Use - As mentioned, the Endorphin from Saucony is ideal for long-distance running matches. It maximizes the athlete’s speed in events ranging from 3000 meters to 10000 meters. 

Spike Type - For an ultra-light configuration, the track shoe has a 4-pin design. It houses 4 changeable pyramid pins. These are ¼-inch in length for optimal grip on the track surface. These spike pins dig into the ground, providing stability and heightened pace. 

Spike Plate - Similar to the Nike Zoom Matumbo 3, this distance spike is furnished with a Pebax® plate. It exhibits flexibility for a more natural flex and unrestricted foot movements. It is also responsible for accommodating the removable pins of the track shoe for versatile traction.

Notable Features

In order to cement a good reputation in the market, the Endorphin is loaded with top-notch components. These cohere to the long-range spike’s pledge of delivering elite-level performance on the tracks. 

For responsive and durable cushioning, the track spike flaunts Saucony’s SSL EVA midsole. It maintains a featherlight composition, adhering the to running shoe’s overall design. 

The long-distance platform’s breathability is enabled by its open mesh upper. It is made of a lightweight fabric that conforms to the natural shape and contours of the foot. Such material promotes foot security. 

Intended for structural reinforcement, Flex Film overlays are embellished on the upper. These keep the foot in place while imposing reinforcement. 

Lastly, a four-pin Pebax® plate is welded into the outsole. This offers a flexible and superior grip on the surface for swift running performance.

Size and fit

The Saucony Endorphin is listed in standard sizing measurement for both men and women. Users can purchase a pair using their usual size preference. It is also recommended that before proceeding to purchase, one should go through various user feedback or try on the fit of the shoe first. This is to secure an accurate fit and size. 

There are several technical elements that directly affect the fit of the Endorphin. First, its open mesh upper offers an adaptive fit for intensified security. For lockdown, Flex Film overlays are bonded to the upper. These also help in improving the structural integrity of the shoe. Lastly, a classic lace-up closure permits an adjustable fit to accommodate the different needs of the athletes.


The Saucony Endorphin is supplemented with a Pebax® plate. It is made of sturdy thermoplastic elastomer and has a four-pin fashion for lightweight, grippy traction. This plate also boasts flexible properties that encourage natural foot movements from the runner. This enables the contender to last in the competition because it does not constrict the foot too much, causing discomfort. 

The second important aspect of the distance plate is its rigidity. This attribute is integral in generating maximum propulsion. Although sporting some stiffness, the plate is still able to cushion the foot for increased comfort and responsiveness. 

The same outsole element is found in the Nike Zoom 400 and the Nike Zoom Rival M 9.


Considered as Saucony’s premium midsole, the SSL EVA is integrated into the engineering of the Endorphin. This midsole material cushions the underfoot for amplified comfort. Moreover, the cushioning it supplies provides rebounding properties— fundamental in the shoe’s responsiveness. 

The composition of the SSL EVA midsole also poses for high-strength qualities; it withstands natural wear and tear. It also maintains a light profile in order to keep the weight of the track running spike at a minimum. 

The same midsole component is present in the Saucony Ballista.


Security and lockdown are very critical when executing long-distance tournaments. These make sure that the runner keeps a stable and safe performance. That is why it has been a goal for Saucony to create a track spike that delivers just that. 

The upper composition of the Saucony Endorphin involves the incorporation of an ultra-light fabric— open mesh. This technical element has adaptive qualities that offer foot conformity. This allows for a featherlight lockdown. 

The open mesh also keeps a number of perforations, supplementing sufficient ventilation. This promotes a healthy foot environment, preventing bacteria from flourishing. 

Embedded on the upper are the brand’s Flex Film overlays. These employ minimal weight while boosting the track running shoe’s structural integrity. It also aids in supplying lockdown as it pushes the foot into the midsole. 

To top it all off, a traditional lace-up fastening system is implemented on the upper. This allows a dialed-in, accurate fit.


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