34 best Brooks neutral running shoes

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When it comes to top-notch running performance and comfort, Brook shoes have a competitive edge since some of their best collections were mentioned in more or less 100,000 shoe reviews by runners with varying levels of experience. Nothing gets more versatile than neutral shoes from Brooks, so if you want to improve your neutral running performance, grab a pair and discover a natural side in running.

Why are Brooks neutral shoes attractive to runners?

  • The best Brooks neutral shoes come in two varieties: track and trail. Whether you are fond of your pavement runs or want to explore a bit more of the wild, you will have a fine selection of neutral shoes incorporated with trail-specific or road-specific technologies. If you choose to pursue mixed trail and track runs, there are also versatile pairs for your consideration.
  • Neutral shoes are versatile in nature. Neutral pronators can use them for daily running, performance training, speed training or racing (if the shoes are lightweight), cross training, sports and even casual wear. The best Brooks neutral shoes are marketed towards casual runners, beginners and professional athletes for their versatility.
  • Remember that neutral shoes do not have enough cushioning to rival stability or motion control shoes. Stability and support may vary depending on the availability of cushioning features. However, you can expect the best Brooks neutral shoes to provide a comfortable underfoot feel. Their midsole strikes a balance between firmness and softness, so you can expect a responsive ride without discomfort.
  • The best Brooks neutral shoes provide a closer contact with the ground. Their heel to toe drops may vary between 12 mm to 5 mm. The higher the number, the more protection and cushioning you get, but lesser flexibility and ground contact. With lower drops, you can facilitate a natural running movement, but lesser stability and protection.

How to determine the best Brooks neutral shoes?

  • Weight. Neutral shoes commonly weigh lesser than stability or motion control ones. However, you should pick a pair lighter than 180 grams if you want to improve your speed records or pursue racing. Neutral shoes sometimes do not have minimal structures, so it is best to pay attention to their weight to know how much cushioning or features are incorporated into the shoe. But if you only have average running and cross training in mind, an average weight will do.
  • Sole material. Knowing the outsole material in a neutral shoe is crucial for road and trail runners. It is best to choose the best Brooks neutral shoes with durable outsoles that have a high level of traction and grip for varied surfaces. Brooks has a collection of exclusive shoe technologies for the outsole, namely the HPR Plus, Engineered Hyper Pod Configuration and the HPR Green among others.
  • Cushioning. The cushioning can affect the comfort, flexibility, responsiveness, protection and the weight of a shoe. It is best to know the various cushioning available in the best Brooks neutral shoes to help you pick the perfect model for your needs. Brooks has Brooks DNA, Bio MoGo midsole, S-257 Cushole, BioS-257 material and the Hydroflow units for cushioning.

15 best Brooks neutral running shoes

  1. Brooks Ghost 11
  2. Brooks Revel
  3. Brooks Ghost 10
  4. Brooks Glycerin 15
  5. Brooks Glycerin 16
  6. Brooks Launch 4
  7. Brooks Caldera
  8. Brooks Launch 5
  9. Brooks Caldera 2
  10. Brooks Cascadia 12
  11. Brooks Levitate 2
  12. Brooks PureGrit 6
  13. Brooks Ricochet
  14. Brooks Pureflow 7
  15. Brooks Levitate
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