Who should buy the Nike Savaleos

Consider this hybrid Nike lifter if you:

  • are new to lifting and this is your first experience with a weightlifting shoe
  • need a versatile gym shoe in which you can perform dynamic exercises on top of weightlifting
  • prefer to stay on a budget 

The Savaleos is the middle ground between the Nike Romaleos (dedicated lifting shoes) and the Metcons (the brand’s flagship CrossFit trainers).

Nike Savaleos logo

Who should NOT buy the lifter

If you need a shoe for serious Olympic lifting, check out the Nike Romaleos 4 or see options from other brands in our selection of the best weightlifting shoes.

Nike Savaleos best use

More versatile than an average lifting shoe

As a hybrid lifter/trainer, the Savaleos can help you transition from squats and deadlifts to some jumps, burpees, skipping, and other plyometric exercises. However, this is not the trainer you want to use for running, even the shortest distances.

Testers take note of several features that help to make it so versatile:

  • Lower heel-to-toe difference: 12-15 mm in the Savaleos compared to 19-20 mm in the Romaleos. They say it feels “gradual, not steep” like in dedicated high-heeled lifters.
  • Lighter weight: it is 4.4 oz / 125 grams lighter than Romaleos.
  • Flexible forefoot: bends easily to accommodate jumps and planks.
  • Hand Stand Push Up (HSPU) clip helps you perform push-ups against the wall with minimum resistance.

Nike Savaleos heel clip

Wide and stable base of the Savaleos

The Nike Savaleos' broad base provides superb stability for squats and lifting. The sole has “lips” on both sides that create a wider contact area with the ground.

Nike Savaleos stable base

Locks the foot in place

The wide strap, laces, and padded tongue provide a snug and secure fit for the entire foot.

Nike Savaleos heel collar

The reviewers report no heel slipping in this shoe thanks to its well-cushioned collar

Not friendly for wide feet

A rather common characteristic for Nike trainers, the Savaleos also comes with a skinny, pointy toe. Expect it to be narrow than that of Nike Metcons or most other CrossFit shoes.

Nike Savaleos toe box

Some people are frustrated noting that the toe area is “just too cramped in this shoe.”

Nike Savaleos has a lot to offer for $120

Many owners consider this pair a bargain, given its versatility in function. It is $40 cheaper than the average price of lifting shoes and $80 cheaper than the premium options like Romaleos.

Grips those gym floors nicely

The rubber outsole of Savaleos is very similar to the Romaleos, having slip-resistant rubber to guarantee grip. Athletes report that the treading grips the floor excellently.

Nike Savaleos outsole

Nike always wins with that visual appeal

Many find the Savaleos attractive. It is a sleek, streamlined silhouette with some nice array of hot colorways to choose from.

Nike Savaleos design

Durable enough but not premium-level

Coming from the more budget-friendly tier, the Savaleos may not last as long as its more flagship counterparts would. However, for the retail price of a regular cross-trainer ($120), this lifting shoe still offers great value.

Some of the durability concerns include the slightly flimsy metrials and the minimal Velcro that can lose stickiness sooner than you wish.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 445g
Drop: Men 12.7mm
Use: Weightlifting / Gym
Width: Normal
Release date: Apr 01, 2021
Features: High drop
BRAND Brand: Nike

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