15 best New Balance trail running shoes

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New Balance has long since established its reputation as one of the leading shoe manufacturers that produces some of the best running shoes in the world. The more than 100,000 + reviews found on the web regarding their great performance and design is an indication of what New Balance brings to the table. With New Balance, you don’t have to look much further for your footwear needs.

What to expect from the best New Balance trail shoes?

  • New Balance offers trail shoes for different kinds of trail runners. There are trail shoes designed for the beginners and there are those made for the elite runners.
  • Trail shoes are also varied according to the runner’s mechanics and size. New Balance has a wide range of options for runners who would prefer the heavier, but more cushioned trail shoes for longer runs. The enhanced cushioning would be great for sustained runs on the trail. These better padded trail shoes would also fit nicely in large-framed or heavier runners.
  • For those who would want to pick up speed in their trail runs, New Balance also designs several pairs that are built for this very purpose. To those who would want a relatively lightweight shoe that induces speed, they could very well take their pick from New Balance’s assortment of options.
  • Runners who are quite specific in their trail needs can opt to go with a substantially lighter version with sufficient cushioning for a more versatile shoe. New Balance definitely has trail runners’ needs answered as far as footwear is concerned.
  • Grip and traction are of primary importance that is addressed by New Balance to perfection. Most of the New Balance trail shoes have aggressive lug patterns to allow for maximum grip in the most challenging and technical terrain. There are also trail shoes that do not exhibit that kind of aggressiveness for the extreme outdoors, but with softer treads that it can double as a road shoe. This kind of shoe is also offered by New Balance.
  • Protection from the elements is also on top of the company’s list. The best trail shoes produced by New Balance have several features designed to keep the runner safe from risks of trail running. Among its protection scheme are the rock plate and a pocket for laces. The rock plate shields the foot from sharp or hard objects on the trail while the pocket allows the laces to be kept safe from getting entangled with jutting roots or twigs.

What to look for in the best New Balance trail shoes?

  • Weight. Weight is a critical factor in choosing the best New Balance trail shoes. For runners with lesser build who would want to go for speed, the best option would be the lighter New Balance trail shoes. This type of runner can also choose the heavier ones with more cushion during most recovery days on the trail.
  • Outsole Build. The most important part of the trail shoe is the outsole. If the runner wants to go for the more challenging trail routes, the more aggressive outsole should provide maximum benefits. It allows excellent traction on extreme outdoor terrain. On the other hand, runners who would want a more versatile trail pair can go for those New Balance trail shoes that have less aggressive lug patterns or treads.
  • Waterproof. New Balance has completely thought everything out with waterproof trail specific shoes in their line.
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