Adidas Micropacer: An old runner that still looks fresh

Adidas resurrects the first-ever smart running shoe from the 80s in its OG metallic colorway. If you fall for retro sneakers, especially those that offer great value for your money, the Adidas Micropacer is something to consider. It’s one of the resurrected old souls from Adidas that hasn’t lost their desirability among sneaker lovers who embrace the vintage vibe into their styling. 

What you’re getting from this shoe

  • It has an embedded stopwatch mechanism and sensory tech on the flap that works as a step counter and distance tracker.
  • Its comfy build and adaptable styling make it practical for daily usage.
  • It works as a simple fitness tracker without buying expensive wrist accessories that do the same function. 

Did you know...

Adidas’s crowd favorite NMD sneakers were designed after the original Micropacers, plus other vintage runners: the Boston Super and Rising Star. The colored blocks on the sole we see on the NMDs are lifted from the bottom of the very first Micropacer. 

If you prefer having the ultra-springy Boost sole, you might want to probe on the Adidas Micropacer XR1, which bears a close resemblance to the NMD_R1


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