76 best Brooks neutral running shoes

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  1. Any color
    Brooks Levitate 2 - Black Grey Red
    Brooks Levitate 2 - Chili Navy Black
    Brooks Levitate 2 - Grey / Black / Orange
    Brooks Levitate 2 - Green
    Brooks Levitate 2 - Black Grey Ebony
    $150 $64 Save 57%
  2. Any color
    Brooks Launch 6 - Alloy/Black/Grey
    Brooks Launch 6 - Blue/Black/Nightlife
    Brooks Launch 6 - Ebony Black Cherry
    Brooks Launch 6 - Red / Black / Grey
    Brooks Launch 6 - Peacoat/Blue/Gold
    $100 $60 Save 40%
  3. Any color
    Brooks Glycerin 17 - Grey/Navy/Gold
    Brooks Glycerin 17 - Grey/Navy/White
    Brooks Glycerin 17 - Black Ebony
    Brooks Glycerin 17 - Black Blue Nightlife
    Brooks Glycerin 17 - Black / Ebony / Silver
    $150 $120 Save 20%
  4. Any color
    Brooks Ghost 11 - Black/Silver/Orange
    Brooks Ghost 11 - Black Graystone Cherry
    Brooks Ghost 11 - Ebony Grey Silver
    Brooks Ghost 11 - Grey/Blue/Silver
    Brooks Ghost 11 - Navy/Red/White
    $120 $70 Save 42%
  5. Any color
    $85 $65 Save 24%
  6. Any color
    $100 $66 Save 34%
  7. Any color
  8. Any color
    $100 $90 Save 10%
  9. Any color
    $150 $100 Save 33%
  10. $150 $65 Save 57%
  11. Any color
    $140 $85 Save 39%
  12. Any color
    $120 $70 Save 42%
  13. Any color
    $100 $50 Save 50%
  14. Any color
    $130 $81 Save 38%
  15. Any color
    $130 $100 Save 23%
  16. Any color
    $150 $87 Save 42%
  17. Any color
    $130 $100 Save 23%
  18. $130 $100 Save 23%
  19. $100 $85 Save 15%
  20. Any color
  21. Any color
    $160 $85 Save 47%
  22. $100 $80 Save 20%
  23. Any color
    $120 $70 Save 42%

According to Brooks, neutral running shoes are ideal for people who neither underpronate nor overpronate but pronate at 15%, which is just the right amount that allows for feet to make full contact with the ground.  Neutral runners usually have the correct running form, and their feet absorb the impact at the highest degree and Brooks neutral running shoes are perfect for this as they come with minimal stabilizing features.  

Brooks neutral running shoes are intended for runners who have a higher yet more stable arch that does not excessively pronate (the foot rolls inwards) or even supinate (the foot rolls outwards).  It is generally more flexible than stability shoes, and because of this, it offers very little pronation support. Brooks neutral running shoes are lightweight and can vary from minimal to maximum levels of cushioning depending on the runner’s preference and needs.  This is because every individual’s running style is unique, and everyone has their own natural stride. This is something essential to consider when choosing the right neutral running shoes. Being equipped with the right shoes will not only enhance one’s performance, but it will also address issues that may have already occurred due to wearing the wrong shoes.  Finding the best neutral running shoes will alleviate any existing pain and help prevent it from happening again in future runs.

This is where the Brooks neutral running shoes come into play.  With a wide range of neutral running shoes that offers all types of support depending on what specific needs the runner may have.  This is because Brooks is a brand that is focused on running shoes, and they have developed key technologies that help a lot of people develop their love for running, and their best works are mostly showcased in their neutral road and trail running shoes.

Features of the best Brooks neutral running shoes for men and women

  • The best Brooks neutral running shoes have a well-cushioned midsole, a form-fitting upper, an outsole that can go for miles and a neutral arch.
  • Brooks neutral running shoes provide a closer contact to the ground on every impact.
  • The shoe’s heel to toe drop varies between 12 mm to 5 mm.  This means that the higher the number of the drop, the more cushioning and protection is experienced.  With a higher drop number, this also equals to lesser flexibility and ground contact. The lower drops help in creating a natural feeling of running movement, but with lesser protection and stability.
  • Brooks neutral running shoes have the right features and support components that lessen the chances of injury and also helps to prevent pain.  It offers a springy ride that reduces the impact of the road on the runner’s body.

Tips on finding the best Brooks neutral running shoes for men and women

best brooks neutral running shoes
Best Brooks neutral running shoes - November 2019

Brooks has always been constant in delivering all the great features in their neutral running shoes for both the road and trail running shoes line.  Below are just a few essential tips and factors to consider when choosing the right Brooks neutral running shoes:

  • Level of Cushioning and Responsiveness - This needs to be considered first as a runner’s ride will always depend on how comfortable he or she is.  It varies per user as some would prefer a highly cushioned shoe while some would just go for less cushioning to make way for better responsiveness.  It is all up to the runner’s preference, foot type, and gait.
  • Upper Material - The material used for the upper should be considered according to what you would mostly use your neutral shoes for.  If it will be used mainly for training indoors like the gym, then the upper material needs to be breathable yet supportive at the same time.  For vigorous road and trail runners, there are choices where the upper can help regulate the shoe’s temperature. Either for cooling on warm summer day runs or to help warm it up on winter days.
  • Fit and Comfort - For a great fitting shoe and comfortable shoe, there should be an ample amount of room in the toe-box as the foot naturally splays when running.  The heel and midfoot section should feel secure but will not be constricting to the runner’s movements.
  • Sole Material - The outsole material is the most crucial part of any neutral road or trail running shoes.  The material should be with a high level of traction and grip for different types of surfaces.

Also in making sure that users get the best Brooks neutral running shoes,  Brooks has come up with their Shoe Finder system that helps in finding the best fitting running shoe possible for every user.  It is rooted in Brooks’ extensive biomechanical research.  Basic questions about how a runner’s body naturally moves, the running experience preferred, and questions to determine one’s body flexibility.  All these lines of questioning lead up to the best possible Brooks neutral running shoe depending on the user’s answers. This personalized approach to finding the best fitting Brooks neutral running shoes can be accessed via the Brooks website.

Brooks technologies commonly found in Brooks neutral running shoes

3D Fit Print. Brooks uses a revolutionary process that uses screen-print technology to apply engineered structure to the shoe’s upper.  It helps maintain the shoe structure with increased flexibility and makes it lightweight. The 3D Fit Print technology can be found in neutral road running shoes like Brooks Ghost 11, and on neutral trail running shoes like the Brooks Caldera 3 and Brooks Caldera 2.

DNA Midsole. It is an innovative and unique adaptive cushioning system.   It is made up of non-Newtonian material, a material that adapts to any specific force applied to it.  In this sense, the Brooks DNA midsole customizes and adds spring to the runner’s step by adapting to his or her specific weight, pace, gait and running surface.  This Brooks technology is featured in shoes like the Brooks Levitate 2.

BioMoGo DNA. It is a DNA technology that is combined with the BioMoGo midsole to provide adaptive cushioning throughout the midsole in comparison to cushioning found just in the heel and forefoot.  It has 30% more cushioning compared to any standard midsole materials (gel or EVA). The Brooks BioMoGo DNA delivers twice as much energy return and a springy ride no matter what the runner’s weight or stride is.  It also guarantees a smoother transition from heel to toe which can be experienced in shoes like Brooks Ghost 11 and Brooks Revel.

Segmented Crash Pad. Brooks neutral running shoes usually feature a segmented crash pad that customizes the foot’s lay-down to provide reliable cushioning and a smoother heel to toe transition throughout the run.  This technology shaped like a caterpillar is used in shoes like the Brooks Ghost 10, and the segments work together to customize the amount of cushioning everytime the foot strikes the ground.                                                 

Blown Rubber Outsole. Mostly found in Brooks neutral running shoes like the Brooks Ghost 10 and Brooks Launch 5, the blown rubber outsole is an air-injected rubber that is lightweight, softer and offers more flexibility than traditional rubber.  It is located in the forefoot area and helps in providing traction on road surfaces.

3D Hex Lugs. Commonly used outsole material for Brooks neutral trail running shoes like the Brooks Cascadia 12.  It is an aggressive type of outsole that provides maximum grip, and its ballistic rock shield component protects the runner’s foot from trail hazards found on rough terrains.

Best Brooks neutral running shoes for men and women

Brooks has a relatively wide assortment of neutral running shoes to start with.  This is because neutral running shoes can be used in most aspects of one’s daily activities. Its uses can range from a casual stroll to the shops, training for a marathon or conquering tough mountain trails.  The Brooks neutral running shoes can be as versatile as one would like it to be. Below are the top three best Brooks neutral running shoes:

Brooks Ghost 11

The shoe geniuses at Brooks have engineered the Brooks Ghost 11 which is a neutral running shoe that features a sole unit made up of the light and durable DNA Loft foam that delivers a noticeably springy ride in the forefoot during the toe-off phase of the run.  The Ghost 11 also now features 3D printed overlays to help aid in necessary foot support and provide a consistent, supportive and adaptive fit. The shoe’s midsole is equipped with the BioMoGo DNA compound that serves up the shoe’s responsiveness. The Brooks Ghost 11 also has a soft, double-layered mesh seamless upper that provides a soft yet secure fit.  It helps in maximizing one’s performance without sacrificing comfort. The Ghost 11 has also been enhanced with an adjustable saddle for a better structured midfoot area that allows runners to customize the fit when lacing them up according to their comfortability and size. This gives the shoe a more secured cushioned and secure feel. The added reconfigured outsole lug design aids in delivering a guided flow to each stride while enhancing the shoe’s flexibility.  All these level of cushioning and responsiveness can be felt throughout the run. Most runners like the Brooks Ghost 11 for its continuous smooth and energetic ride from the first step until the last mile.

Brooks Revel

This shoe has the great components of a neutral running shoe that would suit both street style and performance running.  It uses a foot-hugging knit upper that is lightweight and breathable. And because of its breathability, it also helps in regulating the foot’s coolness during the run.  The Brooks Revel’s midsole is comprised of the BioMoGo DNA technology ensuring an even amount of cushioning throughout the shoe’s platform. The shoe’s HPR Plus outsole delivers protection to the underfoot section and is highly resistant to abrasion.  The Revel’s outsole is not just durable but also has good traction and grip on varied surfaces.

Brooks Ghost 10

The Brooks Ghost 10 is a neutral road running shoe which has versatility as its biggest strength.  The versatility of the of the Ghost 10 makes it a perfectly balanced road shoe for neutral runners and gives it multi-role capabilities from running marathons to regular everyday training runs.  It has an engineered mesh upper that provides breathability and regulates the foot’s coolness during runs. The innovative segmented crash pad for the midsole even distributes the weight of the runner and landing pattern independently.  The Ghost 10’s midsole which is the engineered BioMoGo DNA offers a high level of responsiveness and energy return. This Brooks neutral running shoe’s efficiency is completed with its blown rubber outsole that gives the right amount of durability and flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brooks Ravenna a neutral shoe?

The Brooks Ravenna is a reliable road running stability shoe which was developed for those runners in between feet.  It has a perfect balance of neutral and support for users who are moderate pronators. The Ravenna also has a nice mixture of both cushioning and support.  Although it is a running shoe made for stability, it is also used by neutral runners because it offers excellent comfort and durability. Most runners like it because of its lightweight feel and springy responsiveness.                                                                                        

What is the best neutral running shoe from Brooks?

Based on expert and users reviews, the best Brooks neutral running shoe for men and women is the Brooks Ghost 11.  It is made of lightweight materials and offers comfort, reliable cushioning, and an overall smooth ride. The BioMoGo DNA midsole delivers a soft and adaptive feel on every stride while providing the right amount of flexibility and cushioning support.  It also has an added layer of cushioning compared to its predecessor the Brooks Ghost 10. The BioMoGo DNA midsole is not only efficient in that aspect, but it is also environmentally friendly as it will biodegrade in 20-25 years once discarded. Talk about an overall great neutral running shoe.

Do Brooks neutral running shoes run small?

It is generally recommended even by the Brooks website that when ordering your Brooks running shoes, get it at least a half size to one size larger than your usual shoe size.  And whenever possible, it is still always best to visit the nearest running specialty stores for proper fitting and guidance to guarantee that you find the right Brooks running shoe for your foot and gait.

15 best Brooks neutral running shoes

  1. Brooks Revel 2
  2. Brooks Glycerin 17
  3. Brooks Ghost 12
  4. Brooks Revel 3
  5. Brooks Ghost 11
  6. Brooks Glycerin 16
  7. Brooks Cascadia 14
  8. Brooks Launch 6
  9. Brooks Launch 5
  10. Brooks Ricochet
  11. Brooks Anthem 2
  12. Brooks Levitate 2
  13. Brooks Pureflow 7
  14. Brooks Caldera 3
  15. Brooks Cascadia 13
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