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Why choose Nike weightlifting shoes

Nike offers a lot of shoes that you might be inclined to just get whatever looks good. But if you're focusing on weight training, Nike weightlifting shoes might be a good fit. The Nike Romaleos line is the only lifters offered by the brand. The wedged look of the heel isn't just for aesthetics. It helps wearers squat lower and maintain stability when they are lifting heavy.

Beginners will greatly benefit from them because the heel is not too high compared to Olympic lifters. Also, the top is made of mesh, which offers more flexibility compared to traditional leather weightlifting shoes.

On the other hand, if you're looking for something that is more versatile, check out Nike Metcons. They are Nike's CrossFit shoes that can be used for short runs, plyometrics, and weightlifting. 

If this is your first time purchasing a pair of weightlifting shoes and want to know more before getting out, checkout RunRepeat’s weightlifting shoes buying guide.

RunRepeat saves you time and money

To top it off, you can get shoes at awesome discounted prices. Weightlifting shoes cost about $150 to $200 a pair. Our partner retailers offer sales and discounts; thus, you can purchase lifters for as low as $20 here at RunRepeat.

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