexible outsole not only molds itself to the shape of the foot to provide maximum convenience to its users during both long and short runs but also ensures added durability and safer rides.

Adidas claims that the Boost™ technology used in the midsole gives a competitive edge to the shoe since it is by far the most responsive cushioning system available on the market. The molded foam insole is another feature which is incorporated to take the shape of the runner’s feet over time and provide a comfortable, customized fit to the user.

Adidas Pureboost Xpose uses the neoprene fabric in its air mesh upper which ensures maximum breathability. This feature keeps the runner’s feet dry and cool, especially during long runs and hot weather.

The innovative design of synthetic overlays consolidates the structure of the shoe and gives it the shape the shoe has.

Adidas Pureboost Xpose’s upper also boasts the ‘floating arch’ which has the capability to adapt to the foot movements as it walks or runs.

The DYNAMIC adaptive upper works in conjunction with the natural foot movements which makes this shoe capable of undergoing accordant changes with time and prevents chafing of the foot.

The detached upper, along with the midsole, provides a customized feel to the user.

The smooth fabric lining inside the shoe gives a silken feel against the skin and avoids harsh rubbing of the feet.


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