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9 reasons to buy

  • A majority of consumers praised the Nike Flex Supreme TR 5 for its lightweight and comfortable construction.
  • Many liked how stylish the shoe looked.
  • A few people appreciated the grippy outsole.
  • Several fitness aficionados wrote that the trainer was able to meet the demands of high-intensity routines, weight training, and overall gym use.
  • A handful of people stated that it was an excellent walking shoe.
  • A good number of users liked its snug fit.
  • Some owners loved that the shoe offered adequate lateral support.
  • The supportive arch construction of the midsole satisfied a few users.
  • A small group of people welcomed the breathable mesh upper.

8 reasons not to buy

  • Many found the toe box to be too narrow.
  • Several people mentioned that the back was too high and rubbed their Achilles.
  • Some users did not appreciate that the Flex Supreme TR 5 needed to be broken in to become comfortable.
  • A few owners were not fond of the bold color accents.
  • A minority of testers claimed it lacked cushioning and was not suitable for running.
  • One consumer said that the outsole slid during stretching routines and that it lacked arch support.
  • A reviewer complained that it caused heel pain and swollen ankles.
  • An owner claimed that the upper got stretched out after a few weeks of use.

Bottom line

The Nike Flex Supreme TR 5 received high praises for its style, comfort, and utility. Some of the other features which received positive attention include the breathable mesh upper, the presence of lateral support, and the overall lightweight feel of the shoe. It was deemed as a versatile trainer as it was suitable for most types of workouts and everyday walking. Despite the compliments, many found issues with its high collar, narrow toe box, and insufficient support in the arch.

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Good to know

  • The Flex Supreme TR 5 was crafted to meet the grueling demands of high-intensity workouts. Like its predecessor, it uses a combination of mesh and synthetic materials for the upper that keep the foot supported and ventilated.
  • The outsole of this model has been updated. It now features a hexagonal pattern that facilitates natural foot movements. Specific areas have been reinforced with rubber pods to provide better traction.
  • UPDATE. Nike has released the 6th edition of the Flex Supreme with a revamped upper unit. It is meant to give a more effective combination of support and flexibility.

The Flex Supreme TR 5 is only available in women’s sizes. The shoe tends to run true to size, but consumers are advised to try it in person to determine a secure and comfortable fit. It comes in two width options, B - Medium and D – Wide, to accommodate different foot measurements.

The exposed midsole makes up most of the platform in the Flex Supreme TR 5. It is made of the abrasion resistant foam and features a hexagonal tread pattern that allows the foot to move naturally.

Instead of flex grooves, this particular model features slits. They designed to increase the surface area of the foam and improve traction.

The shoe also has rubber pods located in strategic areas such as the heel, toe, and parts or the medial and lateral sides. The rubber compound is resilient, durable and capable of providing better traction on most surfaces.

The midsole of the Flex Supreme TR 5 features both firm and soft foams. The soft foam absorbs shock and lessens the impact to prevent injury. As for the firm foam, it aims to keep the foot stable during workouts.

The shoe comes with a molded foam insole that follows the shape of the foot to deliver a comfortable bed. It also adds another layer of shock absorption to protect the foot from injuries.

The Nike Flex Supreme TR 5 utilizes mesh and synthetic materials for its upper. The mesh material ensures that the foot is ventilated while the synthetic material retains the structural integrity of the shoe’s façade.

The lace-up closure now features Flywire, a proprietary thread technology by Nike that integrates with the laces to deliver a snug fit. In this model, this structure is only present in the first two eyelets closest to the toe box. When tightened, the laces pull on the Flywire, which results in a snug yet supportive fit at the broadest part of the foot.

Foam pods on the collar support the ankle and keep the foot from accidentally slipping out during workouts.

The shoe has a lightly padded tongue with a single slot where the flat laces pass through to keep it secure.


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