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Teva hiking boots: Waterproof hikers for moderately challenging trails

Ready to tackle the wilderness? You definitely need a pair of comfortable waterproof hiking boots… like the ones from Teva.

Teva hiking boots are a gem you’re about to discover. They may not be as popular as Merrell or Salomon hiking boots but these kicks have truly something to offer. Featuring leather upper seals, breathable mesh lining, and lightweight soles, Teva boots are ready to tackle the trail with you!

Teva day hiking boots for men and women

Teva is known for manufacturing some of the best hiking sandals. After some time, the company released its line of hiking footwear, featuring lightweight hikers that are great for quick trips to the trail. These kicks are also comfortable and versatile enough to be used for travel or around the town.

You might wonder - what makes Teva hiking boots great?

  • Waterproof. Sure, you won’t be waddling through the river with these kicks but you can confidently step on shallow puddles or cross creeks without soaking your feet. If you’re specifically looking for Gore-Tex hiking boots, Teva has got you covered.
  • Grippy. Hiking boots with Vibram soles, such as those offered by this brand, are known for their on-trail performance and durability.
  • Lightweight. When you’re not carrying a heavy backpack, a pair of lightweight hikers saves the day.

Premium Teva hiking boots for less

Teva boots are premium footwear, with prices ranging from $250 to $300. Luckily, we’ve done the tough job of comparing prices all over the web so you won’t have to. This means that when you shop for a pair of Teva hikers through RunRepeat, you can be sure that you’re getting a really good deal.

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