Our verdict


The Altra Solstice XT2 is a great shoe for indoor gym workouts. It is cushioned enough for short runs and flat enough to not meddle with the weightlifting a typical fitness enthusiast does. What makes it even more exciting is the fact that it is lighter than most training shoes while being wide-footer-friendly.


  • Effective all-around trainer
  • Sufficiently cushioned
  • Grooved outsole for flexions
  • Really supportive
  • Great ground feel
  • Breathable
  • Lighter than average
  • Wide-foot friendly


  • Not for outdoors
  • Not for intense workouts

Who should buy the Altra Solstice XT 2

This trainer is going to be great for the following:

  • fitness enthusiasts who are wide-footers
  • gym-goers who do light to moderate workouts

Altra Solstice XT 2 solstice xt2 buy

Who should NOT buy this trainer

The Solstice XT2 is not going to be for those with narrow feet. They are better off with the Nike Metcon 7 and other shoes that fit really close to the skin.

Altra Solstice XT 2 solstice xt2 not buy

Those who have intentions of using their trainers for walking and/or running outdoors should just consider getting the Altra Rivera and other runners from Altra.

Feeling the ground won't be a problem with the Solstice XT 2

This training shoe has a low-to-the-ground structure and is really stable; hence, ground feedback is effortlessly pronounced. This makes maneuvering a lot easier to do. This level of responsiveness also makes this shoe a safe option for light to moderate weightlifting, an activity that requires ample amounts of firmness and stability.

Altra Solstice XT 2 solstice xt2 cushion

Balanced midsole. Yes, you'll get it!

Aside from providing a lot of responsiveness, the midsole tooling also delivers impact protection and some energy return. This makes the shoe a good pick for short runs.

Altra Solstice XT 2 solstice xt2 midsole

Grooved outsole allows feet to naturally flex

The outsole does not feel clunky because it is light and has grooves. These grooves are placed strategically in areas where the sole is expected to flex and fold, thereby accommodating the natural movement and orientation of feet. Furthermore, the modified herringbone pattern that covers a large part of the sole gives the sneaker dependable grip on smooth indoor floors.

Altra Solstice XT 2 altra solstice xt 2 grooves

The sneaker has a little more width, so it's easy for this trainer to accommodate wearers with wider feet. According to reviewers, the shape takes after the natural form of the foot, and the foot does not feel constricted when in this.

Altra Solstice XT 2 solstice xt2 wide

This trainer is light, breathable, and supportive

The Altra Solstice XT 2 delivers all the goods without packing on so much weight. It also does not compromise on ventilation. It is truly comfortable when you wear this, so this shoe can also be used for other purposes aside from gym workouts. Because of the comfort that it delivers, it can definitely be your everyday in-office work shoe!

Altra Solstice XT 2 solstice xt2 light

It is important to take note here that the upper is topped with cage-like structures on both the medial and lateral side. This add-on is effective in securing feet during aggressive movements.