Who should buy the Nike Legend Essential 3

This Nike training shoe is great for those fitness enthusiasts who do light to moderate lifting. The following are also going to benefit a lot from this model:

  • beginners who have more generalized workout regimens
  • exercisers who love to do box jumps, jogs, and other cardiovascular workouts
  • fitness enthusiasts who work out mostly indoors

Nike Legend Essential 3 nike-legend-essential-3-collar

Who should NOT buy this training shoe from Nike

The Nike Legend Essential 3 is not for fitness enthusiasts who lift heavy. They are better off getting actual powerlifting shoes from Nike and other brands.

Nike Legend Essential 3 nike-legend-essential-3-forefoot

Those who do CrossFit are also not going to enjoy this training shoe from Nike. They are better off getting the Nike Metcon 8. If willing to try shoes from other brands, then the Reebok Nano X2 is a pretty good place to start.

The Legend Essential 3 is good, there is no question about this now. However, it is still not built for the harsher conditions of the outdoors. The MC Trainer 2 from Nike is a much better pick for them.

Updates that matter

An expert reviewer thinks that the Nike Legend Essential 3 is the "most significant upgrade" ever done on a training shoe. He goes on to describe how the tweaks made actually translate to overall better performance. He likes that the changes were added with a specific purpose, not just for the sake of changing something.

Nike Legend Essential 3 nike-legend-essential-3-lateral

Nike Legend Essential 3: Truly versatile

"[It] excels for general training," a gymgoer says about the Legend Essential 3. Many other wearers have similar observations. Because of this, this shoe is a good pick for beginners who follow generic workout plans that touch a little of everything.

...but not for high-level workouts

That this shoe is versatile is both good and bad. It's good because it fits a wide variety of contexts; it's bad because it falls short when the exercises start to become more serious and niche specific. An expert says that those who love Crossfit and powerlifting are better off getting shoes that are explicitly made for such activities.

No issue with stability and containment

"[This shoe] gives me the support that I need," says one fitness enthusiast about the stability and lockdown that he gets from the Nike Legend Essential 3. Other users also report that they do not have issues with support and lockdown. 

Nike Legend Essential 3 nike-legend-essential-3-laces

No problem with the grip

A gymgoer reports that the Nike Legend Essential 3 has a nice grip on rubber floors. Box jumps, footwork exercises, and other athletic-style workouts are easier to execute because of this. A good bite on the floor is also of great help when it comes to lifting.

Nike Legend Essential 3 nike-legend-essential-3-sole

Midfoot containment? It's good!

This shoe's upper feels more secure than that of the Legend Essential 2 according to many wearers. According to one of them, this is attributable to the shoe's nice and sturdy laces which he says are the main reason the shoe "wraps around your foot beautifully."

Heel lockdown is nice, too!

With how the rear part of the Legend Essential 3 is structured, the heel is securely mounted on the footbed. "The best heel lockdown I've experienced," an avid reviewer even says.

It energizes every step

The midsole of the Nike Legend Essential 3 delivers considerable spring back to energize sprints, box jumps, and other similar exercises. Because of this, an expert says that this shoe does a "pretty good job" when it comes to athletic-style training.

Nike Legend Essential 3 nike-legend-essential-3-midsole

Comfort for all-day use

A good number of wearers say that they do not have qualms about wearing this shoe the whole day. The upper is breathable and the footbed is soft enough for prolonged use. "[It's] very comfortable," one wearer says.

Nike Legend Essential 3 nike-legend-essential-3-materials

Legend Essential 3: Won't weigh you down

Many wearers appreciate that the Nike Legend Essential 3 does not feel like bricks on the foot. One of them even shares that his pair of trainers are "super light."

Legend Essential 3? It's a performer that costs less

Several wearers are happy with how this Nike training shoe works. One of them even says that this trainer's performance is "worthy of higher priced options." This holds true, another wearer says, even if this shoe is "pretty far down on the low-end of prices." With this, it's safe to say that this shoe is going to give you your money's worth.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 9.1oz /
Use: Jumping rope, Workout, HIIT / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Release date: Nov 2022

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