Who should buy the Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2

Designed to satisfy the needs of high-impact workout and short sprints aficionados, the Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2 is a solid option if:

  • You are looking for a shoe that has the functionalities of a workout trainer and the aesthetics for casual wear. 
  • Your fitness regimen includes plyometrics and weightlifting.

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Enhanced outsole durability

The Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2 employs a full-length durable rubber compound at the bottom of the platform. It is created to withstand the abrasion associated with intensive indoor workouts.

Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2 Outsole1

The outsole features lugs that bite the floor for reliable traction. However, these lugs are made thin enough to allow for quick, unhindered changes of direction.

Three curved flex grooves are placed in the forefoot of the shoe. They contribute to the flexibility of the sole and allow the foot to bend naturally throughout the training session.

Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2 Outsole2

The rubber extends up to cover the heel section of the midsole. It created additional protection for the foam material. Another portion of the outsole forms a bumper at the front. It guards the toes and the materials in this high-wear area.

Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2 Outsole4

Consistent full-length cushioning

The cushioning of the Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2 is comprised of an Air Zoom unit embedded inside a full-length foam compound. Thinner than the regular Nike Air pocket, the Air Zoom brings the foot closer to the ground. It helps the underfoot receive more feedback from the surface and accommodates quick movements.

Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2 Midsole1

The Air Zoom unit is made of a tough airbag with tightly stretched fibers inside. The fibers bend upon impact but bounce back immediately when the pressure is removed. This mechanism creates consistent cushioning and impact protection for the foot.  

Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2 Midsole2

A lightweight and flexible foam compound makes up the framing of the midsole. It has large protrusions at the lateral and medial sides which form a supporting cradle for the rearfoot. They prevent the back of the foot from wobbling inside the trainer during side-to-side movements. A small portion of the midsole extends up on the lateral side of the forefoot. It also contributes to the lateral stability of the foot.

Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2 Midsole3

Breathable upper

The Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2 utilizes the brand’s proprietary Flyknit material for a sock-like coverage. It is a tightly-woven yet breathable material which was designed to be barely noticeable on foot. Its seamless, one-piece construction eliminates the chance of chafing and irritation. It is also described as Nike’s most lightweight upper fabric. At the same time, it is meant to support various foot movements throughout the workout.

Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2 Upper1

Snug lacing system

A secure lockdown of the midfoot is provided by the combination of a lace-up closure and the Flywire cables. The latter are located on both sides of the midfoot and stretch from the sole up to the instep.

Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2 Lacing System1

These sturdy filaments turn into eyelets at the top end and integrate with the lacing system. When the laces are tightened, the Flywire becomes taut as well, reinforcing lateral support in the upper unit.

Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2 Lacing System 2

The Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2's rearfoot section

A tight elastic collar ensures that the footwear sits securely around the ankle. It firmly hugs the foot under the ankle but stretches easily when the shoe is put on or taken off. A horizontal pull tab at the back of the collar assists effortless on-and-off wear.

Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2 Collar

Facts / Specs

Use: Workout, HIIT / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Release date: Jul 2018
Collection: Nike Air
BRAND Brand: Nike
Toebox: Medium
Colorways: Black / Red / White

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