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7 reasons to buy

  • Style was the most important factor and the most well-loved characteristic of Adidas Originals CountryxKamanda shoes as per reviewers. They were sold on the “familiar yet uniquely different design” of the kicks.
  • According to a lot of testers, the shoes are very comfortable.
  • The shoes are lightweight because of the airy nylon uppers, stated some buyers of the low-top kicks.
  • A couple of users loved the color combination of the Country x Kamanda sneakers. One of them stated that the green and white OG colorway from the Adidas Country was spot on.
  • The shoes have grippy soles which are perfect for driving, reported one purchaser.
  • The tongues of the shoes are somewhat unusual yet are nicely padded, one user claimed.
  • One person commended the fit of the Adidas Country x Kamanda.


3 reasons not to buy

  • Two reviewers complained about the squeaky tongues of CountryxKamanda Adidas Originals shoes.
  • A user reported that these lifestyle sneakers are hard to keep clean.
  • The laces of the Adidas Originals silhouette always manage to loosen from their knot, one individual stated.


Bottom line

Adidas Country x Kamanda shoes are excellent reinterpretations of the beloved 70s design but with a visually exciting modern sole engineering. The mashup of classic uppers and space-age soles might sound weird, but they work brilliantly together in these kicks. Throw in subtle but eye-catching color combinations, and the result is exceptional shoes that won’t fail to garner attention.

The sneakers are quite comfortable and feature grippy soles that are ideal for long drives. Airy nylon fabrics keep the feet comfortably ventilated while retaining the shoes’ weight at a minimum.




A top rated sneaker
A top rated Adidas sneaker
A popular pick

Expert Reviews

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The Adidas men’s silhouette CountryxKamanda is offered in sizes ranging from 4 to 14. Some half sizes are also available. The shoes reportedly provide a good fit although a few have mentioned that these sneakers are slightly longer than average Adidas standard length.  Going down by a half size may be necessary.

Because of the light and thin uppers of the shoes as well as the low-top construction, the lateral and ankle support these kicks provide may not be enough for those needing supportive footwear.

Despite the daunting-looking soles, Adidas Country x Kamanda sneakers have an easy laidback and ultra-chill style. Available in Running White/Cloud White, Cloud White/Collegiate Green and Core Black/Utility Black/Solar Red, the low-top shoes need no effort at all to pair with tracksuits, joggers, denim jeans, and shorts.

Old school meets space age, anyone? With the Adidas Country x Kamanda, you will never lack for head turns and second or third looks. The shoes are an exceptional mashup of good old retro style and modern technology. Somehow, and as weird as it may sound, the design simply works. Adidas must be commended for daring to experiment with new designs and coming up with straight up winners.

The CountryxKamanda silhouette is a hybrid mix of the old and new. Old because of the Country uppers that the shoes are decked out with and new because of the soles that were taken from one of Adidas’ recent 2017 releases, the Kamanda.

The Adidas Country model first came out in the 70s as cross-country trainers. They had full leather uppers, gum soles, a white base, and Three Stripes in green. The Kamanda, meanwhile, are soccer-inspired sneakers that featured unique soles that were taken from the Samba’s tread. They also looked similar to the Prophere’s construction, from the shape of the soles to the heel collars. However, their uppers were more heritage-looking and consisted of a premium suede fabric.

The Never Made Pack

In 2018, the Adidas brand through its Adidas Originals line decided to release an eight-shoe collection composed of hybrid shoes made from three influential periods of the brand (from the 70s to the 90s) and new, modern tooling. The 70s and 80s were represented by three models each while the 90s era had two. This series is characterized by the brilliant fusion of old and classic uppers with contemporary, and sometimes, futuristic-looking soles.

Called the Line of Descent, the 70s series included the Marathon x 5923, the I-5923 x 4D, and the Adidas x Kamanda. The Adidas Country x Kamanda shoes replaced the Country’s leather uppers with an airy nylon fabric. The soles were also replaced with the ones from the Kamanda thereby combining old school with new effectively.

  • The Adidas Country x Kamanda silhouette debuted at a price of $130 in October of 2018.
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