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Paul George basketball shoes

Paul George entered the NBA in 2010 as the tenth pick overall during that year's draft. It was only in 2017 when he was given his own line of signature hooping shoes by Nike Basketball.

His rise to the elite circle of NBA stars with signature basketball shoe lines was not easy to decipher. It came at a time when the performance basketball shoe industry was experiencing a steady decline. Any logical guess was for Nike, or any other brand for that matter, to limit investments in the field. However, Paul George’s signature line was launched a little over a year after Nike and LeBron James signed a $1 billion lifetime deal, which itself came a little over a year after Kevin Durant bagged a $300 million ten-year extension with the brand.  Those mammoth deals ensured the continuity of Kevin Durant’s signature collection and LeBron James’s numerous lines.

So, why did the company bet on Paul George and gave him his own Nike basketball shoes?

Admittedly, Paul George is a lesser star than Lebron James and Kevin Durant, and even Kyrie Irving who rose to signature shoe prominence only in 2014. But analysts say that it this very fact that made Paul such a wise pick for Nike.

In an interview, sports industry analyst Matt Powell says that Nike “needs fresh faces, they need fresh product. LeBron’s sales are in decline, [Kevin Durant’s] sales are in decline, and while I don’t expect Paul George to offset those declines, it will certainly help to soften them.”

The lesser glimmer of Paul George’s star is the freshness that the brand needs. LeBron and Durant’s celebrity means heftier paychecks, which translate to higher prices for their signature kicks. In a market that’s slowly losing interest, high-priced offers are not really the way to go. So, in a way, Nike needs Paul George as much as he needs them. 

Paul George basketball shoes at discounted rates

As already mentioned, Paul George’s signature releases are among the cheapest in Nike’s signature roster; they can never go near in terms of price to releases such as the  Nike Kobe A.D. NXT 360 and other performance shoes in Kobe Bryant’s line.

But just because they are already cheap doesn’t really mean that they can’t go any cheaper. Here at RunRepeat, you can easily compare prices so you are able to take advantage of the best deal. Retailers may offer markdowns for various reasons such as celebrating their anniversaries, clearing up their inventories, or simply luring more buyers.