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Minimalist hiking boots

With the unbelievable lightness, comfort, and freedom of movement they offer, minimalist hiking boots are undoubtedly taking the spotlight in the performance footwear industry. If you want to take a rest from wearing clunky boots and if you love the idea of light backpacking, these kicks might appeal to you.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled some of the most sought-after minimalist hiking boots in the market. Excited to know your options? Here we go!

Minimalist hiking boots for men and women from brands you can trust

Also called “barefoot hiking boots”, these kicks allow you to engage in extensive hikes and feel connected to your surroundings. They have less cushioning, wider toe box, and flexible (sometimes “squishy”) uppers to facilitate ease of movement.

A growing number of brands make minimalist hiking boots. Among the most popular is Xero Shoes. As their name suggests, the company makes tough zero-drop hiking boots which provide a more stable landing platform and promote better balance.

If you prefer high-cut boots for hiking, you should check out Lems. This brand offers minimalist kicks made of leather.

Another brand that specializes in barefoot hiking footwear is Vivobarefoot. While they make mostly running shoes, they also have hiking boots in their offerings.

Looking for a minimalist boot that you can take for longer trips? Check out Mammut. This brand makes really tough backpacking footwear, some of which are specifically designed for barefoot hiking.

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