Nike Savaleos: Bridges the gap between workouts and weightlifting

The Nike Savaleos is a hybrid-lifting shoe that belongs in Nike's training shoe section. Compared to traditional weightlifting shoes, this new generation shoe can perform in both workouts and weightlifting sessions.

It is equipped with features specifically designed to provide a natural transition between the two endeavors. To know more about this, check out the last section of this page.

Who is it for? This shoe is recommended for you if you fall under the following categories:

  • Individuals new to lifting
  • People on a budget but need a lifting shoe
  • Workout enthusiasts who need a training shoe with an elevated heel
  • Athletes who need versatile footwear that can switch from dynamic movements and weightlifting sets

Nike Savaleos: A fusion of the Romaleos and Metcons

The aim of cross-performance between functional fitness and Olympic weightlifting makes sense that the Savaleos had borrowed elements from the best Nike training series: the Romaleos and the Metcons.

Compared to the Romaleos, the Savaleos are considered the lighter and multi-disciplined kin. It has a lower heel height of 12.7 mm than the Romaleos' 19 mm for better performance on a broader range of exercises. However, it also means that there's an increased mobility demand during lifting.

The Savaleos adopts the Metcon's handstand push-up clip and increased grip in the toebox sides for stability during dynamic lateral movements.


The current trend of Nike Savaleos.
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Nicholas Rizzo
Nicholas Rizzo

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