Profile of the Nike Flex Control 4

What is it for? This pair of Nike training shoes is designed for light workouts in or outside the gym. Its underside is protected by a layer of durable rubber that also offers traction on various surfaces. Its midsole is made of a flexible foam that softens landings and also facilitates smooth forward motions. The upper is constructed to keep the foot chamber fresh while also maintaining proper foothold during quick movements.

The Nike Flex Control 4 doesn’t share the aesthetic designs of its predecessors. The Nike Flex Control 3 had a midfoot cage that integrated with the lacing system. However, both models use the Flex midsole for shock attenuation and rubber outsole for traction.


Traction. Textured rubber lines the bottom of the Flex Control 4. It is riddled with triangular treads that provide a multi-direction grip on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Movement. The edges of the outsole sport a rounded design. This construction allows the foot to smoothly transition from landing to midstance, and finally to toe-off. The beveled edges on the lateral and medial side of this Nike workout trainer also facilitate fluid side-to-side agility.


Shock attenuation. The Nike Flex Control 4 is equipped with the brand’s Flex foam. This cushioning technology is made from injected foam, resulting in a layer that is attuned in reducing the impact with each step taken.

Flexibility. The Nike Flex is aptly named as it features deep furrows at the forefoot section. These grooves facilitate proper foot bending to support quick transitions.


Protective wrap. A mesh fabric makes up the top of the Flex Control 4. This material is soft, allowing it to conform to the wearer’s foot shape for a snug fit.

Synthetic overlays are present on the forefoot and the heel sections. They reinforce the fabric, so it doesn’t quickly develop rips or holes. They also aid in retaining the shape of the upper.

Comfort. How and sweaty feet won’t be much of a problem with the breathable top of the Nike Flex Control 4. It allows air to cool the foot chamber and heat to dissipate.

Another feature that elevates comfort when wearing this Nike trainer is the rounded toe box. It provides ample space for the digits to spread out, which in turn helps users with balance.

Lockdown. A lace-up closure adorns the midfoot of the Flex Control 4. It is used to tighten or loosen up the hold, to prevent any discomfort. It integrates with the fabric saddle that wraps the rearfoot and midfoot. Tightening the shoestrings amplifies heel security.

The collar and the tongue are both cushioned. The foam lining serves to prevent chafing and blistering, as well as preventing the foot from accidentally sliding out.

Other workout shoes to consider

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The shoe’s dense cushioning dulls impact but still offers ample flexibility to promote proper foot bending when needed. Its durability amazes a lot of CrossFitters as it can withstand repetitive rope climbs.

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But what sets it apart from other HIIT shoes is the presence of the Containment Shield that delivers adequate lateral support. Its chunky style will surely make heads turn when you step inside the studio.

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It uses a combination of mesh and leather for its upper, delivering a supportive yet comfortable wrap. Its sleek style makes it an attractive choice for many people.

Facts / Specs

Use: Workout, HIIT, Jumping rope / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Collection: Nike Flex
BRAND Brand: Nike
Colorways: Black / Red / White
SKUs: CD0197002 / CD0197003 / CD0197004 / CD0197006 / CD0197100 / CD0197400 / CD0197401 / CD0197600 / CD0199001

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